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I called you in the morning like you asked. I had stuff to talk about, not my fault you have nothing to say. Don't get mad at me because I'm asking you sh** to at least get you to talk. f*** off. I just won't call you then.

Okay so i was with this guy for a year and a half, but a 6 month split inbetween. i always promised myself that i wouldnt get too attached but its hard when u sleep at his house and interact with his family and make them your own. now we broken up again and for some reason he acts like he dont care about me and im lone and in love. i dont know what to do. 4 months now i have felt like this and he just throws himself at other girls and yet im struggling to even want a boyfrien... read more

Yes. The category is love. It's been such a short amount of time, but hes just so amazing, it makes my heart pound straight out of my chest. I wish he could see how perfect he is to me. I know he isn't, and he's made a lot of mistakes; but I have too. And he doesn't care. I don't know what I'd do if he wanted someone else.

Thats why I'm so glad he wants me.

On 05/05/10 I posted muttr_com/love/1021, about meeting for the first time in two years with my long-distance lover. I just returned from the three week trip, and It Was Perfect! Even better than I imagined. For both of us, was the best time of our life. She was gorgeous, a beautiful compliment to my being. We couldn't get enough of each other.

Back home now. At times, feeling really sad that we're not together in this moment. Trying to balance out. We're planning... read more

why does it have to be so hard? =(

no matter how many times we part ways, you know that you will always love me, and that it may take a few month or maybe a year or two, but you know that you always end up waltzing your way back into my life. that my friend should tell you something. whoever your with no matter what deep down you know i'm the one and you cant fight it. thats why your not happy with her. Even if you tell yourself other wise. stop fighting it and accept the fact that you will end up with me once... read more

ehh i was dating this guy like 4 months ago.. he broke it off cuz the ex he was supposedly over he still wanted to be with.. she just messaged me cuz he has been lieing and saying nothing happen between us.. i told her the whole truth :( at least ill die a martyr i guess

Love shouldnt feel like this, this is not how its suppose to feel like... what happened to the warm feeling, that faded away as you fell in love, with a person who will never love you how i do.

Sorry I don't want to be with someone who will get older quicker than me.

yeah i would but that would awkward cos you have a boyfriend ... remember him?

oh my god, i don't know why the f*** i'm so worked up about this but it just eats me alive inside. i hate her i really do she dates the love of my life she talks about me i wish that f***ing whore would die. she needs 2 just go jump off a bridge or hang herself NO ONE LIKES HER god all i can do is repeat how much i f***ing hate her please god i'm begging to you kill her strike her dead write now just kill her and my life would be 100 times better

i miss you baby. i wish i could see you and be with you, hug you kiss you. and just do everything with you. i want you baby i need you know. i just want to kiss you all over and have my way with you. those days long gone.....

Your 4 years older than me and I trust you, but should I? Are you going to use me and then leave me? I'm so confused I don't know what to dooo anymore.

You're my best friend, but you're such a player. You only go after idiotic whores and it makes me so angry. You even say how similar we are, how could you not see how perfect we would be together? We talk nonstop and I love being with you. I don't know what to do, but I can't keep doing this.

You hurt me so bad last year but now that we just started talking again, it kills me to say that I'm falling for you. I know we can't ever be together after everything you've done the past few months but it's so hard to ignore my feelings. I wish you weren't such a flirt.

I really like this guy. Yesterday, he confessed he liked me a lot, too. But...he also said there was this other girl, too, and he didn't want to hurt anyone. He's hurting me. Right now. He keeps asking me questions about her. He talks to her more than me. I keep beating myself up over him. I'm just not good enough for him. I have extremely low self esteem. And this is just bringing it to as low as it can go. Why? The other girl he a SLUT. She goes out, gets pregnan... read more

i keep saying to myself: 'im not into him, i dont like him'. truth is, its a lie, im just scared he doesnt feel the same

You make me soo happy.. I just wish you would be more serious sometimesss

im so confused. theres this guy i like alot and i think he might like me back too but im not sure, i always catch him looking at me and sometimes when we talk, we kinda lean in unthinkingly and then catch each others eyes and its kinda awkward. i kept trying to make conversation with him and everytime i did my 'friend' who i know used to like him kept giving me evils and then when he spoke to me she interuppted as if to say:'theres no chance im leaving you to talk to her, it ... read more

Anybody know why our hearts race when we talk to someone we're infatuated with?