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I feel like sh** energetically drained...but I'm having trouble taking the 1st steps of moving on and getting myself out of this, the psychological wounds are too deep, the burns still painful. The worst part is I was the one who put myself through it though. So even if that person hurt me, I should have not ignored the signs('cause there were) that this person could be capable of putting me in this mood. :(

Stop looking at my as$ tranny f***er

The b**** transgender didn't notify me she had a dick so I cut it off in self defense so they couldn't rape me:)
And the cops bought it

At least trump has bannon to teach him a few tricks who needs melania

I'm scared of marriage because I'm scared of putting up with someone forever because it's tiring and draining! Is that normal? I've seen my parents marriage and my LTR and I know what it's like therefore don't want to get married. It's tough to have someone close to you disrespecting your boundaries and teasing you or bringing up uncomfortable topics. It's embarrassing when you have to explain to friends and family tht your partner is misbehaving because they're irrationally ... read more

Last night I had an awesome sex dream. The whole time I knew it was a dream but I was thinking "who cares! This is so awesome!" I haven't had sex irl in 5 years but if I had dreams like this all the time I wouldn't even notice.

I am bi sexual, but lately I have been liking girls more...and I have a!

What can I put up in my vag to feel good like someone is f***ing me? A cucumber won't fit and I'm single and live at home with my grandparents and can't order a dildo.

I want to have a one night stand get knocked up and raise my kid alone so I don't have to ask a man to help

I need a new way to masterbate and go! BTW iam a girl

I can't fit a cucumber in my p****

Anybody near zip code 23901 want to f***?

I am a female and I masterbate to the sound of women moaning but I'm attracted to men? What's wrong with me?

My boyfriend want to shave my p**** for me...has anyone ever let this happen before? What is it like?

I want him to shove his dick inside me right now right now right now dammit

i want him to shove his dick inside me right now

Yo horny a**es.........

Guatemalan dick hunters

Latina anal heartbreakers

I want to swap my p**** for a cock