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    Girl. Get your sh** together and leave his a**. He's obviously mentally abusing you and degrading you and you don't need no man to put you down. A man should encourage you and love you and respect you. But I don't know. Most of the time, young girls like you don't want to hear "leave his a**" because they think they can change him. But believe me, my aunt was in a mental and physical abusive relationship and he did the same things to her and now she doesn't even look the same. She looks sick, she's literally bald now, she has scars on her body and he even broke her nose and she was in that relationship for ten years to finally wake the f*** up. So all I can say is, if you think you can handle all that then go ahead because people need to experience things to finally understand and it took my aunt ten years to learn.

    • Anonymous replied

      Its hard to leave him though because im at the point that I love him and he is on my mind 24/7. I did message him telling him that its funny how he says he is ganna chance but he doesn't and he blamed it on school and said once he is done then he will prove it. So that is where Im at rn with that situation.

    • BlondeGirl replied

      also idk why it didn't say my name. sorry lol