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I'm so f***ing lazy. Especially if I just sit at home all day. I simply cannot work. I've been spending all my time mindlessly watching Youtube videos. It's such a waste of time. I get no satisfication from it. I feel like complete utter sh** at the end of the day. So unproductive. It's entertaining but I always feel worse about myself, at the end of the day. Really need to kick myself in the a**.

f***ing hell, i'm so bored! Just gambling right now. I can't wait for my next psychologist appointment.

Who is going to love me when I can't even love myself honestly

Well sh**...


I feel like dying or disappearing. Something I'm so tired of bs

I'm really feeling super depressed and I don't even quite understand. Maybe it's that life never seems to work out for me. Maybe it's because I don't really have friends. Or maybe it's because I just hate myself and the way I look.
I'm not sure why I'm depressed but not being tired leaves me with too much time on my hands to think.
I know depression isn't uncommon. Hell I've been through enough therapy to know that.
I just wish this mental pain would end. I just started a new... read more

I'm really stressing about school right now. Exams and assignments. If I don't do good this semester I'm gonna lose my scholarship. But I'm good about hiding things. My mom doesn't know. No one knows, I'm just acting like everything's alright. I don't really have any kind of support system right now. I'm the first in my family to attend college. I can't talk to the only friend I have because he's too busy being depressed from his own life (went to art school, can't find a job... read more

Weird but true:

Whoever doesn't take the first Matrix movie seriously, eventually becomes a transexual

I'm only 17 and I hate my life everyday I'm unhappy I feel like I have the worst luck because all things do is just go wrong it never fails for me. I don't want to live at all because they say life gets harder and if I can't even handle this there's no way I want to live a life that just gets worse and worse. I just wish someone could help me

I have changed so much. I'm not promiscuous anymore. I don't do drugs anymore. I try to do the right thing. I've learned how to be more responsible in my life. Being destroyed by Luis killed my ego which taught me to take more consideration for other people. I'm a better person now. I care more about myself now.

I'm sick and tired of women being s***-shamed. I get s*** shamed by my parents every day for wearing leggings and a long shirt covering my butt, just like they ask. Our f**king president s*** shames women, saying that they have to dress like women. All of the guys at my school believe that the women are supposed to do the work. And A FREIKIN 10 YEAR OLD GETS SLUT SHAMED AT A UNITED AIRLINE!!!! Honestly it's no unfair. The guys at school jerk off, watch porn, and moan in class... read more

What are bald men such a**h*** !!!!

My housemate is a b*tch. I can't wait to move out in May and be rid of her forever. She is constantly (like from about 9am until maybe 12am, sometimes later) playing music, tv, online videos (all on full volume), or talking to her boyfriend. There is no soundproofing in our flat, and I hear pretty much everything. Most of the time I just plug in my headphones and listen to my music or watch a movie or YouTube, but sometimes I just want some peace and quiet, and I don't get th... read more

The law doesn't really help you if you're under a certain income bracket, I think that's what a lot of people don't understand. "sue!" "tell them off!" etc, sounds great in practice but the reality is that there isn't much I can do if a powerful, well respected person decides to campaign against me. I can't afford a lawyer, I can't afford to get into trouble. But it seems like trouble is coming my way anyway.

My upper-middle class neighbors complain about us enjoying our land (literally just walking around appreciating the land, it's beautiful) and they complain about the fact that we are "rednecks" (we don't have a farm so I'm not sure what he's talking about, he also has never actually talked to me) but then they turn around and think it's okay for their teenaged daughter to invite her sh**y friends over so they can rev their sport-car engines and blast the sh**iest music from... read more

This morning I woke up and went to the gym and i was happy and somewhere down the line depression hit me hard and now all I can do is cry and be angry at the world.

I f***ing hate being forced to do things I don't want to do. I hate how I never get to do anything I want for once, my parents force me to do extracurricular activities that waste my time and I have no interest in. Everything they force me to join is just extra stress and gives me anxiety. I don't have freedom in my house. I can't even walk to the park right by my house to play basketball without my mom or dad following me because they don't trust me. It's not like my neighbo... read more

This whole world is centered around right handed people, extroverts, people who are good under pressure.

Too bad I'm not any of those things.

The only person I could confide in and trust no matter what, is the one I pushed away. Now I really how all alone I am.

Congress just cleared the way for internet providers to sell your web browsing history. Thanks republicans.