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I have never doubted my ability to do anything. Except for right now. I just can't seem to find enough faith in myself to make it come true.

I want a dick in my mouth soooo bad right now!

Feathers ( part two)

Stop hurting what you love and killing the white dove. You think you would of learned. You think you'd know when you've been burned. How many times must we play this game. Every time it is the same. Each feather that falls, is another dirty call. You've been hurt too we know this is nothing new. I am you but this isn't completely true. When you see me in the mirror. I know you fear her. You see her as a threat even though she was never kept. We still s... read more

(It seems that most tragic poetry is written about a lost or losing love .here is mine it may be juvenile but the message remains. Also I hate punctuation and therefore choose to leave it out a bit screw you period and take that every 8th grade English teacher)

This is called Feathers (Part one of two)

Your jars viscosity is thick with animosity. You sit and wait and you hate and hate. You see the feathers fall in front of you making you remember, of what started in Dec... read more

Sitting in the dark.
Thoughts of you and her flood my head, I try and wish them dead. The pain still so real I can't feel. can't see what's right in front of me. Will you ever come back ,no that's not a fact. Because you cant come here You've made that completely clear...
Sometimes I feel the pills are all I have left.
I know my happiness is your theft.
It's hurts more because you don't care and even more that you weren't there.
I'm so alone. My heart you dear have scor... read more

I want to lick a womans butt hole

What songs or music make you horny, hot and bothered? Turn you on?

Just becuz im not into u and rejected u at a party doesnt make me a jerk or an a**h*** . Not all guys like being giving free random p****. Especially when every other guy has pet that cat.

i hate my boyfriend. he comes from generations of money on both sides of his family, never has to pay for anything himself and presses me on splitting the comcast bill with him even though ive told him i cant afford cable, and i never even watch it! i work a sh**y $12/h job on top of going back to school which he said he wouldnt keep dating me unless i got my degree, so im also going into debt even though i f***ing hate school. he b****es about how his dad is an emotionally... read more


Walked in on my bf jerking off by himself and i just busted out laughing my a** off. Not the same face expression i see when we doing it.

I just discovered that my 2 months ago my AWESOME husband started an adult Tumblr site and was reblogging porn and taking naked pictures of himself and posting them. He probably sent out about 15 messages asking for naked pictures of other people, in return for pictures of him. I also found out he put pictures of me on the site, too. (none with my face showing.) Says he wanted to show me off. He's also been sexting with random chicks from the site, and doing role playing with... read more

Ommmhhhhhyyyyyyyyy my p**** feels soooo good!!! It felt great to feel his sperm hit my cervix!

I'm so nervous...haven't had sex with a dude in 5 years. He is on his way..

:( why did you have to cheat on me? I mean its been months, hell almost a year since you did but I\\\'m still miserable.. I hate seeing you with your bf whom I know for a fact isn\\\'t even making you happy! Why did you choose him? What the hell does he have that I don\\\'t .. I can\\\'t even bear the thought of trying to fall in love again because of you and you\\\'ll never know any of this :( I just want to hate you, I want you to feel my pain but I love you too much to eve... read more

Dont u ever have that feeling in a relationship that u have to have sex to see if theres any spark or feelings left? I feel like i have no more chemistry but dont kno how to tell him. I not shower on purpose cuz i dont wanna give it up.

Things that usually take people days or weeks to get over take me months or even years. I hate it. Why am I this way?

I need a huge black cock. I'm so horny. I just want to be laid down and f***ed.

My boyfriend, We make such an awesome couple. But he won't have sex with me, it's been over a month. He never initiates or makes any attempts, he knows i'm frustrated but continues to make excuses.
I Keep myself sexy and I'm attractive, I also have needs!
All I stress about is, is he gay? is there someone else? How could he not want THIS? I try my hardest.
But no cigar. It's starting to make me suspicious and get angry at him.

OH MY GOSH! OH OH OH OH MY GOSH!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)