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The most obvious difference between the rational and the religious is simply a matter of intellectual honesty and/or research. Time and again I hear a supposed argument against evolution that goes along the lines of "Well, if we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?" or "Evolution is just a theory."

What this proves, unequivocally, is that you have never once studied your opponents side. There's no way around it. If you don't understand that you're using the... read more

michael scott....biggest poser i have ever seen on youtube. College drop out and thinks hes a rapper, even though he is a skinny white little b****.

Anyone got any tips that can help me get rid of my addiction to games? I'm 14, and I use my fathers cellphone to buy stuff on online games for 1000 kroner a month (6 kroner = 1 Dollar(or something like that)), I need help. (Only use 1000 kroner a month because my fathers cellphone can only use 1000 kroner a month...)
I use all my free time playing games, or watching TV!

Why do everybody post as "Anonymous"? do you not bother to make an account... or do you not want people to know who you are?

Black people are so damn racist.....

Don't fly commercial until the TSA takes out those ridiculous body scanners. If you do fly, choose the patdown every time, and put as much strain on personnel as you possibly can. f*** the TSA.

Why am I so lazy when it comes to returning Amazon purchases? Sometimes, I rather just lose the money than drag myself to the post office.

I recently posted something on here about my boyfriend and our relationship. I saw that some had clicked the "Show Love" button. I got excited because someone actually cared. Then i remembered it was me:\

the silent hills bear eerie sounds,

as the wind sings to the willow trees,

i watch all my tears and regrets wash away, with the silent pitter patter of the rain that will not seize. So sitting here my lover dear, there are things i wish i'd never done, but ashes to ashes and dust to dust will be carried away with the new day sun

wish there were an animal category....but seriously, the cat just spent 10 minutes licking my hand. Now shes drinking water. Felt like a scruffy guys beard only wet.

I hope no palms were harmed in the making of the muttr advertisement...

You know the thing i don't like is when a certain so called friend goes ahead and talks on another social network and says she can't depend on anyone but herself when that is a total lie,as if people are suppose to feel sorry for her

i am sooo empty .. when will it stop?

i belong to be living in the year 1969

my muttr isnt showing my muttrs or comments! how do you see them? and how do you see if people commented?

I'm too tired to do anything, seriously, anything :/.

Whose trick or treatin tonight?! im goin as God and my son is goin as Jesus!

Seriously...are all guys the same?? Im turning lesbian...

life sucks and then u die.