I am here to talk about me and my girlfriends relationship. To put some background down first I am 23, live with my mom, in-between jobs, and working on getting my license back because someone f***ed me over and am a full time college student. She is 21, living with me and my mom, has a full time job and a part time college student.

So her problem with me is that i dont currently have a job, license, or car, even though i am working super hard on all those things and i know within the next 6 months ill be set on all that stuff. She just cant see that and is just so focused on the present and doesnt aknowledge my effort.

Which leads to my issues with her which is that she doesnt seem to aknowledge me, I always feel that our relationship is one sided because I always comfort her and tell her I love her and do nothing I can for her. I just dont see the same amount of effort and it really bugs me. Sometimes I need to be comforted too.. Like if I have some sh** go down, at first she seems to care by being surprised and like "oh realy??." but when it comes down to it, I dont get any words of comforting, no cuddling, no i love yous, and sometimes I really need it. She also rarely shows any sign of affection. And dont get me started on our sex life!! We are extremely compatible sexually, we are both super kinky and love it rough and we used to have sex quite often, but now I get it like once every other week if I get lucky!! Like f*** this sh** we are in our early 20s why arent we doing it anymore? She just says the excuse of being tired and then she works full time and we are both at school all day on her days off... So night time is our only chance.

Idk I love the f*** out of her and I know underneath she feels the same and just cant portray it. But if our relationship doesnt change I dont know how much longer I can last. Not to mention that shes living with me and breaking up with her now is gonna send her to her dads who lives 45 minutes away from her school and work and I just dont wanna do that to her along with breaking her heart..

Idk i just dont know how to tell her. Ive tried to hint toawrds a lot of the stuff, but when we talk about it she just never wants to make that change.