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I am going to protect my heart and not let a man hurt my heart. I can't believe I was falling for him, nevertheless as I said there are plenty of men that will love me.

I met this person on a dating site, I really desire him but I feel that his words are empty. I am not going to wait for any man, I feel that men that cannot approach me it isn't worth my time. I fell for him as I said I will not allow a man hurt me. I feel that he is not ready to have someone in his life. There for I am going to move on to someone different that will make time for me. There are plenty of men that I will give me the attention that I so desire. I fell for him b... read more

What's the point? What's the point in working when everytime I get some money saved up something happens and I'm back to square one? What's the point in working when I absolutely hate my job and I'm just living paycheck to paycheck. What's the point in going to school when I'm just going to graduate with a heap of bills and a low end job? What's the point in having a job that just makes me miserable everyday. What's the point in life? It's like it's a game. Just have to live... read more

I just want this to stop hurting right now. I just want to go to be able to stop crying and go to sleep.

There's this kid who wears a Kyrie jersey from time to time. I saw him wearing it often last year so I called him "Kyrie Irving" in my head. I've heard his actual name once or twice but I forgot it.

(I wore my Kyrie jersey on Monday btw and he wore it too haha)

So we had to play kickball outside today for outreach and we used cones for bases. Kyrie took off his shoes and put on on second base and one on third base. When it was his turn to kick he kicked it way... read more

"Do you ever go from texting someone every day to realizing youâ??re always the one texting first, so you eventually stop texting first to see if they ever even notice you two havenâ??t talked and they donâ??t realize it so youâ??re just stuck silently missing them knowing itâ??s not even worth it anymore because they obviously donâ??t care"
from tumblr

Maybe this is what happened with J but with talking instead of texting and... read more

I sent two emails to my teacher by the same name but from different email addresses. I hope she doesnt get confused/suspicious???

I wish i was attractive....I would say beautiful, but I don't want to set the bar too high. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely know that looks aren't everything...but I just...I want to look in the mirror and like what I see. I want confidence and I want to love myself. I want to think that someday some guy will love me and think I'm beautiful inside and out...But I don't even think that about myself.

Inconsiderate a**h*** . Piece of sh**.

You used to be great with some sh**y qualities here and there, but now you're starting to be sh**y with good qualities here and there.

i never feel like writing essays for school but when i actually start doing them i began to really enjoy it (if my topic is just interesting enough though). and throughout the years i found that i love to write and just let my thoughts run freely, but im never motivated enough. i just have a bunch of unfinished drafts. conclusions are always the hardest thing for me. im never motivated enough for anything.

I should slightly pull the ethernet cord out so it looks accidental haha or just rip the whole thing out.. To be a sly b**** or just a plain b**** that is the question f*** u is the answer

"Hello, everyone, and welcome to Leagueaholics Anonymous. Now, I'd like everyone to introduce themselves and explain why they're here." "How about we start with you, LBP."

Hello, my name is LittleBigPlanet. Well, I'm here because I am insanely obsessed with League, and I haven't been able to play in almost 3 months. I'm going completely mad, being only able to think, read and listen and sing about League. I am currently going through a terrible withdraw... read more

In the past week and a half, I've had 2 dreams that my sister was kidnapped, a dream that my mom died, a dream that I cheated on my bf, and a dream that someone tried to rape me. *Sigh.*

I don't know where to go. My dream is to have my own car and just drive. Just keep driving, by myself, with Jake Bugg playing as loud as possible. I want to drive to the beach and stay there as long as I feel like. I need to be alone. I need to get away from this stupid f***ing town and all the people. I'm tired of feeling completely worthless. I've lost so many potential friends because I'm scared of being attached to anyone. I fell for this guy pretty hard and when I realiz... read more

I just want my promise ring to get here already. Sincerely, Impatient.

I am so tired of myself. I feel so f***ing stupid and worthless all the time. My mood changes every f***ing 5things minutes and i hate myself for being so awful. I have a horrible work ethic when it comes to school and im so terrified of not getting into college because I'd be the only person from my family to actually make good money if i did. My house is f***ing embarrassing my parents are irritating as hell and im tired of being stuck where i dont belong. Just need a f***i... read more

I think that deep down...all I really want is to know I'm worth something. Because I've been feeling so lost and worthless. I wish I knew my purpose in life, I guess. And to know I'm loved.
That...and a hug.

im such a piece of sh**. im an a** to everyone and hate quite everything so i wouldn't become attached to anyone and show that i care and love them, i guess. but i just want to be liked so bad, why can't i be normal and not be such a p**** about showing emotion? i always hear that you can't accept someone's love until you learn to love yourself, but i love myself too much sometimes that i dont really care about anyone else lol. im such a piece of sh**. i need to go live i a c... read more

My 14 year old sister started cutting her wrists..she gradually began to cut herself up her arms--42 of them. That's how many cuts she has....I knew she was unhappy and I thought I was there for her but I guess I wasn't and I feel like the worst big sister in the whole entire world.