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How should I go pills?

I'm sitting here crying crying so hard I can barely catch my breathe thinking how I just want to kill my self how I don't think I can endure anymore I've tried for the longest but i don't think I can keep living an unhappy life like guys seriously I can't

I hate when I'm taking a sh** and the water splashes on my a**.

I'm non-binary! Girls, boys, non-binary, genderfluid, and more,humans join me and tell me your gender! Cis or not!

My dad speaks a lot more spanish then I thought he did. But I am a bit disappointed because I cannot speak spanish and that he hardly ever speaks it. I really hope that one day we can all speak in spanish together

Some people cut I like abuse That's my relief hit me punch me yell at me that's my relief

Just because all of you are happy and love your lives doesn't mean I am. Telling me to smile I can't all I want to do is cry my eyes out 24/7 I'm unhappy nothing feels right. My life is just terrible

i am my own person who makes my own moves. Why cant you just accept me for me why do you want me to be so perfect why cant you just let me be me let me grow up on my own MAKE MY OWN MISTAKES if i fall let me get back up and try again.

Nothing can make this feeling go away I'm
Just feeling out of place in my own life

I just need a long hug.

You were deserving of everything

Sometimes I just typed 3 same letters to test if my connection is working.

What city are you from?

I'm thinking NY ✈️ CA.

I have relatives there and I could use a fresh start.

Don't ever hold in what needs To be said.

It will come out sooner or later. You better say it when you're calm or it will come out in a fiery rage

Can I please turn back time? I beg anyone out there...

Can I please turn back time?

I wrote my dreams on here before and asked if they meant anything. One dream was, "It was all white and there was piano playing and angelic voices (music basically). I had called out to someone and then heard a "what" afterwards."
And yes, I know who that someone was. Turns out that same someone made a song, with the same sound in my dream and named the song "Dream." that someone released the song a year after I dreamed it. I feel crazy for saying this since I don't believe i... read more

I just want to feel better I'm empty right now

I'll never be good enough for anyone I give up