Man, my dad is such a prude. So what if I talked about Lactose Intolerance to our female guests? It's not like they are complete strangers. We've known them for months. They laughed about it. Why is it so wrong to be laid back? I understand having a bit of shame about things but seriously? Menstruation, Bras, it's all a part of life!

And then just last night, "You're not ready to move out. You don't have a job." Well, when I do get a job. "You're not going to be able to make enough to afford it." Well, what about roommates? "There's no such thing as roommates living decently together. Or having a steady time. It'll end up in court."

I'm almost 30 years old and he still talks to me as if I'm 10. Every single time I've brought up the past about living with my boyfriend so I can tell him what I learned to apply it when I do move out, he doesn't want to hear it or says that was a huge mistake and I should have listened to him. Yes he's been right about so many things. But I need to live my life! Even with the mistakes I'm going to make. No matter how much he doesn't want me (or him) to go through the pain, I need to learn and have that experience in life. But he depresses me and makes me feel awful about every decision I make. It's been wearing on me for the past 10 years. And it's one of the reasons why I haven't even stepped foot outside my house in 5 months. I'm not an ugly girl, I'm not overweight. I consider myself average, possibly beautiful when I wake up on the right side of my bed. But I have all these insecurities because of my father.

He's a great dad. Just so overprotective and over judgmental. It really clashes with my extreme (maybe too extreme), introverted personality.