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My crush had to leave cause my mom had to go somewhere and now I am sad

He didn't need me. No one did. I was the tip top of the iceberg. And I was slow melting into the deep cold ocean. Only the polar bears would see me this way.

Riddle me this: if someone doesn't love you but they want you, do you stay?

They told me to stay away. You even told me to stay away. He will hurt you. That's what they told me. But what they didn't know, what you don't know, is that I'm barely here. My heart is as black as volcanic ash and it will just blow away with the wind. I can't be hurt and I can't be confined. I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

My boyfriend has got a new female friend with whom he shares several common interests. I hate her so much - her pictures also infuriate me and I just want her to die. I don't like how I feel that way like a horrible person but her thought itself brings out so much #anger and #hatred.

Oh f*** off. I'm tired of your sh**.

Would any of what I'm saying even matter? It's like I'm lonely and always have been lonely. I need intimate love in my life, because then what's the point of even living? God's made it a point to say that "it's not my time yet" but I feel like it is. And other people have felt like it is. So whenever I try for a relationship or even just a g**d*** cup of coffee with some female company, I never get it. At all. Believe me I would say if I had gotten a coffee with someone, but ... read more

If there's anything on your phone that you're so protective from your partner using your phone then you definitely don't f***ing deserve them in the first place

I don't watch porn, I don't talk to other girls in a way that would upset my partner, she can use it and look through my gallery, whatever. I don't care because bi have nothing to hide!!!

Some people are absolute pieces of sh**. I can't stand it.

Where are those big dick white girls at?

I'm fairly certain my internet boyfriend died. *Sarcasm*

I just want a guy that won't take advantage of me. I'm forgiving and empathetic and that's been taken advantage of. I'm selflessly giving and that has been taken advantage of. I see through flaws to acknowledge what good people have and that has been taken advantage of.
I just want utmost loyalty, honesty, compassion, commitment, tenderness, and a strong, undying love given to me from someone I feel the same about.
Is that sooo much to ask for?

I promise to not give in to my depression anymore. I don't want you to worry about me, and i don't want to stress you out.
Also, I'm sorry for that time i said i thought you were a creep i actually think your sweet and nice and apparently caring and i'm really sorry i thought that of you. You said things that i had been feeling or doing or thinking and i got scared you were closer to me than i thought so i lashed out.
Also im sorry i shared too much info. I'm lucky your not a... read more

I absolutely hate myself. Of course I hurt the love of my life when I finally open up and tell them how f***ed up my brain thinks. I'm at the point of killing myself now. After fighting for 6 years and every time I get happy it comes crashing down, I don't want to be here anymore. Just kill me at this point.

Well bee, that's it. After the sh** you just put me through im leaving your a**. Idk why I even tried trusting you after all the bulls*** you did to me all I'd be doing the whole time is lying to myself...

I'm slowly realizing that there is no good time to say something you know is going to ruin what's in front of you and damage it beyond repair.

I want my husband.

What am I supposed to do, when you keep calling me cute?
It's already difficult enough for me, being so f***ing in love with you. It's hard to get over you when you're randomly complimenting me so casually. But right now, your heart belongs to another and you're still broken inside from your break up --- I know you are.

I know you're upset tonight because you have her in your mind, I know you're jealous and she's the reason why. I know.

It's stupid of me to be chasing after... read more

can someone please love me. i'm not asking for much, come on, i will love you back. and cuddle you. pleeeeease.

I miss when I was hoeing. At least then I was never lonely. Ugh. No one sends me good morning texts anymore.

I miss you. When will you get serious about us?