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I have a confession. I am literally the Sasquatch I have been dressing up for years. goodbye.

It's a garbage world.

I will think about Jocelyn like I always do. That money was for her. Yes I did send her money for Valentine's day. I sent money before and after that too. I sent her money for her birthday and her daughter's birthday.
I just do it to be spiteful because I know what you are doing behind my back. I look like a fool at work. #snakes # backstabbers

I guess I are happy now that I'm broke again. I will never have anything with you. So f-uck you bi-tch. And I hate you.

Life is full of sadness but with no time to be sad.

It's 11:48am, it feels like it should be pm. I don't know how I am going to make it through the rest of the day.

you were just a rolling stone leaving disaster in your wake too bad I was one of the victims


I have concluded that while, yes, I can be pretty, but my concentration face is hideous. I'm always concentrating. 😭

I always wanted someone to be with me whenever i had to face my issues. Ive never had that in my life. And yet here i am still hoping.
I have to let go of that, or it will actually kill me. and nobody wants to help especially if you don't have money. Survival of the fittest, more like survival of the richest.

I can be brilliant tho. And i can save myself. Its hard to cope with a lot of bull. I need more self discipline to fix alot of trash.
I'm sick of people looking at me h... read more

do you ever stay up all night talking about Jesus

If I'm above average intelligence, then the world is doomed. I'm f***ing stupid but everyone keeps saying I'm smart and giving me awards for doing nothing, I feel like I'm always in the twilight zone or accomplishing things in my sleep because I'm sure not doing it in my waking life.

JUST FEEL LIKE EFFIN SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THESE PEOPLE I WORK WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS PROJECT FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody is ever going to love me because the side effects of what's been done to me make me obnoxious and hard to handle lol

Dying is easy. It's living that's nearly impossible and hard.

I always feel like a ninja when I catch a fly with my hand.

i broke my f***ing phone my parents are going to f***ing kill me I'm so angry at myself I hate myself right now

I just woke up from this dream. In the dream i was buying a taco at this food truck n my 12 y/o brother was there working as a cleaner. The worker who took my order was my ex high school mate whom i'm not even close with (they never met each other irl). Then while waiting for my order my boyfriend(recently together) came to see me. I was surprised. Then while waiting for my order he suggested we go to this garage + auction sale in a big white tent nearby. He was being so touc... read more

i know we all say it's silly being worried in the wake of a terrorist attack, but i can't stop myself being scared about going to london next week

My dad used to hit me (when I get in trouble) but sometimes for no reason or the stupidest reasons. Now it's kinda getting worse, I notice I flinch a lot to loud sounds, like doors slamming &one time I was in the school bathroom drying my hands& I knew this girl was coming in but for some reason I flinched a lot when she came near. Please! Advice!