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okay you apologized so i'm done splitting on you lol

lol i just split on you

me & my gf: *walking down the street to ft*
Me: *texting one of my friends discussing something dumb*
Her: who are you talking to
Me: [friends name]
Her: are you talking about me
Me: no
Her: don't lie to me.
Me: I'm not
Her: 5.....4......3......
Me: I'm not a child
Her: *storms off*
Me: *stupidly follows*
Her: are you going to give me your phone now?
Me: *hesistantly gives her my phone*
Her: *reads through my messages. Looks up*
[To Be Continued]

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I don't want to go to med school. I want do study history.

I secretly like being controlled. Not too much though cause although I like being controlled, I'm Obstinate and don't like being ordered around after a certain point

Ive been feeling down all day. Ive been crying off and on since 3pm.. Idk what to do to cheer me up. I start to put myself down for feeling like this and then start to cry again, its a cycle. I searched google for help anonymously, just until I start going to therapy for the first time to help me understand whats wrong with me..

i am in so much pain. i hate every aspect of living or even existing. i fully understand the social constructs I've fallen under the influence of, but recognizing them doesn't stop me from desperately and painstakingly wish i were good enough to love. to hold. i just want to share intimacy with someone and show them love. not the sexual kind, just the kind where you can hold them to you and brush their hair and kiss them a bunch and tell them how amazing they are. i want to l... read more

Am I wrong for hating and despising the entire human race?? I am not racist not do I give a f*** what you ((self identify))as I just wish the world leaders would just push the green button and put and end to all of humanity. I don't feel sorry for dead cops,,in fact I'm white and I hate cops and I don't feel bad when they get shot to death or killed,, they ruin people's lives and have no problem doing it and then have the nerve to hand you over to the g**d*** judicial system ... read more

We are all part of an experiment, conducted by rich/powerful people and the government.

i'm tired. but a different tired. it's not a physically tired, it's a mentally tired thing. i'm tired of feeling. i'm tired of everything. i'm surrounded but i've never felt so alone. i walk around like everything's fine and one day i'm afraid i'm not gonna be able to shake it off. until then, ill keep faking the smile.

Hi, Suq Madiq here.
Fags, fagtards, libfags can go opt out now... With Kurt Cobains Microphone.
#SuqMadiq #NeverOgre

Too lit to let this affect me. I started from the bottom and now I've come so far, the money is going to be worth it; still I feel old as dirt at 21. I don't understand why I love to fight though, and it feels like everyone is distant af

I need a drink, or a shot to the brain. I've been contemplating driving into oncoming traffic (or suicide in general) for the past 8 hours. I'm just so tired... death seems so peaceful.

I'm a sixteen year old girl and will be seventeen in two weeks, so I only have one year of being a teen left. I feel like I have wasted my life so far- I never rebelled or snuck out. I never went to a friend's house, a party, or did anything risky. I'm super awkward so I'm always alone, but I have a few friends here and there who text me. I have not had a boyfriend or girlfriend and I never kissed anyone.( I think it's because we never had money and our house is falling apart... read more

No matter how hard I hit myself in the eye, I can't give myself a shiner!!!!!!

I wore makeup (a light lipstick and a little blush and some mascara) and had my hair cut and colored last night and felt like I looked nice today. No one said anything though and now I am wondering if my hair looks bad because I got it done quite a bit shorter, or if I wore too much makeup. I wish I was naturally pretty.

I'm ready to go home I can't deal I'm sick my feet hurt and my back and the clock is dragging. 🙄 Help me lord. It was bad idea working and going to high school. On top of that I got all this stress . This has been the most stressful weak I've had in my life. Everything that could go wrong has went wrong. I'm just trying to battle with it all and it seems like everyone is so inconsiderate of my feelings that why' I keep it bottled up inside

My roommate was talking to her boyfriend and saying how much she has improved as a person and how he stayed becAuse of her personality. I am sorry, but she is one of the most selfish meanest person I have ever met. She also has the most boring personality ever. I really cant imagine her being worse. Plus her and her boyfriend never talk. I mean have a real back and forth conversation. They mostly just have sex. The rest of the time they are really quiet. To be honest, I do no... read more

Some people should just see things from an aspie's point of view.