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Just finished reading a Dr.Phil article about a pregnant-get this-ELEVEN YEAR OLD. She got pregnant from a 13 year old boy. She claims that she "didn't know she was old enough to get pregnant" My GOD girl! If you don't think you are PHYSICALLY ABLE to get pregnant then don't be a mini-whore! How the heck does an eleven year old have a desire to have sex anyway? How the f*** did holding hands lead to that?! WTF...just WTF...

My man and i must be an aphrodesiac to tourtisous because they keep makeing love when we come near them. Its happened like 5 times lol

I really want my p**** sucked!!

My boyfriend and my bestfriend mutually masterbated eachother 2 years ago but they didn't bother to tell me till today. Should I be upset that they didn't tell me? Or should I forgive them?

I don't understand why guys keep asking me to take my clothes off. I mean I do it, but come on can't they treat me like a person and not like an object? Or do I just have to be a stronger girl and say no?

Please Help! I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time in a while because we're in a long distance relationship. He and I noticed that I'd left chunky white discharge on his penis. After doing some research, I now realize that I have a yeast infection :( omggg...I already know why. At work, I can only wear jeans and all of my jeans are tight-fitting so my hoo-hah hardly gets to breathe. I've never had a yeast infection before but I'm freaking out.. Does anybody know of n... read more

Um.. I'm 15 and a couple hours ago.. I got raped.. idk what to do.. I'm just really afraid and have No one to talk to about it.. that was my first time and my body hurts.. I've got so many bruises.. someone please

Would you date someone who embodied all of your negative characteristics and insecurities?

Haven't had sex with a guy in a few years and there is a guy who I know will give me some good d but I love women and have a girl who is ready for me to strap up for. I don't know if I want to be dominated by him or if I want to dominate her

I'm 15 and still haven"t had THE TALK! i don't plan on losing my V card till i"m older, but I still would like to know the in's and out's :)

p.s. too awkward to ask parents! help!

I have agreed with this guy who is nine years older than me that when i graduate high school i will come and visit him.
This visit, we have agreed, will be just filled with different sexual experimentations and interests. He likes school girl outfit, so i will wear a school girl outfit. I like exhibitionism, so we'll be having sex in a parking lot. and so on and so on.
I have no problem with this. I actually like this idea because he is someone i deeply care about and trust a... read more

I've been with this guy for over a year, and we have had sex before. But about a month ago, we broke up. And I now found someone new and so has he. But we realized we both have feelings for each other and I really don't know what to do. The guy I'm talking to is the sweetest guy you could ever meet. But I'm still in love with my ex. Help!

All the sh** that you are saying to me now that is sweet and loving... It might actually mean something to be if you weren't drunk :(

So since ive moved here i've been sleeping with my neighbor who is 15yrs older than me. Its straight up booty calls but i hate how cheap i feel afterwards. We never talk regularly unless its to hook up but idk y i keep doing it. And he's not the only one. I have a 'boyfriend' and at least 3 other guy friends that im messing around with right now. its like everytime i try to stop i just end up meeting a new guy and adding him to the list.

I been living with my boy friend for over 2.5 years. He has never been sexually retarded like he is lately.

Been in a relationship forever. If you want to call it that. Been three years since, well, you know. An old friend wants to get together, you know. Should I?

He's made it clear as something he really regrets, but it still bothers me a little that my fiance has slept with so many women. Knowing that he loves me is the greatest feeling in the world...but it doesn't take the sting away. I know a few of the women and I would say it's jealousy, but it really isn't. It's more that I feel he deserved better after knowing all he's been through. After meeting them and seeing what kind of women they are. He didn't have enough self respect a... read more

Happy anniversary..I guess I'll watch a movie and tell myself that I love me all day.

I really never thought it would be so much to ask for you want to hang out with me, especially and at least on days like today.

I just recently turned 18 & I think i have developed a masturbation problem... I have been doing it for only about a month or so, but I do it every night. I watch tumblr gifs to masturbate to and for my 18th bday a friend bought me a vibrator as a joke (btw I am a virgin & no one knows I masturbate) I don't want to use the vibrator because I always feel bad after I masturbate for moral reasons what should i do about this problem I think I love porn

I just sucked a dick in a church that wasn't my boyfriend's. I have never felt so disappointed in myself yet so eager to do it again with the same guy. Help.