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It's funny people blame trump for being corrupt yet they don't think anything else is corrupt. K. They know propaganda is real but they don't think it happens to them. They don't care but still complain. Lol

Person: F.U.C.K. CAPITALISM! Screw the man! Poor people are oppressed!

Same person: spends $500 on NFL tickets

Some people just talk out their butts

I'm so sick of this b**** but she's a cutie so whatever.

If you didn't want to talk to me then why did you talk to me, what the f***. sh** I'm just trying to be friendly that's my thing, I'm a friendly dude. But you sitting here acting like I'm the one who crossed some kind of boundary is f***ing stupid. YOU talked and I replied.

What do you do when you just want to push away all your friends and family and be left alone for all of eternity

And my blood pressure goes through the roof in......

I'm 24 and she's 19. I know people who are in healthy relationships this far apart, but they're a little older. Idk I feel reluctant to try and pursue this. Any thoughts?

Asked a cute girl to hang out. She said yes and to text her when she got out of work. I forgot I asked her and neglected my phone all day. Now I can't work up the nerve to ask her again. Lol damn, being a guy with no confidence is the worst.

My dream was actually good last night!

I dreamed I had a girlfriend and she wasn't my ex and she kissed me on the cheek
I was sad when it went into a stereotype of some Arabic people shooting up a location with me in it.

I want to be anyone but me

who is that f***ing time for the janitor guy

You said you're worried about me and I think you should I don't know how much longer I'll be alive but of course I tell you don't worry I'm fine even though I'm breaking on the inside

I'm a pathetic waste of a person. I have the opportunity to get to know a very cute girl. If I ask her out, I know she'll say yes. Yet, I'm a guy with zero confidence who can't get past my nerves and anxiety. I hate myself.

When the cool girl tries talking to me but
I'm socially awkward and get so nervous. Yeah now I'm officially a weirdo

L shape nose jewelry is annoying can't wait till it heals so I can put a hoop In

I'm 25 and living at home because college is expensive as f***. Problem is, my folks still like to wake me up in the morning even though I have a perfectly functioning alarm clock. It's quite annoying.

This is just the beginning of many more years of being alone

I made it through that class and now I can go home and just sleep and cry and whatever else I want to do

What do white supremacists eat? Sushi? Chinese food? Falafel? Fried chicken?

I haven't stopped crying, my boyfriend got into a fight&called me abusive. No I don't hit him nor be rude to him. Everyday I compliment him, I buy him food and shirts. I do so much, and yet he calls me this?? I just get jealous when he brings up a girl, and I just don't care. It's not even relevant, and I told him that he can do whatever he wants, and if I just get jealous, he punishes me by not speaking to me, and threatening to break up w me. I've done so much for him. Plea... read more