The person i might have feelings for is leaving for "a long time" now (maybe around 3 weeks, she'll be coming back sometime in april). i just feel really confused about whether i should tell her or not because i think she's straight and we're both girls and i'm bi and??????? i asked my friends what i should do and they say she tipped off their gaydar. i really want to trust their judgement on this, but i'm so scared i'll lose her anD IT'S CLICHE AND I MIGHT LOOK BACK AT MYSELF AND CALL MYSELF A SINGLE IDIOT honestly i'm not even sure that i like her that way i just love spending time with her
i met her this one summer day during a volleyball clinic and it started out so awkward? we never talked and i almost avoided her because she intimidated me a little, but after the school year started we just became friends so quickly. now that i look at it i actually got her into all our current common interests and she just went with it? i never let her get me into anything and i feel so weird because we're stuck in an awkward thing where we always look for where the other one is no matter what.
she makes me happy and i don't know if i want to ruin that by being the awkward f*** that i am and asking her if she likes anyone or is really straight or anything. it sucks. i can give relationship advice but i can't even go it alone with all my so-called wisdom about these kinds of things. she screws me over a lot. i've had girl crushes on my friends before and gotten into relationships but wow this girl who's 4 inches shorter than me and doesn't know what to do with her life besides play volleyball even though she knows there's almost no chance of her making it in the pro leagues screws me over so much. i want to be by her side through this crazy ride, but how can i do that when i can't stop thinking that i'll make a wrong move? i'm waiting for the perfect time to tell her, but she's leaving in 4 days and i feel like i might just need her away from me to sort my feelings out before i actually do something about them.