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And if a criminal does get you, whatever he does can and most likely will fall back unto you! its like you were at fault! wtf is this sh**. plz world war 3 come sooner i know you guys want to do it.

Life and this system is so f***ing stupid. Criminals get away so f***ing easily its a f***ing joke. Where the f*** is the death sentence?? where the f*** is the order?

All it takes is one to stand where others fall.

Shannon Messenger Keeper of the lost cities series.

There is some sort of animal in my wall. He has been in there for a few days but I can't get access to him and I'm not paying for his bad decisions. I think it's either a bird or a squirrel. Life is tough.

who wants to come with me to mexico to fiesta sh** up and not give a f*** about anything thats troubling us?

Im sorry guys but if you dont mind i wanna know your story about how you fell in love and how it ended. If you feel uncomfortable you dont have to say it its just wanna learn thats all

It's one of those nights.

If you feel up to it may you tell me about how you fell in love and what did you experience or what did you learn from it?

Any advice for a 14 year old who probably shouldn't be on this site?

f*** all y'all for having such perfect lives

I'm sorry. I wanted to help but I didn't know how and I'm sorry and I don't how to make it better.

I messed up. Sorry.

It's kind of hard to explain my feelings when I've been taught not to talk about them at all

Keep going for f***ing what

Wow wow wow!!! Guess who I hate!!!

i'm starting to hate myself and it's terrifying

So depressed I don't even want to move my body right now it's a f***ing struggle to do so my body feels so heavy and I'm sad

Save me someone anyone 😔 I'm losing it

No one will f***ing listen to me anymore😭😭😭 I don't know what to do

Stopped smoking weed. I've been smoking daily for the past 6 years or so. It's not hard, feels great. My minds focused for once. I did it so I can get a job when I graduate in a month. I'm sure I'll be back, but tbh I almost feel high without it.