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Why couldn't i say I'm falling in love with him? That's the real reason i can't walk away. I'm so scared that I'm going to mess this up.

haha. since you made me wait 2 days, i will make you wait 4!

Whats it with people and playing "sex-time" music during sex?? A song has never turned me on. Like ever. It would be more of a turnoff from the amount of cheeze Id barf up.

i really hate you. you can even [retend to to or love me... you never show me any empathy or affection. you're too selfish, immature, and boring.

my wife leaves me and drinks incessantly. she doesn't come hoe. i need help

I probably spend 75+% of my life waiting for my wife to get off her a** there is no bigger turn off than being kept waiting.

is it awkward to suggest using lubricant like the ky or durex stuff in the commercials? I'm a girl in my early 20s but sometimes its a bit dry after a could i bring it up w/o being awkward

What's the strangest thing you've ever masturbated yourself or somebody else with?

Why is it so difficult for people to spell 'Masturbate'? Why must they always spell it like 'Masterbate' or some other stupid way.


This is very strang i had a dream about an ex the other day an i had another one about snother guy i dated. So the 1st guy i dreamed about the other day just texted me :/ i didt bother to respond back becaue i have no intention of getting back with him ever again. So why did i have a dream about him?

Why am u always so horny? I've jerked off like 3 times today already and I think im gonna do it again. I need help.

need to masterbate soon, before he comes to bed! hate him so much, he's so fake, stupid, selfish, immature and gross. hard to get turned on by a total narcissist. he thinks he's punishing me by never kissing, touching, caressing, massaging.... lmfao! so over him. so done with selfish liars!!! but that's 99% of the population. good times! & cheers. now to watch lesbian porn and literally f*** off. orgasmic peace!

I wish these encounters between us never happen. I don't know what has changed between us but I don't like it. I don't like the person I'm becoming. I wish you'd take me seriously when I say we should stop this. This cannot and will not end well. I don't want to do this anymore.

why do i attract married men??????? i mean seriously do i have a damn post-it on my forehead that says "married men welcome" ughhhh over this dating

I want to go to his place and be with him, but afraid to. Don't want to chance him not behaving. I haven't been with anyone since before my husband died almost 15 years ago. It was weird enough when he kissed me a few days ago after we had just met in person. Not that I don't want to be intimate but just want to ease back into it. Also just worried and a bit scared. :(

i need to bend vin diesel over and f*** him balls deep. ride his candyass like a gnarly surfboart! punish his brown lil man p**** for making yet another crappy, sexist movie with only 1 female character. wtf mark? i shoulda figured you were just another misogynist when you refuse to marry your baby mamma. ack! i hate that i still want to f*** you and would totally c** from it. i need to start carrying around a strap on in my purse for the next time we meet.

Damn, you f***ed me good....if only you could have that kind of enthusiasm about being a father to your son.....

Benjamin bratt is so sexy, wish there was a sexy man like that in my life!!!

Omgosh im seriously attracted to men in the Marines!!!! I have no idea why lol

I say at valentines have sex all day all night