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I'm a grown a** woman. I'm an adult. But like..... not really.

Too many dumbass kids on the internet. Just know most of these f***ing dumbasses defending these recent events are 15 years old who roam f***ing reddit on Politics and their little fandoms. Pol is mixed with logical thinkers and dumbass brain dead far right leading into extremists territory. But it's almost always the dumbasses people are the loudest. Goes with life too the negative/loudest seem the loudest. So basically these kids are being brainwashed up the a**. Or being t... read more

What do you mean you hope this doesn't affect our relationship ?


I want to move. Somewhere in the cute little country with cute farm houses. Where there is a lot of trees and rivers. Where there is a nice summer and spring. Where it's cool in the autumn and the leaves change. Where it snows in the winter but not to much. That sounds like the perfect place to me.

Yesterday I was excited to tell my boyfriend that I've decided to go to college to better my future, our future, my son's future. Now my bf (26) LOVES school he'll be starting in the fall for his masters in engineering management. Myself on the other hand (27) has never attended college. I have son who will soon be 10, & needless to say I haven't had time, resources, or encouragement to do any better. Today on the way to work (we work together) he basically told me to pick so... read more

I'm honestly just want to cry I don't want to talk or even be bothered at this point my life is in shambles

My face is just trash. There's a huge pimple between the space in between my eyes and bags under my eyes. Lordt no one is going to find me attractive ever

When you can't wait till the only class you have is over today so you can come back home an hour from now come in your and cry and be alone and escape from reality...

When I home I get an imaginary world to escape my reality. Make my life how I want it to be and not think about what is

I'm sorry I LIKE GIRLS alright. I see a hot girl of course I'm going to screen shot that sh**. shes CUTE AF. and yeah I screen shot anime girls too!! f*** you!!! I hardly ever look back at them but I just gotta do it!!

My life is a total waste of everyone's time, including my own.

My entire life is built up on lies.
One day after another, I idiotically portray another lie to make my life more fulfilling.
I'm so petty, and I know I am but - I'm too busy living a false life to realise how far the lie has gone.
6 years these lies have continued to evolve, when will I ever find the inspiration to stop it maybe.
Maybe when I find love, a love that won't be taken away from me.
A friend I can truly trust, to cry out 6 years of hidden pain behind a ill-mannere... read more

kids stop being an idiot. stop being brainwashed.

Life, is there no escape from the pain?
Love of my life, of 6 years.
Just like that, over, just to go sleep around.
I guess I wasn't enough.
No escape from the pain.
Every time I look at her,
my daughter, my life crumbles,
into heavy depression.
Lies, Lies, and more lies.
Escape is futile, pain is inevitable.
There is no escape from life.


That's what Ive been telling myself many times these day

I'm pretty much done with life, I f***ed up many times and even some today but I'm on a journey of becoming a better person this set back is just a set back the journey still goes on. I'm not giving up anymore, but i'm still done with life but this is my motivation.

Sit and listen,
Can you hear it?
The way the wind moves
Like the sea through the leaves
Just before the storm breaks
Rain outside your window

I'm going to end my life.

I don't mean in the suicide, stop breathing way, though. At the very least. I'm going to stop playing this game. Almost nothing in my life that's good stays good for long. I lose every flip of the coin. Friends aren't real. The few that act like friends always end up leaving or changing their lives. I make big changes and little changes and yet nothing really changes. The only time things are tolerable is when I stop caring. Getting out and doing th... read more

god i f***ing hate being "that kid who's dad left," it's almost like its become a part of who i am and it irks me so badly, i dont want to be that, my mother raised me well and i hate being jealous of everyone i know for having good relationships with their fathers/step-fathers. it's not fair that I become the "no dad on father's day" joke of the group and i just let them do that to me. #DaddyIssues

IM falling in love with this boy and I don't want to ohhhhh my god