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  • ImBroken left a Comment

    well if you turned all the sudden sharply at 140 mph your car would flip over its side and roll multiply times. if you didn't where a seat belt, chances are you'd get ejected out the side window and become a human rag doll. but if you where wearing a seat belt, or a five point harness you'd most likely stay in the vehicle. if you dont hit anything and roll your car in the side where there isn't any trees you wouldn't have to worry about dying on impact with a tree. if you aren't killed by the sheer G forces of rolling the car and impacts as it bounces off the ground, chances are you'd be killed by being crushed unless you have a roll cage. so if you survived that and the car doesn't turn into a fireball than chances are you'd walk out okay..

    • Anonymous replied

      Oh sh**

  • Anonymous gave Advice

    Don't ruin a perfectly good car!

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    Just do something where you go to sleep and then die.
    Why all the dramatics?

    • Anonymous replied

      my body has a high tolerance for every single drug on the market. I can't die loll