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My boyfriend just had a pee inside me during sex, what a disgusting prick!

Women: If a Homeless man asked you to give him either a Hand Job or a b***j** would you Oblige.

It was either waxing or nair/veet chemical hair remover. All I can say -- waxing was a very, very, very bad choice. If you have the same decision to make, DEFINITELY NOT WAX. Besides having one hell of a red chest, I just used up $4.00 worth of strips, and I'm only done one leg. Still have one leg, two arms, a** and pubes left. XD

i got three fingers in for the first time

How come everyone thinks it is so cool for a woman to be bisexual but it so horrible for a man to be bisexual? I am a man and love sex with men AND women. Double your pleasure and double your fun.

im horny, tell me your stories...

I love my virginity to you and I'm super happy. I know I'm not a s***. I've known you (and liked you) for years and we've been dating for almost 8 months. Plus I'm 17. So I waited until I was ready and mature enough to understand it. And I'm still a really innocent person. So it's a win/win for me.

ima go rub my nipples, feel my body, finger myself then orgasm, mmm fantastic

It really pisses me off that prostitution is illegal in most parts of the country. I'd like to go buy a nice young lady for an hour or two today but it is too expensive and too risky. I wish I could go to a nice "whore store" and pick out the one I want to take care of me.

I'm never having sex again. It is just to dangerous. I wish I was still a virgin.

I am ready for some sex. Anybody want to join me?

I am in the mood for some anonymous sex today. What is the best way to go find some? I could pay a woman or have a man pay me. Either way would be great with me.

I probably shouldn't have slept with you, now things are going to be REALLY awkward at work. The good news is, it was pretty f***in hot :]

Number one thing to remember: When you're with your girlfriend, don't unknowingly go into your wife's apartment... my divorce date is on July 28th... :(

Fantasies aside, how confusing is it to have your bi gf checking out another woman?

sex=me aint getting any wtf!! im fit ffs, shag me you dirty whores

help! right ok i innocently log onto msn, then my ex from when i was like 17 starts talking to me, after the normal how are you convo, he tells me to guess what he found the other day, i say a winning lottery ticket, he says that toppless picture of you- wtf who says things like that- he's engaged and i havent seen him in years its so disgustigly weird!

I can't decide if I like f***ing women or being f***ed by men better. I'm glad I have enough self esteem to be able to enjoy both...sometimes both at the same time. Being a Bi Man is awesome baby!!

i hate that sweaty, p**** smell...stinks like old fish...and its sooo friggin hard to take the smell off your fingers!!!!

I want to f*** you and I think you want to f*** me, but if we did it, it'd mean more to you than it would be to me. And I don't want to hurt you.