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Don't f***ing answer my question with another question. It'snot that hard to answer a question.



I'm actually cold here in the apartment tonight. SOmeone must have turned on the air conditioning. Yikes. But also yay. This is definitely better than burning alive.

I'm a giant cat who can text/type. Goodnight.

I wish I could just have a crush on someone and get over it when they don't show any interest in me. But no-o it has to fester into some unhealthy, soul-crushing obsession that never ends.

depressed, broke, terminally ill and in pain. married to a sober alcoholic who refuses to admit to ever being am alcoholic.
he drove his truck head on into a tree one night ( swearing he was run off the road ) i told him 'dry out or i am out' and he he still takes me for granted, just tells his friends that i 'won't let him drink'.

we travel 3 weekends a year for business meetings that are held in various locations. i look forward to these weekends because in the o... read more

Do any of you ever wear anything from the Derek Zoolander line?

its been a whOLE YEAR after our break up and every single day i have thought about you????????????????????? i still love you but you don't know that because i cut myself off from you and told everybody that i hate you so you wouldn't find out what i really feel like and be vulnerable to you taking advantage of me again but thats ok lolololololololololol

Wake me up before you go go
Cuz I'm not planning on going solo

I miss all of them
Don't know what more i can say
I miss them so much

My ex broke up with me a while back and I took it really hard. I liked her a whole lot and I thought we had something really special. We just clicked you know? Then she started driving me away and eventually dumped me. I saw it coming a little bit but love is blind you know? The reason she gave for breaking up with me I thought could have been solved with a simple conversation, so I tucked away my feelings and thought I'd try again later. I thought she still had an interest i... read more

I feel nothing right now. Or today. I'm just plain. Or empty. Or something like that.

I cant believe how deeply and madly in love I am!! If only she felt the same way

Time to cry my anxious self to sleep

Before I start, I need to clarify that my long distance girlfriend and I share all of out security things -- passwords, codes, emails, ect. When we change stuff, we'll usually tell each other
Recently, we've been kind of.. not connecting?
We havent been talking much, and I've been fine with it since she's busy with school work and actual real life things

Anyway, today I tried to log into her facebook account -- there was a private roleplay on there that I wanted to continue,... read more

Onto the next ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What twisted f***ed up fate I have. I recently just found out that my husband is talking to my best friend's sister in law (now ex sister in law because she divorced her husband just recently too) and is talking to my husband. She left her husband just to talk to another person who is married?? I even looked at his texts which either he's dumb enough to leave it there or forgot about it and she's been asking him if he's going to leave me?? She even asks if he's going to take ... read more

So my internet friend showed signs of really liking me more then just a friend. I knew that I was not attracted to him, so a few months later I finally told him that. But he seemed to keep on trying to prove that he is attractive. Whenever I tried to bring it up he would try to ignore it and talk about something else. I can tell that he REALLY hates conflict, but still tries to make his point across passively. So I texted him that I am sorry for saying that and that it is oka... read more

Guys what do I do. I have a really good relationship with a friend and I like her a I love her. But she has a boyfriend :// but he's a boring piece of sh** and he doesn't love her like I do and I don't want to make things awkward between us but I think she just sees me as "the gay friend" so idek what to do

Im in a situation where i fell inlove with my bestfriend while im still in a relationship. I have a hard time weighing down who do i love more coz i cant leave my girlfriend. My bestfriend and i got into a fight yesterday coz she introduced me to this guy she is currently dating. Im jealous, and i dont know what to do.