GUYS, how can you put a woman through 6 years of loving and hating u back in forth and u pulling her back in every time she leaves just to end it all for no good reason.

I have bought my man many things over the years, loaned money, been his personal taxi, mentally, physically and financially supported this guy for 6 years since i was a sophomore in highschool. I do nothing but support this man, encourage him to achieve his goals and ask nothing in return but time. Why does he not want me? I do everything for him and he still puts me on the back burner and puts his friends above me every day. Even on our 6 1/2 year anniversary, he comes home and picks fights just to leave again and I'm not understanding what i did wrong. All i want is his love and support. He doesn't have to put in as much effort as me.... i just want to see that he is trying. At least a little effort would help.