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    1. If you not in love with the person you're with, leave the relationship. Because that person deserves better. It's really that simple.

    2. Being in love with someone on the internet... oh gosh. yeah. ok. you do you. Do you even know if she feels the same? Has she said she likes you? People confuse platonic love and romantic love all the time.

    3. BIG FAT NO to basing your decision to end relationship with current partner ONLY if this crush likes you. So rude. Yes, that makes you a bad person.

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    I love how you are able to see the beauty in people, beyond stereotypical beauty ♥

    • Anonymous replied

      How do you feel about them staying in a relationship where they say they don't love their gf and are basically having an emotional affair... cheating... with someone else?

      Yeah, this person is no prize.

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    Yr hand?