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I miss f***ing my boyfriend. Yeah, he wasn't that big (he was average) but he knew how to pleasure me. We took a break and I f***ed someone else, and I couldn't get off. My boyfriend says he doesn't want to have sex, and I respect that. But sometimes I just wanna smoke some weed and do some kinky sh**.

my girlfriend needs to punish me. I've been a bad bad boy

He bit my muthafukin nipple.

"I thought girls liked that?"

Not me b****, that sh** hurt!!!

Going out on a date with this fat chick tonight. Never f***ed a fat chick before. Interested to find out if I like it :)

Boobs or butts? Just a general consensus I'm doing to see what's the majority and the minority. I personally don't have a preference for either, they're really just lumps of flesh to me, but I'm curious as to what you all think!

Lesbian porn director how long do I have to keep getting my p**** licked lmao

My fiancé and I are discussing having an open marriage. As long as he's the one I raise kids with and am buried beside, then I don't see much of an issue. But I'd love to hear other people's opinions.
EDIT: You all seem to be a conservative bunch of closed-minded asshats....

Defend yourself and attack the person molesting you. Squish his balls, twist kick punch stomp them and scratch as much as possible and scream and get help tell someone

I just don't care if whoever sexualyl abuses me got sexually abused,IT IS NOT MY FAULT I don't deserve to be sexually abused and I don't want to . I wish they kept their fingers away from me.There are so many people who want to be molested out there! It IS NOT MY FAULT if they got sexually abused. The worst is the more I complain the more they molest me. Everytime I complain they say "I know you secretly like it", and each time I get abused again I think ,just to myself , abo... read more

I was raped as a teenager and it still haunts me. I often feel no desire to have sex. I go weeks at a time having nightmares and feeling generally scared of sex throughout the day. I'm in a loving and stable relationship, so I shouldn't feel like this anymore. But I don't know how to make it stop.

im having relationship problems

Ew, don't fornicate josh.

Mutant deliverance children are bad mmm'kay

Welp time for pornhub

Lesbian p**** after dark

Sometimes, I want to have sex...

Amazing day, i dont have any guy friends to brag to so here it goes. Went to my gf's house and her parents wherent home. we go at it for a little over an hour with some very light bdsm involved, then on the way home got a roadside 'pitstop' bj to end the night. awesome day

I'm 27, female, and discrete as one can be.I can't believe it there's a creepy old man who likes to intrude in my sexual life( or the absence of it), from all people he chose my sexual life. It is unbelievable. I never even done anything to deserve it exept calling him old now which is not even wrong. I just wish he would stop intruding in my sexual life.

Alright, I'm an 18 yr old guy. I have a 20 yr old girlfriend. She's really hot.

Anyway she comes over to my house more than I come over to her apartment. She's on her own so she has more freedom. She pays me late night visits. I have this private downstairs den with a sofa that turns into a bed.

She has been getting a little too loud while my parents are upstairs even though they're asleep. I asked her do you want them to walk in and spoil this hot sex we're having? She sai... read more

My heart wants to give my ex relationship a 2nd chance, but my head is saying I'll get hurt again

I thought forgiving her in person yesterday would be enough to forget, but now I want to be with her more than anything. What the f*** do I do? We haven't talked in 2 months