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She knows better than to wear those expensive pantyhose around me because all im going to do is tear them to shreds. Right around that croutch area . That's where I make my rip.

Oh yeah I keep me a bad b****

You jive a** bastard. You thought you could run a hustle on me? Well, this old coon has been around the block one too many times for that. I ain't going for it. You know what else? I'm going to have to receipt you for it to.

y'all should go chuck my twitter a follow @whorifying thanks muttr for the free advertising

i need you to give me your time...but baby just remember i don't want you to be mine

i'm a girl & i might have a crush on some other girl. i'm not sure whether i genuinely like her or if I just find her pretty.. . ughhhh

I just love when I've waited a whole week to be with my boyfriend and he's more focused on his xbox then me and tonight when I wanted to make love after he promised we would late that night what does he do? lay in bed and watch videos before falling asleep but not before telling me things change and to get over it.... makes me wonder if he wants to be with me or not with the way he acts

It's been a while since I've done this and honestly I don't know where to start. I told myself I wasn't going to vent like this anymore but I feel like this is my last option. So i guess I should start at the beginning....
So Shelby got another boyfriend so I've once again walked away, but this time is different and not in a good way. Its been 35 days since i last talked to her or jayden and its been an emotional roller coaster ever since. I have my good days but the bad days... read more

ugh!!! I don't understand more than wiling yet he would rather masterbate? Never said no always willing to please?

If I ever have kids then I will never punish them for getting into fights. I don't care if the fights occur at school or in a parking lot. I want them to stand up for themselves at all costs. The last thing I would ever want is a cowardly pansy a** son. I see a lot of males like that and to me they're pathetic. Real men don't tolerate disrespect. Real men fight for their honor.

this site is my home, to all my fellow anonymous aquaintances yall are the sh**!!

seriously getting tired of boyfriend cheating on me with his girlfriend smh


comment what time it is and who's on your mind.

I'm sorry K.
I'm really and truly sorry. I know I wasn't the best guy God knows that's the truth. I'm sorry for all the times I snapped at you when the stress from classes got to be unbearable. I'm sorry I screamed at you when you interrupted my studying. I'm sorry for everything wrong I ever said to you. I know I can't take it back and I know that he's way better and way more than I'll ever amount to. I hope he treats you like the queen you deserve to be. I still remember ou... read more

im falling for you too hard, too fast,too soon and too much.

you have feelings for me? babe stop playing around and go do something constructive with your life xx

I'm such a b**** Im sorry😔. I wasted your time lead you on I'm really sorry I know how it feels to feel that way to be hurt like that. I feel guilty

If you allow you girl's life to be controlled by drug use, then you're not a good bf.

Great. We done fell off again
"Stop texting them first and watch you never talk to them again "