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I'm hurting & I just need you

you took my heaven away.

How do you deal with your insecurities

I feel so alone and empty. I can't explain the feeling, but it's not a feeling for attention but just a feeling that I don't have anyone. Idk.

if you read through the past few pages you can see all the posts I made up to this poitn. I really meant them all.

you an i wll never talk again, but I hope you feel better tomorrow. i don't mean much to you but you were my crutch.

Don't know why I keep feeling I should be someone else, when I know fully well I can't be even if I tried. I really need to be happy in my own skin.

I cared too much I still care too much

I'm drunk, so I want to say something edgy and shocking but all i can think of is that I've recently joined the furry fandom...... that's just cringy. Wtf is my life right now?

I have trust issues! it's so hard for me to trust people without getting f***ed over or feeling betrayed. so I keep a lot of things in, although it maybe affecting me. #DepressionSucks #TrustIssuesFuckedUP

I've been depressed for awhile though it comes and goes but I have so many thoughts running through my mind and no one to vent to about it. Not even my family as much as I would to love to tell them I'm depressed I feel like they can't even hold water so what's the point of telling them my problems?! I just don't feel like I have a support system

I'm tired. I want to sleep but I don't want to wake up. I think about killing myself every morning right as soon as I wake up.

I want to die. I have no one.

My friends dislike everything I like, it's embarrassing when I cause silences just because I mention my favorite show or I get dismissed because what I mention is 'cancerous'. They always seem fine with talking about eachother interests and being with eachother but I always feel like i'm a hassle or i'm just there to make the whole 'boy is with a girl' situation less awkward cause now there's 2 girls. I mean they show signs of care at least when im stressed, but it just hurts... read more

Ugh just stab me in the chest already.

getting my Christmas outfit ready, i'm gonna look so cute

lmao ok i guess ill just puke my guts out and die right?

Your farts smell like a leaf

I really want to go to homecoming this year, but my parents won't let me go unless I get a date. I mean, I was just gonna go with friends.... I probably won't end up going anyways.

I want you to come back and say good night to me :(

It seems like every night my mind races with thoughts that scare me from sleeping. Thoughts of getting killed just spring out of nowhere. I already take meds for anxiety and depression, and I don't know what else to do.