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I'm just sick of it all I'm just gonna walk away there isn't anything here to fight for the damage is don't i will be fine if I never speak to you again I don't even want to see you anymore leave me alone and I'm gonna do the same ( I'm the guy)

Muchos Gracias
- i don't speak Spanish but whatever

I've been with my girlfriend for about six months and she has a 2 year old who I've grown to love as if he is my own. I also love her. More than I have anyone for a long time. We tried dating once before and she broke up with me then soon after got back with her ex. We got back together and we've been very happy. The problem is, I feel like some times it's like it's like it wouldn't matter if I was there or not. On top of that I've been having these bad thoughts that her ex i... read more

i have a crush on this guy at my school and i think that he likes me too. i always catch him starring at me, but he dates a lot of people so is hard to see if he likes me. all of my friends hate hiim and call him names, so i didnt tell them and i pretend i dont like him. I've liked him for 3 yrs now and he always does something to get my attention, but the next day he completely ignores me. i don't really talk 2 him at all. i would ask him out, but it would be super awkward c... read more

My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. He cheated on me once in the past, and I'm still terrified that he'll do it again. I hardly even feel comfortable enough to go out with friends for an evening or go on a weekend trip because I feel like he'll cheat on me again with one of the many girls he talks to. Whenever I am at work or gone for a day or longer, it always seems like he finds a replacement. He starts talking to another girl and gets really close to he... read more

If you're not going to be consistent with our conversation don't contact me at all...I care about you so much yet I feel as if i'm just some girl you talk to. seriously i'm done caring.

Ok, I've wanted to get this off my chest for a while, even if to a bunch of strangers who make no difference, but I have a huge crush on this girl at my school, but I'm socially awkward, and even if I asked her out and she said yes, I'd have no clue what to do from there. Here come my pointless reasons that I can probably somehow overcome but don't know how to really. I don't know her very well and don't talk to her much, when I do it doesn't seem that she feels anything at... read more

Met this great guy a while ago and honestly haven't felt anything like this in a really long time. The last relationship I had went on for several years, but we ended up calling things off because neither of us were happy. With this new guy he is a dream come true and vice versa with him. I haven't smiled or been this happy and even my friends have noticed. But we're opposites when it comes to love so it seems. He's told me he's feels something is here, but isn't sure if it's... read more

When we want advice we already know the answer but want a different one.

My girlfriend is 19 and gets turned on by shotacon. I don't know if that means she is a Pedro or what.

So, I just followed my crush on Tumblr after 3 and a half years of just silently admiring her.

Sadly, this is the closest I'll ever be to her. No, really, she lives in another country.

I need help. So my boyfriend broke up with me about three weeks ago. I want to try to move on and be friends with him because our families interact with each other a lot and I just don't want it to be awkward when we run into each other. But, I can't talk to him because of his mother who won't let her family talk to anyone in my family. My dad got really upset about this because she went off on him for telling my now exboyfriend that he should talk to me so everyone can move ... read more

The prince and the poor girl; an auto Biography

You really think my dad is the one hurting me by getting involved? He is trying to help me. YOU are the one hurting me by keeping me away from him. This is some kind of messed up Romeo and Juliet. -.-

I Have No Idea What To Do.!!! I have been with him 5 years and we have a 2 year old daughter. Some part wants to walk away and another part wants to stay. We argue all the time over stupid things. He has anger issues. And my main problem is his mom.!!! She didn't like me when we first got together I didn't really care so we stayed together and 3 years passed I got pregnant and she hated it and a couple months later she became pregnant and told me she did it on purpose so she ... read more

I've got myself into a mess of trying to be friends with someone that I once loved. Right now it is a sh** show because I don't think that I can do just friends but I don't want her out of my life as and I can't try to be with her anymore. I just don't know where to save things or cut things off at! We communicate better than we did when we were together and it doesn't seem like a regular friendship. She compares me to her current bf and always talks about how we were better.... read more

I've become really good friends with this guy in my class throughout this year, and I think I'm starting to like him. Sometimes I think he's flirting, but I really don't know how to tell if he likes me or not. For example, he'll tickle me or just look into my eyes and smile. Advice on what I should do?

I wanna say "I love you [romantically]" to someone, but I can't imagine anyone I'd say that too.
There is one guy who's shown interest in me, but I've made it clear to him that I'm not interested.
There's another guy who I'm friends with, and people usually ask if we're siblings or a couple (so awkward), but geez, we're friends. I don't feel anything for him (and unbeknownst to most, he's a bisexual who leans on being gay.)
There's another guy who seemed to recip... read more

Hes all i think about. Its like im trapped. I cant stop. Its like a burden. i cant explain it to anybody. Im finally happy but theres one problem, i feel like somethings missing... him. i ruined everything. I made a mistake. Nobody f***ing understands. All i wanna do is yell at him. I wanna hit him i want him to experience what hes puting me through. The hurt that i feel the stab in the heart i feel when he walks by the anger i feel that i dont even f***ing know what i did w... read more

Ok. So im going to my crushes barmitzvah soon and idk what to wear. This girl he used to date (a year younger then him) is wearing this black, mini, tight peplum dress with an open back and pumps. SHES 11 or 12!!!! Im 13 and i have one dress so far (nudeish pink and black horizontal stripes with these wide leather straps (not an open back and not too short) ). Am i playing it too safe?????? I dont want to look like a prostitute