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Idk why but I feel so sad most of the time. I should be happy because I finally found someone I really like and they are so nice and sweet and caring. But I'm still sad. I actually feel way way sadder now. It's just like I have higher highs and waaay lower and longer lows. What sucks is that I don't have anyway to talk to about the things that bother me, the problems I have and need help solving. And everyone always vents to me about their issues and I'm always the one giving... read more


I should not have looked this up.

Muttr used to have genuine people, but they are lost in the new crowd of immature toxic kids of the internet

"There's only so much f***ing artwork you can make before you forget the way to start."

Jesus, I have sooooooo many prombles I dunno what I'm going to do with all these prombles.

You ever feel trapped inside your own mind

When life gives you lemons make lemonade like Beyoncé

I'm tired of using my hand to jerk is there any otherness way besides women or hand lmao

Fine fine fine I'll accept this heap of bulls***, thank you life for yet another gift

I'm a male I jerking with my hand is getting boring any other ways I can nut without a girl and my hand lmfao

I want to smoke

When I was younger I think my parents thought I was autistic, which I'll admit, I was kind of socially weird but as a result of depression....
But they made me take these weird after school classes with all these flash cards and weird sh**. I'll never forget. I don't know why I just thought of this. Whatever.

I wanna go to sleep but I can't get off muttr

I'm not here for a long time so that's why I'm gonna have a good time.

Aww yes!
It is 12:10am, and time for my midnite toke :-)

You said him name 😔

when I was 19 I thought I hit my absolute low. But now I'm seeing that was just the beginning. Where the f*** did I go, why am I here.

I'm having a pain in my chest go away stress

Last one, sorry.

Time is running out.

Please take Care of yourself tonight ,
That's all im asking please