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Been heartbroken so many times by the ones I put so much effort into. Giving more than I have, and loving them unconditionally only to have them... Just wake up one morning and decide to change their ways? That pain in your heart that you feel. It hurts like no other pain but as much as it hurts, you long for it. Just to remind yourself that you still care for them. That no matter what they do or say, you will always be there for them because you know they love you too. Even ... read more

I f***ING HATE BEING SINGLE! Girls tell me I'm pretty but guys don't even notice me! f*** my life I will be alone forever.


I'm so depressed right now. I really wouldn't mind if I died right now. The last 2 days have been the worst in my whole life. Last night I ended up cutting myself for the first time, and today, my girlfriend broke up with me...and the worst part about this is that i have nobody to really vent to because my girlfriend was my best friend... :\

My views on love and relationships have been ruined because of you. I am so scared to care too much about a person because i know first hand that the ones you love most can turn around and hurt you the worst. I don't understand girls who have lots of boyfriends. The pain of losing them and the pain of being betrayed and toyed with is far deeper than any joy i felt during the relationship. So no, i do not think young relationships are worth it. They say that high schoolers ... read more

have you ever been with someone for a long period of time and them screw you over and go behind your back every couple months? i love her so much after three years of dating but honestly i deserve someone as compassionate about me as i am about them being halfway through college and getting ready to start my military career i pray you either figure your sh!t out or someone else really makes me forget about you forever.

I've been searching for you since I knew what love was. I don't know you are.. I don't know your name or what you look like. I just know I'm supposed to be with you. I have this place in my heart waiting for you to occupy. I have this hole I need you to fill and mend. I feel like I already know who you are sometimes, but I get discouraged, I see who you are and what you want, the life you live, and I fear trying to get close to you. I don't want you to hurt me, for fear of pu... read more

I had a feeling that I liked this kid that liked me but my friend would always flirt with him. Sometimes he would flirt back and that would make me not want to flirt with him and be more mad. Now that I told everyone I don't like him when I actually do he starts liking my friend and they're going further. All i wanna do is let my anger out somehow

I never would have told you that I had feelings for you. But then you found out and it just made things awkward. You thought you were leading me on and I couldn't talk to you as a friend anymore, which was all i ever wanted. Now we're solid but we have this dumb marriage joke.
Please, don't let me fall any harder for you. I'm never going to act on anything I feel, so the extra bit might as well just go away, right? It's screwing with my head, especially since I'm leaving th... read more

i'm sorry but the fact is that i don't want to be with anyone romantically anymore. i just want deep, platonic friendship and occasional meaningless sex. unfortunately, now that i've seen what happens when we even broach that particular topic, the likelihood of my ever being able to escape is... slim.

i think its really over this time...

I love my boyfriend very much, we've been together about 5 months, don't get me wrong, he has always done everything for me, helped out with the family, and they love him, which is very important to, he's kind and understanding, and he gives me my space when needed, but my boyfriend has a past- he's an ex-cocaine addict, has a felony, has been to prison, and a jail a few times. He has went threw all the recovery steps of rehab, a couple times, he relapsed twice, and has been ... read more

when I fell for her:
Days I go without her makes me go crazy. Lets get started since sixth grade, I fell in love with her; she who was in eighth was sitting alone on the bus. I was being a smart butt and tried making her smile, it worked and we've been friends ever since then. Fast forward to now I'm a sophomore now, she who is a senior just had a bad breakup I was there for her, always. I've always loved her, ive asked; ive even told her how much love I felt for her. She ju... read more

Had a dream about my ex again... I dont even know if I can call him my ex really. I never felt like we were dating and apparently to him we were dating or at least just going on dates.. either way I dont think he ever actually liked me. Never texted me, I only felt like we were a couple when we were together on group dates, etc. Pretty much I really regret dating him because now he doesn't even talk to me even though he's the one who wanted to stay friends, I did too, and sug... read more

I'm so tired ... My husband is a mo life loser aways running aways when time are tough aways wanttong the easy way out of everything!!! Never understand how I feels and how hard u had work for him!!! All he care about is himself and only himself!!!! I'm so f***ing piss at him !!' How the f*** are u going to tell me your horoscope say it time for u to move then u decide to move back to New York to find a job when u could find one here !!! But no it because u f***ing say that L... read more

Okay so, I go to the gym, I climb, I bike and I swim just to have a good body for you women. I spend a fortune on fashionable clothes and hairstyles to look good for you women. I keep up to date on celebrity and other such gossip so I can relate to you and be an interesting guy. So, you know, its fine when you would rather talk to the barman than me and go home with him. I don't put all this time and effort to be the man women want to just be cast aside for someone lesser tha... read more

Every day I want my wife to leave me, so I'm not the bad guy.

I hate my boyfriend. I made time in my schedule to watch kids backstage or him, and then he goes out to eat with his friends. He didn't invite me. He just said to stay here. I f***ing hate him.

To N.M.R.

There's a girl. We used to date.. We were friends at first, then we kissed.. then we had relations even though I had a feeling it would turn out bad and she would grow attached and I was "too young to settle down". She's just.. wonderful. And it's not like wow, she's just beautiful. It was the fact she was so kind, hilarious, made me feel like a million bucks, she watched me play games, and played with me, her guinea pig laugh would make me smile and ju... read more

Why do my male friends ASSUME that I should because they are "good guys" or that I "friend zoned" them? Sorry for not being attracted to you? Sorry I don't date men in general? Sorry you assumed you were obligated to date me? Sorry you were only nice to me to get in my pants? Sorry you call me stupid for not liking you? Sorry I don't want to date a manipulative man?
Sorry for being a female friend? Sorry for being female?