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I swear to god if a long term stalker or general psychotically aggressive hater comes at me, after being told to step off, they gon:
1.catch these hands
2. My cigarettes will burn through their corneas and into their eye sockets compromising their eye sight regardless of any new health/technology advancements
3. They will be waterboarded with my liquid of choice
4. They will get tarred & chicken feathered
5. All their familial descendants will know

I have a really concerning theory that most -- if not, ALL -- men have a huge amount of homosexuality in them. When I was dating, I came across an alarming amount of 'straight' married men looking for ''secretive, discreet NSA ((No Strings Attached))" with younger guys. Concerning because it really supports the idea that we never truly KNOW someone even if we've known them for decades.

In no way is this necessarily bad but it's upsetting for the deceived women who thought th... read more

If there's one question I'd like to have answered on the internet it's that who the f*** rights those heavily detailed smut stories on places like Literotica? Either you've got way too much time on your hands or I don't know what... Practicing writing long pages of that sh** must get awkward

I just finished from masturbating for 2hours straight. That isn't even the longest I've masturbated.

I've been in a relationship on and off for a year now but I feel like I'm not growing in the way that I want to be anymore. We're getting on eachother's nerves more and more now. He's acting like a child! In the past week, I've felt a strong urge to punch him in the face on more than three occasions. He's unreliable. Unpredictable. And f***ING impulsive! He drives like a maniac and doesn't care when he makes me uncomfortable. Why can't he understand that safety is more import... read more

You little fcking what c***piece of crap who doesn't deserve to live in this world anyways

i think i may be sexually frustrated but im a virgin???? is that possible ? is something wrong

theres this guy in my class that i just wanna write on a piece of paper "put your dick in my mouth'' and hold it up so he can see it. im not a s*** or anything but damn he's hot.

I feel both weird and lousy. The thing is I'm a dude, and even though I don't want a sexual relationship with another dude, I'm still attracted to men!

I usually am able to watch porn pretty regularly (once or twice a month) with it doing what it needs to do until the images start to gross me out or get boring... lately, i've actually been attempting masturbation because I have a bf now and want to be more relaxed and know more about my body and what it likes when i'm with him because we attempted to have sex and totally failed because I wasn't turned on or wet enough (looking back, i was too nervous to be turned on.) but so... read more

Growing up my mother and sisters always joked about me not shaving my pubic hair even though I hated doing it and didn't have a boyfriend so why would it matter? Fast forward to now (just kinda straighten out the edges) zero complaints from the bf, still very willing to go down... like why was that bulls*** perpetrated in my household? Why was I supposed to hate my natural body? If a dude does care he can f*** off. I wouldn't expect him to shave. >_<

I have to admit that I do feel better after watching porn yesterday. I didn't think that it would do anything or that I would like it, but I did. I honestly, feel a thousand times better and can actually think now. I feel like I have a clearer mind and am not so CONSUMED with perverted thoughts or sexual frustration. It was really killing me for a while. I could hardly focus and couldnt even masturbate. It was honestly, driving me a bit crazy.........

In January of 2016, I began my study abroad trip in Spain. I am a really shy girl and in a steady relationship of 3 years, so it was not easy leaving everything comfortable to me behind. I knew I needed an adventure, though, and always had been fascinated by travelers and their ambition -- that's who I glorified.

My trip opened a lot of doors for me. I was able to get a better grasp on who I am as a person and feel that it shaped me overall into a better being. That is until... read more

How are you scared of cleaning up sh** but you still wanna do anal? Don't try to f*** me or anyone else in the a** if you're going to be a scaredy cat lol

This morning my roommate caught me looking at porn even though she was supposed to be in the shower. She told her boyfriend and apparently, he got so turned on he started masturbating on skype. She then got mad at him and hung up. I think she wanted her boyfriend to think that it was as disgusting as she thought it was, but YOU DO NOT TELL THAT TO A GUY. Which is what he was trying to tell her. Now I am going to have to be extra careful when he comes over..... Great, this is ... read more

If your man isn't making you ogasn more often than him he's not a man just a selfish prick on the road the date rapistville.

Just sit on my face and let me worship your glorious vag for a few hours. That's all I want is to please you mistress.

I "muttr" alot of sh** anonymous because ill be dammed if i wrote it from my personal page and someone i knew saw me vent about wanting to suck a dick :) and the one about the quiet guy was mine LMAO

Theres this quiet guy in my computer class that is so f***ing sexy to me. Ive never heard him talk because he's always listening to music and these are the only classes we have the whole day but still...sometimes i just wanna write "JUST PUT YOUR DICK IN MY MOUTH." on a piece of paper and hold it up so he can see it.

cool idea: not f***ing guilt tripping your partner when they're too tired to sext