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    Also, do not assume she loves you "underneath it all". You have no idea what's going on in another person's head and a person's actions are what's important and her's say, "I am not interested in you."

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    It sounds as if you two do not share the same values so your relationship will not work out.

    It doesn't matter what you do, if you two do not share the same values, then it just doesn't matter.

    You deserve better than that.

    Also, please take responsibility for your lost license. People don't lose their license because of someone else's behavior.

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    She's working full time and going to school??
    Not wanting to have sex after that isn't an "excuse".
    Compromise is important. If you want more affection from someone who's tired and working hard and is frustrated, you're going to need to give something too. Especially since you're not working and don't have a license or a car. You need to acknowledge the power imbalance here before demanding a change and expect to make some changes yourself

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    Communication is always important. If you're feeling all of this, the best thing is to talk to her about it. By talking to her, I mean, having a proper conversation & not letting her feel like she's doing things wrong but rather how much you love her & how these certain things have made you feel. I'm a girl in a relationship & I have experience similar to yours in the way that you may be feeling. I'm also sure the last thing you or her want is one another feeing bad so I hope the both of you can work things out. Best of luck!

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    I meant that i do anything i can for her not nothing.
    Also I thought about maybe showing her this, do you think thatd be a good idea or no?