I am leaving the comments setting on for this although I know I'll probably get a few trolls making fun of my situation. But I genuinely need advice and have no one I can ask. This feels weird actually typing it but...I'm afraid my husband may be interested in men. He may not be gay but could at least be bisexual. I don't have any hard evidence, but there have been certain things he's done, like how he sometimes acts around my gay friends that make me think he could be. He's also very concerned about his looks and has great fashion sense. He even picks out clothes for me when we go shopping. Within the last couple years our sex life has been...lacking. He doesn't really initiate it. But he's still able to perform when we do. We've been married for 3 years and have no children. I'm torn about asking him because no matter what the truth is, asking him will hurt our relationship. Either he'll tell me yes, he is, and then our marriage would be over. Or he'll tell me no and be so offended that it would damage our relationship forever. Please someone tell me how to handle this. It's getting to the point where I think about it constantly. I have terrible anxiety and it's getting to be too much to handle. What do I do????? Help.