Thing i wanna ask things i wanna do

when i look at you can i tell you how perfect you are
before you say something every time can i say i love you
when we watch a movie will you let me hold your hand cause i really want that
when we walk near beach will you let me hold your hand and can i kiss it
every time
i really wanna sing a song that i made own my own
every lyric of this song is i love you
cause i wanna say these magical words to you all the time
will you let me hug you when we are shopping cause i wanna hug you a lot
if i wanna dance with you at some street all of sudden will you dance with me
when the sun is harsh will you let me block the sun using my hand over your face
cause i wanna save you from the harsh sun
i wonder if you like chocolate usually i never share cause i love chocolate but
i love you more so i wanna share with you chocolate
when you walk towards me why do i wish every time that you hug me
tell me
when you say something why do i wish every time that you say i love you

written by M