I shouldn't feel hurt, but I am.
You weren't ever mine to begin with, just two people wanting to feel each other and not view each other.
I can only blame myself for letting you in again.
Yet, I told you how much it hurt and here we are.
Back on our bulls*** of not wanting to let go but it seems there is no hope for us at all.
I told you I liked you and it took you a week to reply, I mean I should be grateful I even got a response. But it hurt me more than anything.
I can't say this is love, it feels more like absence or being abandoned.
It happens a lot and I shouldn't be surprised, but I can't help what I feel inside.
You say you care but always give me the seen, but will this really be something you can redeem?
I don't know what to think other than "know your worth" but you're always the ones who comes to my mind first.

#decisions #abandoned