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I came so hard last night.

Your birthday it is. I have a present for you.
*offers 🎁

Boys should never hit their girlfriends. So why do I still love him? One hit is one too many, and he treated me like trash the entire last month of our relationship, so I broke it off. Kinda sad, 2-3 years of best friendship and then 10 months of dating down the toilet. -_- I hope I never see him again, no matter how much I care about him.

LIttle blue football

I literally can get any girl I want.
Its not even a challenge for me to have a 5 star blonde eating out of my hand after only 20 minutes of conversation.

I have an unhealthy obsession with him. I fantasize that he is still mine I think of him daily. Just being around his scent and him drives me crazy. I never felt so driven before to make him mine. I left my earrings at his place so if another girl is there she will see that he is mine.I want to leave hickies and marks to show everyone not to touch. I want to be his center of attention I want to touch him I want him to beg and yearn for me. I blank out when I think of him a vo... read more

Do you remember when you set your hair on fire?

I'm such a lost little girl I just want to be loved
I have nothing else to offer than just looks
I want to strip because I want attention
Idk anymore

I'm still so bummed... It's been a week since I heard from him.

I just wish I knew if we was okay! Is he mad at me? Did I do something? Did I come on too strong again? Has he been deported? Is he hurt? Is he dead? Is there a major problem in his life? I don't know... I just wish he'd tell me.


I want to scream EVERYONE JUST LEAVE ME ALONEEEE I'm dying 😔

My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for almost a year now and i've been looking for a job to make money to see him. We're both trying really hard. I live in France, he lives in Texas. I just need about 400 euros so i don't need a really well paying job. But lately he's been feeling really down and earlier he told me he's afraid if i get a job, i'll meet a guy closer to me and leave him. How can i help him believe I won't ? i'm really just trying to ma... read more

i know u said that u only like me as a friend but im still in love with you and i dont know how to make it stop

Is it him I really want or the idea of him 🤔

I would give in and text you but deep down I know I shouldn't mixed with a little bit of pride. Even though I'm hurting so bad

You sometimes can't listen to your heart. Your heart is pure emotion and you how good emotional responses are.....

I read all the comments from my previous posts and in my mind I know everyone's right ...he's an unappreciative scumbag and I deserve someone better who will love me who will put me above all no lies and no secrets ...and I know that .
But my heart doesn't understand it still wonders how you could hurt me that bad , why you could look me in my eyes and lie.
My heart still aches and pain is beyond anything belief .

So grateful for my supportive amazing husband. He's amazing with our baby girl. It's hard for me that I have ppd and ppp. Thankful I have supportive family.

Just wish you could just text me please I need you I know I messed up I'm sorry

You didn't even fight for me you just let me leave 😔.

My boyfriend puts his hands on me and treats me and my kid like sh** I need help I want to get out of this situation I'm scared