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Sex bomb, sex bomb! You're my sex bomb!!

Cool! I didn't have to get you drunk to make out with you. Oh, I like you. :)

you know you want me baby,so let's do something about it

I like my women like I like my milkshakes - just a little bit thick.

Damn girl. Things I want to do to you are illegal in some states.

What is up with my spam? Every stinking day I get at least 4 penis enlargement/Viagra/Cialis emails. I'm a woman, a** hats!

Every time my bible thumping mother goes on about religion and how church is 'oh so' holy, I get the insane urge to laugh. I want to admit to her so badly that when I was 13, I gave my first b***j** to my youth leader at church... yeah, god's house is really a 'holy' place! I don't tell her or anyone though because I know I'll be blamed for it. f***ing religion.

Why did my vagina smell like candies when I was younger, but now that I'm older, it doesn't smell like

Papa Smurf, can I lick your a**?!

God, every man I've ever bumped uglies with has really sucked in bed. Even when I tell them what I like and how to do things, they still f*** up and just in general suck. Every guy I've ever slept with says I'm great in bed... I wonder if they're lying like I do when I say they're amazing in the sack.

she screws my relationship up. she makes him drop me. she takes him. she talks sh*t. he won't listen to me. ashley. if you're reading this... I hope you know you're SCREWED.

thanks for openly admitting you look at porn to me,you f***ing douchebag. like I don have insecurities and body image issues already.

g**d*** it ive spanked the monkey 4 times today and now my girl is coming over... ive got nothing left *sigh*

She was doing pull ups in the gym, so hot, completely toned and perfectly formed. I haven't reacted like that to a woman in some time. Just wow.

I'm starting to think there is something wrong with people. My male friend was telling me about how this one girl, let's call her "Amber" won't quit trying to get with him. He has told her countless times that he's not interested in her, he's blocked her on myspace/facebook, and even blocked her number. Sometimes he still gets 'unknown numbers', but we both know it's her.

Well he just told me today that apparently two weeks ago she raped him. Or, that's how I see... read more

Is it rape? A girl I liked didn't want to sleep with me, which was fine with me, understood. But then lastnight we were both at a party and she got pretty drunk. She was practically begging me to screw her. I knew she was drunk and not thinking clearly and didn't like me in that way, but I had sex with her anyways. I don't even know if she remembers it, because she was so wasted. I feel kind of bad now, my friends say I shouldn't because she was begging me for it, but I stil... read more

How come when a girl takes advantage of a man, it's his fault, yet if it were the other way around, it would still be the mans fault?

I feel like a loser because I'm 22 and never masturbated. it seems gross to me. I can't talk about it to my girlfriends because it would just be awkward. I feel like I'm missing out on something though......

Is it weird that I fantasies about being raped/taken advantage of? I try to think of other things but it's the fantasy I keep going back to.

Not sure if you should get an abortion? "The U.S. Agriculture Department says the cost to raise a child from birth to age 18 is $291,570" (childbirth and college not included) Aug. 5, 2009.