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Unrequited love is something I'm very use to. But it hits hard every single time. I really, really want him to feel the same, but he doesn't.

I love my bf with all my heart. He is an amazing guy and I want to show him my love and be supportive in every possible way.
He is in the middle of a divorce and he has 3 kids. 2 are his blood and the other that he claims but was already born before his soon to be ex wife got with him.
What pisses me off about this is he pays child support for all 3 kids and hardly ever gets the one that's not his blood.
I don't like kids and he gets them every other weekend. Everytime he get... read more

I can't believe I always let you manipulate my emotions. Ha! Not anymore suckaaaa.

I've been friends with him for 8 years, we have a history but he has a girlfriend. We don't live in the same city and the small amount of time that he came to my city to visit, we only hung out once. Okay, so he's not into me...? but we almost kissed when we said our goodbyes.

He never texted me after we hung out, not even to say "I'm leaving. I'll see you soon!" That tells me I'm not on his mind as much as he is in mine.

Watching him and his girlfriend be a perfectly compa... read more

Bring in love with someone is a dangerous state to be in. The pain, anxiety, and stress that comes with it love i don't believe it's worth. If I could go back in time I would never let you in.


Oh no text back? K... its fine, cool.

Sitting across from someone whom you still love from the bottom of your heart who used to love you in the same way but doesn't anymore has got to be one of the worst feelings

Why do I keep things that continuously hurt me over and over again.

Isn't it funny how black men call me a coon and bedwench for having a white boyfriend yet these same black guys rejected me because I wasn't light skinned or Latina? Double standards need to stop.

i have never cuddled

The truth about society is that absolutely nobody in life is trustworthy. Nobody is your friend. They just want attention and popularity. Some act so honest but really deep down all they care about is thereself.

So, finally someone has showed interest in me, but we're both too busy to actually forge any sort of meaningful relationship. I have done this before, but in the past few tries, I've just tried to grow up. I doubt my ability to stay connected with people even more, and I'm wondering if relationships are even worthwhile. I have so many emotional walls that if anyone were to see what was behind them I would be terrified, because my torn, distressed and shattered self image lies... read more

I wish more than anything that I could talk to a man about my lovelife...
I wish I could hear the man's perspective. The man I'm in love with is mysterious and incredibly difficult to interpret.
I wish I could show a guy friend all my texts, and get his advice about what to do.

I will kill ..........

Kill myself with my thoughts thinking about you

Know what? Idk even know why I post on this sh**y website. f*** this place. No kind person on here at all. Smdh. I'm done. With everything. Done with people, done with work, done with stress, done with myself. I'm done.

If only I could quit work and return to be with my love.

I really wish I meant something more to you.

Every being is a precious part of a cosmic whole

I spend every second of my free and busy time learning improving self developing and trying to make a brighter future happen, my bf instead spends juan free time playing video games and/or complaining things are sh**. I guess this is not working