The youth group at my church does fun events sometimes, so we're doing a tacky 80s prom thing next week. My one friend came up to me and asked if I was "bringing a date" (which nobody really is I don't think cause we're all just gonna be there anyway and eating food and looking funny) to which I responded, "Yeah, myself". Then, he added, "You know who I think you should take?" I was worried he was trying to imply something, but I went ahead to see where this was going and responded, "Who?"

Then he said the name of our mutual best friend (who the two of them are closer I think because they've known each other their whole lives and honestly they should take each other to real prom seriously)
But I was just laughing and went, "Why?" Apparently, he and another of our friends are shipping me and the mutual best friend and "Have been waiting forever for it to happen".

Pretty sure by now this makes.. at least six of our friends (I know of) that ship us? And like.. several adults.. and my brother.. jeezz we don't even really do stuff like hug or anything that could have fuelled this oh my heck