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Anyone else agree?

Oh god
I'm so horny

I feel so out of touch with everyone

Invited this girl I'm kind of maybe probably crushing on to a movie on campus and she turned up wearing the shirt she knows gets me gay as hell and we briefly held hands during the movie and then I walked her home and as I was about to leave she grabbed my jacket and pulled me into a hug and I'm just. So doomed. #unilife #howdidthishappen?

Wondering do you still think about me I wish we was having some rough raw sex right now and I wish you was kissing and sucking me from head to toe as I moan damn I missed you

I'm a straight guy but I keep wondering what it feels like to be on the giving side of a BJ. I would never kiss another guy or do anything else tho.

Who knew being a whore was such easy money

I had a boyfriend that didn't pay attention to me and beat off while watching TV instead (we were watching the Simpsons in a guest bedroom at his house). He'd notice that it would make me upset, so he would cuddle me for a couple of seconds. But he went back to doing it after a while. Even after I gave him oral...twice. (I know, setting boundaries was something I completely awful at, I just wanted him to love me and I show my love in every way I can, I really f***ing loved th... read more

This sexual tension is killer.

I let three young black ghetto guys see me in my wedding dress before my husband did. I lifted my wedding dress for them and they took pictures of me. They saw my wedding panties.

I can't sext - I shouldn't be sexting this is so stupid

I miss my man's dick. 😍

Why do you feel like you need to dictate my sex life and my relationship with my boyfriend?
Yes, we've been together for about 8 months.
No, we haven't had sex yet. No, we don't plan on having any anytime soon. Believe it or not, neither one of us are ready for that yet.
Why do you insist on the fact the we HAVE to have sex or something? Is that your current boy can't keep it in his pants and you can't keep your legs shut?
We're in no rush to do anything, and that's our choic... read more

I've been hormonal for the past couple of days.
And then you briefly made out with me.
Now I'm pretty content.

My husband​ is dead, I don't want to remarry I only want sex..

No credit card

No sign up

No bulls***

When the Hotel calls your house because they need permission to charge extra to the Credit Card because your 'husband' and his 'flavor of the day' ruined the sheets with whipped cream you're just going to say, "Sure, go a head, charge whatever you need." and then get right back to humming along; tending to your screaming, whining, and crying kid(s) as thrown food ruins the sweat pants that you have on ... right?

I wonder what of feels to be white, if i was then I would rape my sister, half sister and cousin s

Wow. Just got to my best bros older sisters apartment... We started getting closer and closer until I was giving her head. Then we went to f***, so she pulls down my pants, but says "that's unfortunate, really thought you'd be big". I'm literally 5-5.5", that's not too small. I f***ed her with a strapon and... got a hand job... Seriously

Damn, I hope my friend doesn't find that one out

When you fall for someone and you've been holding out for them and they don't actually like you....
A year and a half down the drain and I feel embarrassed. Why did you lead me on just to leave me waiting for nothing?