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I need more attention and sympathy and pathetic love
I can't be a human being

I really dont understand the problem of people who don't listen, i know i'm upto no good, but contradicting everything you do is not a nice way to understand people. see my only problem here is, i sometimes feel like putting my point in the first place, but no!!
i cannot even do that.

I've checked some genuinely sensible stuff here @this site, I'm just letting my anger go

Lego Batman song is my shiiiiiettttt

Its cool that you think you're right
You can live like that
I like living my way
However wrong I may be

Dude your inbred
Get over it

My mother suffers endlessly for saving her sons
Blaming herself for trying to give them a better life and she gave every bit of her health to do it eventhough my father was just as stubborn.

She hates herself. But I can only tell her I love her. That Im sorry for all the hurtful things Ive done or said but that she needed to unserstand. That she could not expect me to be controlled just like she did not like being controlled or abused.

Its scary to think these things are ha... read more

Why is it that everytime I leave or disappear you look for me
You look for my love
My kindness
My patience
My strength
My warmth

You always end,up realizing I was the only THING that loved you like you wanted
You hurt me and you couldn't bear it
I forgave you, I still do. But Im not coming back this time. You can find another toy. Or admit there are things wrong that need fixing within your own family

I know your tired of being responsible for her sake
I know you're tired or working so she has a home, food and safe
I know you are letting your mother use and abuse you but why else do you think, you're the only f***ing one who lives with her or has her stay indefinitely?

I am not all insulting your mother or bullying her but she needs f***ing help more than you do!

It took me getting kicked out 3 times before 18 years old to realize my mom was trying to control my life
Are... read more

Your mom has a victim complex and she was never corrected
My mom does too but I try not to let her get to me no matter how much it hurts me to tell her no Im not moving back, this is for my own good. Or no mom Im just doing what makes me happy ok?

Your mom does exactly the same
thing. She plays the victim every chance she gets and you learned it so well.

Mine said your a whore and a s***, are you going to prove them right or wrong? Yours said things about me that have been ... read more

The secret to recovery programs is either insanity in sobriety, insanity in addiction
The only real answer
Your own balance and happiness, while at no one else's cost. You spent all that money and did those things to feed your ego. Well all AA and AN teaches you is how to believe in something you can't see and stop relying on drugs for magic when life is magical on its own.

You're f***ing welcome
From an ex NA graduate and speaker

Stop basing your life off of others expectations or standards of you
You're f***ing gorgeous just the way you are
Don't let some old hag ruin that
Don't let an ex bring you down
Get the f*** up
You are you and only you can be you
Be that wonderful woman everyday
Be happy that you're you, and no one ever stopped you

During WW2, Joe Medicine Crow, a native American, completed all four feats required to be a war chief:

touching an enemy without killing him,

taking an enemy's weapon,

leading a war party and stealing 50 horses from the SS,

and singing a Crow honor song as he rode away.

all these memories of a traumatic event are coming back and making me stressed and question things and honestly i have no idea what to do lmao

#trauma #memories #suck

That is love right there, pure unfiltered music mainlining it into my dome



I won't ever admit you're sucking me dry. I wont let you keep having your way even if it takes me to an early grave.
You can keep taking my love until my heart stops which might be soon. Either way I will let you do you, because I love you.

Nevermind you can take it all

You're the one thing Im afraid of
Will you let our differences continuously seperate us?
I worry for you like I would my own. Do whatever you want. Ive been letting you. But just know I see when I couldn't before
Let me know when I can have some of my light back

More real woman cops!
Not the weird abusive ones. Ducking batwoman status

I can't be someone Im not for you
I wish I could