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As much as I love reading about your poop and your a**h*** bye

Shake it off
The best song of the new world
Thanks Taylor swift you are something else

My aunt died in December and today should have been her birthday. I hope God is looking after you.

You know you're lonely when you try and strike up a conversation with anybody who gets within 6 feet of your sorry a**.

I am no longer an alligator or docile reptile or snake I am an awkward turtle thanks.

Sometimes I feel so socially stupid but people laugh at half the things I say but that's just because I think different than other people so my responses are always different.

Kill me. . .

I don't know why I do it. I'm such a sh** friend to the people I care about. . One day we'll be talking for ages, then I won't reply and I'm constantly thinking I'll reply but I never do, I'm always thinking about them but I just don't message them and then it gets too late. Months and months go by... I think I'm just a mess and need help.

I'm starting to feel real insecure. I hate how I look in pictures.. I've learned to hate my body a bit less but now i'm finding all kinds of issues with my face... I never know what to trust... my eyes, the mirror, the camera... I do what I can to make myself feel alright with makeup but the shape... My face is round, it's always been round no matter my weight. It's cute for a kid, but as a new adult the lack of a jawline is depressing. I look like I weigh more than I do in p... read more

All what everyone wants is to be happy. Why can't we be happy?

Starting to think I might actually kill myself.

My life's not even sh**, I just make it sh**. My Dad's in prison but nothing's new, he's been there for 10 years, it still rules my f***ing life. I'm sick of the nightmares and the anxiety of him being released. I hate it so much. No friends, no family that give a sh**. My sister would care, but I f*** up her life anyway. I just can't do it anymore, it's all too much. Fed up of myself. I'm disgusting, and I bring everyone down ... read more

I'm really f***ing sick of self centered rude as f*** b****es.

I dont know why people are afraid of the power of spite. I'm reading articles online and it talks about how spite may lead to the end goal/feeling of being unaccomplished. DJ Khaled made his whole brand off of "they don't want me to succeed" and is very successful at what HE chooses to do with his life. And why? Because of inner strength, etc, and amongst those things, spite! Its a great feeling of one-uping people who just want to see you fail!

Throughout my life, people ha... read more

f*** this no one will ever understand even though it's apparent af!

Just so lonely. Losing a lot of people right now :(

I really wanna have friends and socialize, but it's just so difficult. My social anxiety is getting worse and I just end up standing there like a stupid idiot. I don't know wether to cry or laugh. Besides, I have severe trust issues because of past experiences. I don't know who to trust anymore in my school and its ridiculous.

I don't have anyone but I currently need to arrange a lot, lot of things in my life :s

I like girls who look like they could be on a disney channel original movie