Me and my bf have been dating for awhile and we don't have any problems whatsoever but before I was dating him I had been single for such a long time I got used to having innocent crushes and flirtations. this guy who I had a huge crush on right before we started dating told me he was really attracted to me and always flirts with me and stuff even tho he has a gf too. for some reason I'm so much more attracted to him than my bf even tho I still love him just as much. I just assumed all his flirting was part of his personality but apparently not. he's now getting more forward saying things like "we should hook up" "i want to turn u on" "i want u so badly" stuff like that and even tho i want him too i can't say it back bc i feel too guilty. ik i should tell my bf bc this could be considered a form of cheating but it would crush him and he might break up with me. i'm not even trying to pursue a relationship with the other guy bc i know if he's like this with me while he isn't single than he'll most likely cheat on me later. but we're also going to the same place for sb next week and i know if i get drunk i'll try to hook up with him and he won't say no