Honestly I'm really f***ing pissed off right now, I'm the type not to act like something annoys me, but I swear to f***ing God! I'm in Highschool and one of my friends got pregnant, she pulled a 'prank' on her ex-boyfriend that he was the father when he wasn't (And I naively followed through with it and deeply apologized afterwards) Her ex says she's a crazy b**** and I'm beginning to agree with him and I honestly want nothing to do with that kind of crowd, but what really f***ing annoys me besides all my friends squealing about baby showers (She doesn't go to school anymore, got her GED) Is that one of them told me she stalked her ex boyfriend without f***ing mentioning at first that SOMEONE else told him this someone he 'trust', that's how you f***ing spread rumors you dumb a**! You're lucky I'm too nice to interrogate the situation and that her ex confirmed she didn't stalk him. I f***ing hate people spreading g**d*** rumors, it's the sleaziest sh** I swear! My family gossips all the time and my dad likes to exaggerate, hence why rumors annoy the sh** out of me!