So I'm 18 yrs old and Romanian at 18 everyone's married some of my friends even have baby's or got baby's on the way and I'm so happy at 16 15 everyone has licenses at 14 everyone had cars everyone has money and jobs but every job or money I have my family steals from me my family have ruined my engagements 3 times thay act like there 16 and thay are never a help I have no car and no money my relationship went down the drain cuz I have no job and she won't live with that which I don't blame her the only person I feel that's ever cared about me if my grand father and he passed away when I was 10 it's like I have no true friends or anyone who truely cares and I'm in a major depression and I just don't know what to do I've stopped listening to normal music or Christian music and now I'm just listening to Rock music so 18 no marrige no one cares for me no job no money and no car ohhh but I registered my dads car for him and I have to do arrans for everyone and get noting in return and I'm in my house at all times with 6 annoying kids and the worst grand parents ever and my ex found someone new and I have no friends to help and I'm just trapped in this house