Hi. Uh , I guess I'm Pretty young to be talking about "love" lol..But there was this boy who I was with and honestly he was the greatest boyfriend I've had. He always made me laugh & smile. I felt so comfortable around him (unlike the other boyfriends I used to have) he bought me anything I asked for. He did a big surprise for me on my birthday he didn't rush me into me intimate or anything. He was perfect for me. And you know, I thought our relationship was going perfect too. We had our fights of course, but every couple does. And they weren't serious enough to lead to a breakup or anything.. but anyway.. He cheated on me. And our break up happened like a month ago and I know I'm not gonna get over it that quickly I guess, but I still think about it and it still hurts me. Sometimes I wonder, was I doing something wrong? Was I not pretty enough for him. Was I doing something bad?Was I boring? Am I not good enough? Could I have done something better to make him stay?.. I know I'm young (not saying age but I'm older than 14) and I may not know what love really is , but all I know is he makes me happy. After all the pain he made me feel I can't help , but still miss him. And think about him & want him back. When I was with him I honestly felt so happy, you'd see a smile on my face every time, but now? I don't smile as much. And if I do it's forced.... I just really needed to get this off my chest guys..