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I have a crush on one of my friends. But they're dating someone and I kinda helped them get together. In my opinion i think she's want to be with this guy just for the chase of it. And they're all lovey-dovey now it's gross or do I find it gross because I'm jealous I don't now. And I hate myself for letting it happen and how it happened. He's a virgin and she's not. He is more conservative than she is and I hate the fact that she's turning into a completely different person f... read more

y'know, you're pretty delightful darling:)

The one person that I can always count on when I'm upset to make me feel better is the one person I can't talk to right now because he broke up with me today and now I don't have anyone to talk to and I can't sleep and I really miss him

That feel when not even your tarot cards like the guy...

#WatchOutForADecietfulMale #Tarot #DidntITellYouIWasCrazy?

how ironic to post hate in the love column. i love you but i hate her. i f***ing hate her with my entire being. i hate that you still have feelings for her. i hate that she wants you back. i hate that you and i are currently broken up or on a break or whatever the f*** is happening. i hate that today would have been you guys's 2 year. i hate that you hung out with her today. i hate that i cant talk to you right now and i hate all of the thoughts in my head. thinking about wha... read more

OKAY so i've had a crush on this guy since like November (BTW I'm a boy too) and like... we're friends but like... it's weird because we both act super awkward around each other until he breaks the ice (one of the things I like about him) and he does it awkwardly. Usually awkward gestures, like we were both getting hand sanitizer and he wiped it on my elbow. And this other time he sang the whole passing period between 5th and 6th, then he said "See ya tomorrow rock star." Can... read more

I can't help but ask "Is it bad that I'm thirteen and I just got my first ever crush on a boy that I talked to about fighting depression?" #If it is I don't care

i think i love a girl but she already likes guy and she keeps talking to me about and i want to help but its hard to give good advice. I just want her to be happy and i know she is bi but im afraid to tell her i like her when she keeps rambling on about some dude she met on skype #imdoomed #loveishorrid

Well. I THOUGHT that date went well. But I just wasn't feelin' him. You feel me? So I told him so and he told me to go join farmer's only. Pretty bummed.

#Dodgedabullet #Date

If you really cared you would say something least you know I'm not using you for your new found money that's why I stay away

I just want to kiss you and make love to you right now everything would feel so much better but I can't have you I have to stay strong and move on

I wonder have you wondered to yourself why I haven't texted you and I wonder do you secretly want to talk to me and do I cross your mind

Me want some's shroom but me precious will possess none currency's 2 place le order to fine sketch-like drugger exchangee

F U..........................

f*** prom! f*** all the people there! f*** the building, f*** the food, f*** every single thing about it!! f***ing b****! Lied to me told me you'd meet me there but no you f***ing lied and got your f***ing friends to troll me!! f*** YOU!! f***ing c***b****!! I'm not even going to try anymore. I'm done. I'm just gonna stay home.

I don't know what to believe anymore. I used to think that this guy cared about me as much as i did for him- but i really truly don't know anymore. It seems like he is talking to me less and less; and is slowly pushing me away; or maybe he is busy? Idk anymore i just need help; because ive really (sincerely) truly fallen for him and i dont even know if he feels the same way anymore (or ever did). I just wish i knew; especially since we're going to prom together (i asked him).... read more

Being poly f***ing sucks. Until I see the other woman's face, and sometimes even then, all I can think is she's a pathetic excuse for a human being. I have anxiety too, damn it and I still go to the f***ing grocery store! Stupid b****, you're the one with car and I can't physically drive yours, so you're going to have to get off your WoW playing a** and DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN b****! It's my date night and she f***ing ruined by coming home and bitching again! I hate this! And... read more

My boyfriend is way too good for a creature like me.
I've never met someone so genuinely sweet before.
When he was crushing on me, I told him about this game I really liked, so he bought it and played it so he would be able to talk to me about it.
Another time, I was over his house and had a panic attack because he did something that reminded me of when I was fondled as a child. He stopped what he was doing, and tried really hard to help me calm down. When I was calm enough, ... read more

this girl really needs help. look at two below this. i dont have much advice because i struggle on my own

I am going to let someone back in. Kind of. Even though this is technically lurking as they never had my consent. But if it inspires them creativley or whatever. Go ahead. I dont know what they want with my info. Perhaps a writer on the side or something? I dont know and im not going to judge.
Idk if this is in the right category either