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When your only comfort is "It could be worst ,you know", but then you realize "*sighs*It could be so much better"

Things are forever changing and I hate change

Too many things to say.

I can't let anyone know about how broken I am inside. I've done a fair job at hiding the pain for several years.

I love harder than anyone that I know. It is a huge flaw. I found the one person that I will love more than anyone else in the world. With this love came anger. I unfairly expected him to love me in the exact same way, and let that make me bitter. It was the biggest error I will make in my life. I think that now it will cost me having him love me deeply ever again. I tried to force him to live up to unrealistic expectations. My undying love made me mean, and crazy. I don't th... read more

Do I go home and cry or do I go home a drink

Why can't I have fun without going through a depression afterward? Even something as simple as hanging out with friends just throws me into a feeling of regret and sadness and overall just feeling like I didn't deserve it. Then I go through pretty much anything else in my mind to make it worse, like how I never try on the things I want and love to do and how I wish I paid better attention to people I love and just every little thing I hate about myself comes to me. Only becau... read more


How many people were informed about that chaos here? sh**, why does it have to spread like this.

Uptown funk you up uptown fucn u up


Have you ever had the impression that a certain person is trying to live your life for you, specially the good things, and living you out ?Have you ever felt removed of your own life?Has someone ever stopped you from doing something just so they could do it in your place(specially if something good)? This is called freedom theft.

When your only comfort is "it could be worse, you know"

I have hit rock bottom. I cannot handle anymore dissapointment or sadness. I lost my job because my former employer bullied me. I lost friends, my financial and physical health. Now, I find out my mom is relocating to another country and I know she has to do this for herself and I want her to live a life of fulfillment but she is my best friend and my rock, my support system. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach, when she told me. I couldnt stop crying. What's the qu... read more

Percocet molly Percocet

All this crazy b*llsh*t going on in my life and in the world. All the f**cking stupidity I deal with everyday. Been face palming and shaking my head a million times a day.

NOw let me see you wop wop wop

I have no one. No one. Waking up to my reality, kills me every minute.

I liked this guy and we talked all day for a few days and I honestly LOVED it. Now after a few more days he replies really late or not at all. I am honestly really bummed. I know that he is probably bored of my and I need to play it cool for a bit. But I honestly LOVE attention and would really love a guy that would text me everyday. But honestly, this guy and this other guy I am talking to do not give me the attention I need. I just want that spark, that chemistry, and insta... read more

I'm just never enough. There's always something going on. I try to live my life everyday. Trust me I'm a positive person. But no matter what I do, something bad happens. Always. I meet knew people, go to new places, everything goes on so well but then bad things happen. I'm never accepted. People always seem to have a problem with me when all I do is be nice, honest, supportive and real to them. They don't like the way I talk, I think, I walk or I do anything.... read more

I can't stop returning to feeling dissatisfied with my figure, so I bought some supplements to try an experimental change... I hope things go well.