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I hate doing this. Just existing but not really living. Every day is exactly the same and they're all so boring

Im going to meet my internet best friend for the first time, and I can't stop thinking how ugly and fat I am. I know they wont think I am, but its just so hard to stop feeling this way. I wish I was just excited and not worrying about how I look. They always see my face and everything ALL THE TIME but what if I look worse in person to them?
I have to stop thinking like this !

Please remember that unless your kid never steps outside and never has access to the internet or anything and is kept in a room like a science experiment, you don't get to decide what he'll be like as a teenager, much less as an adult.
Because you're not the only one raising your kid. Your job as a parent is to teach him right and wrong, respect/manners and honesty but most importantly, how to make his own choices. And you did a wonderful job with that. The other kids, his te... read more

Husband acting like little b****
Because he moved us out in the sticks for a job and. Ow we have no child care help. Since everyone lives 1 hour away. Sorry I can't go back to work because I'm taking care of our baby

I wish I could go back to yesterday and not put that kid into her

I wish I could go back to yesterday and eat some pizza.

I wish I could go back to the 60's where a girl would sleep with just anyone!
Ahhh good days:)

I wish I could go back to the 70s when girls were attracted to skinny guys ://

I feel guilty for not sleeping. Why do I feel this way I always feel guilty for the smallest things!!!

We've had several times to stay apart and break up going our separate ways, but we kept coming back to each other. This is a repeated cycle, now it's like we're just together just because!!! Is it Love or just Toleration

A family member of mine has been sick for while now. It's been really hard on my family. I dropped all my classes and have been focused on work lately (only to have work be disappointing, of course). I'm surviving on $20 until next Friday and I have to sit around my depressing house all the time. I barely have time to be around the person that relaxes me the most. I wish that for once that I could feel peaceful and not worried.

Sitting here thinking about all the issues I've had to face since I got into a relationship with him, and its ongoing!! Sickness/Diseases😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

1 decision 1 relationship & my life has been flipped upside down!!

My life is ruined. This sh** is just overwhelming!!!

People who go out of their way to be extremely rude annoy me to no end. It's like they get off on being a nuisance. The first one that comes to mind is some man who taunted me about my shoes when I was out riding my bike one day. ("Nice riding shoes!" Thanks, old man, I love these sandals. Mind ya business though, I'm riding a beach cruiser down the street, not riding the Tour de France). Also, people who act snobby and making a mess out in public like they own the place are ... read more

I miss getting high with my friends. Now I'm married and watching TV in the living room by myself tipsy on wine. No regrets though, just miss getting high with my friends is all.

So, sometime's the question pops up, "Are you a virgin?" (btw I'm like 14). I tell the people "That's a really uncomfortable question for me to answer." they're like "It's a yes or no question." but really it's not... I'm a rape victim and so it's not as simple as yes or no. if I say yes I'm living and if I say no they look at you like some... some s***/whore... #Vcard #rape #awkward #venting

Its 5:45am.....good thing time doesn't actually exist

Wine turns me on

My life is perfect. Why do I get quiet and sad at night? It leads to drinking, which leads, to self loathing, which leads to drinking, which leads to more self loathing, which leads to more drinking. It's really pathetic. But I always wake up with a smile on my face and no hangovers so far...