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I miss you more than a lung. There's nothing I want more right now than to be home with you. I feel like I'm going insane waiting, what have you done to me? I wasn't pathetic like this before I fell in love with you...

I just really want my boyfriend to grow a pair and finally be the man I know he could be.

WHY DO GUYS ONLY WANT TO SLEEP WITH ME OR FOOL AROUND AND NOT GET TO KNOW ME!!?? I don't give off the impression of a s***; i'm educated, dress nice, and rarely ever mention anything sexually related. But every first date seems to go the same.f***ing.way ...we talk for a while, and then he tries to get physical with me. WHY WHY WHY. the actions are never reciprocated or initiated by me. I DON'T f***ING GET IT.

I don't care if you don't like me anymore. I mean of course i will, but i cant control that.
I just want to know why i wasnt good enough for you anymore.

I'm not trying to brag or anything, but i get called pretty, hot, beautiful, every single day. Today, someone told me that i was the nicest and funniest person she had ever met. That meant so much more to me than being called attractive, you will never know.

I have a super close guy friend and finally told him how I felt. I didn't wanna mess up our friendship and spoil his relationship which he just recently got into but I feel better now that we've had the chance to talk but I still feel a little awkwardness between that may just be me knowing he knows how I felt but I don't know how he feels... =/

omfg. I have so many chick boners from just talking or thinking about making out with my boyfriend. They're worse when I actually am making out with him. Dang. It's terrible.

All i ever wanted was to see you but no you decided to go with him, wtf do you even see in that douche!! :'(

I'm not your cleaning lady, I'm your f***ing boyfriend.

You always tell me to open up and communicate with you yet when I do so you do nothing but criticize me and then cover it up with something nice. Don't ask me to talk or open up to you when you're just going to be an a**h*** about it. If you could see into my mind when you talk to me like that you would see my mind giving you the middle finger!

I'm not a puppet. You're not going to control me. No matter what my feelings for you are, i'm not going to disrespect myself by coming back to you after every time you play me. you got it? this is your last chance.

okay, maybe second to last.

have never liked someone soo much and would do anything for you.. When we would kiss it was amazinnnnng I can still feel it. Look what happens you f***in use me and then never speak to me again. f***ing a**h*** I cannot believe it. Why the f*** did I get myself into this now im torn

how could i fall for someone as strange as you. It isn't right you and i are so different and yet you don't notice me anyway. Its so hard.

if i find someone better that is more compatible with me, ill leave you. why should i tough out this relationship if i can find someone better? i still have 60 yrs ahead of me, tell me where it says i have to stay with you.

ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs ffs

is lucky enough to feel the same passion today in each kiss as we did that first night against the wall in the club....

aaahhhhughhh why do guys have to be so dramatic?

I MISS YOU! Now if only I could muscle up the courage to tell you directly. =/

I. Want. To. Have. Sex. With. You. So. Bad. O_O

Okay so there's this girl, we have been friends since august 2010 and that's all we've ever been! nothing more! then just last friday, we were at a friends house, and we got so comfortable with eachother! we were cuddling next to eachother, and hugging, then out of the blue, We kissed. it felt fantastic to kiss her! and I loved it! She was saying how she wanted to be my girlfriend, but I was explaining how it would ruin our relationship if we were to break up. then I went ove... read more