I'm in love with my best friends sister. I havent spent that much time around her but I've felt something every single time Ive been around her. Like butterflies in my stomach when she makes eye contact with me, being equally nervous and calm when she walks into the room. All that sappy sh** that people in love apparently write songs about and show us on TV and in the movies. But Ive never felt this way about anyone else. Its like I can feel the pheromones working anytime shes in my presence, like I can feel the part of my brain that says," Yea that one. Thats THE ONE!" I immediately want to be the best version of myself and provide for her when shes around, like some archaic, primal feeling that no other human being on this earth has mustered out of me before. I really want to tell her how I feel but I just cant and it kills me. I also dont think id be able to take the rejection. To feel like that about someone and the feelings not be reciprocated is torture.