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Yes I do

I am so lonely and wish i would have a boyfriend even for just little while

I love you with all of my heart, sometimes I don't feel good enough for you. Not cause you don't love me enough or treat me bad but it's cause your too good. In a world full of wolves and lions bigger animal eats the smaller animal and you... Your a rabbit. Your fast on your feet innocent and.. easy prey... A rabbit cant be with a wolf... Cause End of the day you'll get eaten. So show me teeth... Show me there might a wolf under that rabbit skin... Or else your not part of th... read more

Got 2 get some D

No matter the bulls*** they feed you, No sex means short shelf life!

I have such bad trust issues i make fake accounts to stalk

Big a** Latina booty

I'm not enjoying sex with my husband when we do have sex I do all the work and get nothing out of it.. I just want to spice it up a little but we've done a lot of things so I'm not sure how to do that... :/

The "cotton ceiling" is the most ridiculous thing ever. It's basically trans women crying rivers because not everyone is attracted to their lady peen/neo vagina.

Never understood the draw to breath control until last night #sexy

How bad do you lesbian s*** want p**** give a reason for you want it

I don't feel like gettin f***ed why I gotta get f***ed again

Necrophilia Explained, or Unifying Theory of Standard Male bulls***
It is known that porn – the majority of male Internet traffic — is men, documenting their ABUSE of women (and children and animals) and broadcasting this abuse for other men world-wide and that porn is about humiliating, degrading and torturing women. That to virtually ALL MEN ON EARTH, seeing women being hurt is met — not with horror, — but with pleasure. That men constant... read more

When I was growing up I was exposed to a lot of drugs, sex and mostly questionable, shameful acts. Now i'm grown up, I finally ditched my abusive boyfriend from my teenage years who was my last link to that life. I'm successful, with good friends doing good things now. But I can't form a relationship i'm just too attached and distant all at the same time and I usually try and remove myself from any emotional attachment by seeing more than one person and refusing to commit. So... read more

To all you big butt a** s*** enjoy a number of movies to get all your phat a**es in the mood for a major f*** b****es
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a** Almighty
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Big Bubble Butt Brazilian Orgy 11

13 Cum-Hungry Cocksuckers 7
b***j** Babes from the 310
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Big Tits Whores
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I've only been talking to this girl for 2 hours but I already want to meet her irl. We are so in sync it's almost creepy

All the sex on here is killing me!

I use to not want to be a virgin anymore but now I don't care I want to hold on to it honestly its better this way

If you dress like a s***, you have to expect to be treated like one....