Yesterday I was at my friend's prom night and there was this boy I liked for a year now.The entire night we would exchange looks or just brush when we passed each other.During one of the dances, I felt the space around me getting smaller and smaller so I went outside to get some air.While I was out on of my friend came outside to check if I was ok and he started telling me some story so he could distract me and while we were talking few people came outside to smoke,among them was my crush.he sat next to me and offered me a drink and I refused so he asked if I was sure and I said yes.After that, he took out cigarettes and offered me one as well and I refused again since I do no smoke.Everyone finished smoking and started to go back inside but he stayed until there was only him and me.He asked me if I was okay and why was I outside and I said there was a lot of people inside so I had to get some air.We were looking into each other eyes the entire time we have talked and the time we spent in silence we would steal glances ( the time we would look at each other it wold be longer than the usual look you give to other people).Now I know that all of that was because he smoked weed and drank quite a lot and I drank a little bit too that we have got the courage to do something like that, but that has to mean something right?I do not know how to act on Monday in school.I really want something more with him but I am a shy person and I just can not make the first move.