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    Thank you all. It's just a little amazing. He was so adamant that he did not want an arranged marriage. He complained about how people treat him because he constantly tried to impress others yet could never seem to get their approval- so he said he wanted to be done with it. Well now he's running back to all of that. Suddenly it's so important to him that I was born the same as him even though we were together for a year and a half (which is a short time, but a bit of a long "short time"). I know I'll get over him, but when it came to breaking up with me- I thought it was something I could have improved upon myself for the next person that comes along, y'know? Well I can't change my birth. Nor can he, but he always had the option to defy it. I had the option to learn his culture. I learned much more about his culture, and in return, got pushed away. And if it was actually to do with a flaw of mine and not about tradition- then that would mean he lied to me.

    Overall, I find it pretty scummy.

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    You're going to miss him, and you're going to be feeling pretty sad for a while, but just keep in mind that when one door closes, another door opens. Something even better is going to come in the future, you just have to be patient.

    You'll get through this, if he wasn't willing to be with you because of his culture, then he clearly isn't the right person for you.

    Stay strong, you can do it.

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    Stop caring! Be apathetic! :D

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    You will find someone better. And if he thought his culture and ethnicity was more important, really he didn't love you as you deserved. Love should look beyond that...