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    Don't worry. It is alright.

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    You know what, you don't have to conform at all. I don't do any of those things. We weren't made to be all the duplicates. We're made to be diverse. I don't have many friends either but that does not make me 'less' of a person. Nothing's wrong with being alone. Sure, it's sad and it makes you pity yourself. Having many friends isn't that valuable. Trust me, having many friends isn't 'glamorous'. I actually like hanging with introverted people because they're less pretentious, and easier to please, they do not lower my standards. Just my opinion. If you want though we can be friends, since you're really rare. :)

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    I had the same exact problem except I don't feel alone when I'm alone. All my friends are online and we have the same hobbies. Skype/Game streaming. It's awesome. There's something for you out there. Don't sweat it.

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    Not all of us drink, smoke, or do other drugs. I don't do either.

    Some of us are living in the wrong environment that ends up unintentionally shuns friends instead of making friends.

    Imagine if the runway on an airport was obstructed or always full. It would not be able take up more.

    Sometimes you either need to build a bigger airport or clear out the one you have.

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    Other people do those things because they're trying to drown their existential dread. Good on you for being able to avoid despair.

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    I feel you, you’re just more grown up. Go out and see life, follow your dreams. Don’t let those jack*** hold you back