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THE THOUGHT OF GOD MAKES ME SICK. i hate hearing that i should pray every night and that all the unexplained stuff that happens is gods miracle or gift to us. its all bowl sh**. every time i hear about this stuff i literally throw up in my mouth. i mean why should i believe something that cant be proven whatsoever. god is fake get over it already!

What's so special about Christmas anyways... Jesus wasen't born at this time, Maria just got pregnant with him at this time...

I don't understand why we should spend loads of cash on buying gifts to each other and all that stuff...
I h8 the food we have, and I h8 having to wait for opening the presents (here in Norway we open the presents on the 24th, not the 25th xD) I h8 all the christmas music, and all the christmas TV shows...

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I hate christmas so much being forced to sit round a table with people I physically cannot bare to be in the same room as. Hate it so much. Never far enough away I breath a sigh of relief and there it is again- stupid day.

This is something new I'm going to try just to see if actually talking about this problem and hopefully getting advice helps me.I'm truly not afraid to admit it. You don't have to tell me I know that if jealousy had a face it would be mine, but is it really so wrong of me to have jealousy or insecurity issues after everything we've been through.When I do get jealous it's not that I'm trying to be, I can't help it I often find myself comparing myself to other people that I thi... read more

i did something ,o boy , wat will be the consequences...

The muttr staff guy removed my last muttr :(

I was testing the text limit, and there is one... :(

email me already!!oh c'mon you have to plz!

I'm a disaster. Something went really, really wrong when I was being created. I wish I could be erased like a mistake made in pencil, and everyone else could forget this massive failure ever took place.

I'm lonesome and she's spectacular, but she needs me to drive her to work. If I ask her out and she turns me down, she'll be too creeped out to see me again. So to keep helping her, I have to keep my mouth shut.

I'm feeling somewhat cheerful!Happy Holidays to everyone out there!!!

The idiotic woman who swatted at the school board shooter's gun should have gotten shot. She had a chance to leave, lay hold of a real weapon, and neutralize the threat. Instead she halfheartedly swats him with a purse, and then looks shocked when it doesn't deter him! And this woman is responsible for educating our children. Too stupid to draw breath.

Why the hell isn't weed legal?

I have a friend who thinks its ok to groupe me whenever he feels like it. I dont think this is acceptable and i dont know how to get it to stop. I told him i was uncomfortable and didnt want it but it hasnt helped. Now i dont wanna be around him at all which sucks because we are great friends i just cant handle it anymore. Oh yea the best part is he is MARRIED!!!

I've seen a few muttrs about drugs and stuff the last few days.. and I want to say something about what happened to my brother...

Well... He started smoking weed or marijuana when he was 13, he got addicted and smoked for many years (Don't know how many years).

He was eventually put in a rehab center place... they gave him a lot of medicine and stuff to help him... (The medicine and stuff probably damaged him as much as the stuff he smoked did)

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STRESSSSSSSS!!!!!! Breath, breath. Need to just relax.

I just cannot take this life anymore.
I'm done with.

Am I just not good enough for you?
Maybe this world would be better off without me.

Using the old "Having never done drugs, i can tell you they have nothing to offer" theory, does not work on most people.....

Dear easy button, make me dinner...damn :(

LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!! f*** the government...!