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Tomorrow is my birthday, but I'm not as happy as I should be. I've been feeling down lately for whatever reason. I want to feel happy but I can't.

Do you love me? Tell me.

Very true. I am somewhat evil. I enjoy being "evil" manipulating people all of that, I let it free just once though. But I'm not that kinda person either, I just let my resent and feelings get the better of me. Life and Humans are so f***ing crazy.

is it really that easy to "chase" your dream?

Way to go me. When someone says that i was with someone and I say which one. What the actual f*** was I thinking, now this person thinks I'm a cheating scumbag. Even tho I'm fugly af. Nice one. Kms.

To be honest, I really like those guys that will text me everyday. I know that for some girls that is a bit much, but I think it is fun and what I really need. I have only had two guys do that in my life and it was AMAZING. To bad they were not good guys. But still it made me feel wanted and pursued. I really cannot stand those guys that will text you and then go ghost. I know that I do that as well, but I feel like if a GUY is really interested then he would put in the effor... read more

There is this guy in my cafeteria that I think is handsome. I wish I was older so I could date him, but right now things dont feel right. I think he might work for my college though, so that is a bit awkward. But damn, he looks really good in suits!

I work for uncle Sam, engaged to a lovely brit, loving family, dog, and a secure paycheck, but everything tastes like sh**. my boss is an ego maniac and because of how rank works I have no choice but to accept it up the a** or face reprocussions that could f*** my professional career for life. my fiance constantly complains about every little thing anyone does, even if they "look at her wrong", my parents tell me repeatedly what my best options are when every single one requi... read more

i hate my parents, no question about it, i hate em.

I rent out of my siblings house. I live in the basement and its pretty sweet because I have an anxiety disorder and its not that I hate people but I get overwhelmed and exhausted even talking to two people. So I tend to keep to myself and shut away in my room especially when they are home. The only reason they ever come down stairs is because of the laundry machines. BUT For the past few months they have been downstairs in the other room because they are renovating the upstai... read more

I just don't see the point of being nice? I always get screwed over and taken advantage of anyways. I might as well be a jerk.

f*** today. f*** today so f***ing much.
I'm anticipating everything to go to sh**, but I keep getting sucker punched with things that are so absurd that they're impossible to predict

Who actual knows what it means to be depressed? I've been depressed since 6th grade. I was just 12 years old. I'm 24 now, that means about 50% I've been dealing with this. The first time I thought about killing myself was 7th grade. At first was just a few times every couple of months, then about once a month. Then multiple times a month. It's only progressed since then.

Fast forward to senior year, I attempt suicide, fail obviously. Attempt again, fail again, attempt one mo... read more

I wish I was one of those people who are really good actors and liars who can get out of any situation.

I'm tired of everything. I'm tired of feeling trapped in this world. I have no freedom. I'm 18 and my parents still think I'm their baby and can't make my own decisions, but trust me, I can. School is also taking away my social life. Ever since I moved, I don't see my friends and it hurts. I'm tired. They also don't text me or put attention to me as often. So, my parents think I can't make choices and my friends are not around anymore. I also have my job to keep me from home,... read more


The thing about "getting fit" to go find a date is that I don't really want to be with a person who is only with me because I look good. I don't really want to be with anyone, but definitely not someone who wouldn't be with me if I looked different. That would be so much pressure on me that I really just could do without.

Every time I'm in a relationship with someone who is like this, I end up feeling dead and drained by them.

just means there's way more cake for me, forever forever

Because I don't matter.