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    Boys didn't notice me till I was 18. Literally. It was like I was a boy, one of them and them BLAMMO I was a girl. I dated a bit and had fun but my first love was a jerk and I didn't meet and marry the best man ever till I was much older. Much much older. All my gf had boyfriends, were kissing and having sex too. I was the very last virgin. Till I was 19. And I wish I had waited because it was nothing more than mechanics. It wasn't great or good. I was disappointed.
    Good things take time.
    Meanwhile- kick a** in school. Relish the fact you don't have dress about being pregnant before schools out. Enjoy getting to do whatever you want to do.
    Don't dress like a boy. Wear fitted clothes, blouses, dresses and sandals- not hoochy just be pretty and feminine. Be happy. Make yourself the raddest girl out there. A creature unlike any other. So when you come across an interesting guy he will be super lucky you bothered to notice him. Someone out in the world is aching to meet you and wants to make you happy.

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    I feel your pain so much! I feel so similarly. It seems like such a small, simple request, to just experience a little love, and yet in reality it's so impossible to find. Something that might help you to know is that most studies suggest that around 1 in 3 people in the UK, over the age of 16, are single, so I think what you and I feel is more common than you might think. And even many people who are in relationships aren't happy, particularly married couples with divorce rates sky high. I know this won't dampen your yearning for love, cause I feel it too, but it might just lessen the feeling that you're missing out.