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Why do I keep things that continuously hurt me over and over again.

Isn't it funny how black men call me a coon and bedwench for having a white boyfriend yet these same black guys rejected me because I wasn't light skinned or Latina? Double standards need to stop.

i have never cuddled

The truth about society is that absolutely nobody in life is trustworthy. Nobody is your friend. They just want attention and popularity. Some act so honest but really deep down all they care about is thereself.

So, finally someone has showed interest in me, but we're both too busy to actually forge any sort of meaningful relationship. I have done this before, but in the past few tries, I've just tried to grow up. I doubt my ability to stay connected with people even more, and I'm wondering if relationships are even worthwhile. I have so many emotional walls that if anyone were to see what was behind them I would be terrified, because my torn, distressed and shattered self image lies... read more

I wish more than anything that I could talk to a man about my lovelife...
I wish I could hear the man's perspective. The man I'm in love with is mysterious and incredibly difficult to interpret.
I wish I could show a guy friend all my texts, and get his advice about what to do.

I will kill ..........

Kill myself with my thoughts thinking about you

Know what? Idk even know why I post on this sh**y website. f*** this place. No kind person on here at all. Smdh. I'm done. With everything. Done with people, done with work, done with stress, done with myself. I'm done.

If only I could quit work and return to be with my love.

I really wish I meant something more to you.

Every being is a precious part of a cosmic whole

I spend every second of my free and busy time learning improving self developing and trying to make a brighter future happen, my bf instead spends juan free time playing video games and/or complaining things are sh**. I guess this is not working

My boyfriend got the heads of fish that were being killed for a local festival tonight, so he can use them to fish. He brought home 30 kilos of dead fish heads. He said "I'll put in in our (ultra small) fridge!" although I said no, because where does the other stuff go?

I left and came back to find my food (considered garbage becuase it's veggies) out on the staircase and 3 huge bags of head fish in the fish. Unfortunately, one of the bags leaked and half of he kitchen pavem... read more

I've loved you since I was 16. It has been 12 long years. When will you love me back?

So I know this is just going to get buried under other situations and whatnot but I'm still gonna say it. I'm a high school senior. I'm going to one of the games tonight, but every time I go to one I get this overwhelming feeling of depression and sadness. I see those guys walking with their girls and having amazing times and laying out on blankets watching the game or maybe the stars etc. I've NEVER known what it feels like to have a girl be with me for me. I've never had a ... read more

Major life decision:
This man I have loved for five years, and been good friends with, asked me to move in with him. He lives four states away.
We have had a strange relationship for a year that began in lust, but over the course of the year turned into serious "I love you"s.
He said it to me, I said it to him.
Now, he has been a player with girls in the past, but I am hoping that he wouldn't play his best friend of five years.
The thing is, and I think it's f***ed up, he bas... read more

why do I love a monster

when your ex starts venting and talking about 'the horrible thing you did' without even telling you what it was??? how tf am i supposed to make things right if you don't tell me

Given that a label can't define the whole being ask yourself this question
Who am i

I like pizza and food.