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PLEASE HELP!! I recently experienced an animal abuser. They beat their dog and then chocked it... I saw it with my own eyes. The person didn't see me of course but I felt soo bad for the dog and I really wanted to do something!! Please link me to any websites or articles about animal abuse? I'm thinking about making posters and putting them out, making more people know this IS A SERIOUS THING!! I told my friends about the animal abuser and they just ignored it completely, not... read more

A forest cabin toilet, no flush, just a deep hole in the ground with mostly a decorative dirty stone seat for aiming, which you by no means should EVER touch with your bare asscheeks. I don't mind. I can do it hovering, as long as there's toilet paper I'm set. But I am NOT removing my underwear until someone moves that huge-a** Australian-sized spider out of from INSIDE THE SEAT. NO WAY. NOT HAPPENING!

Lol I wonder how many people here would still support me and give me encouraging words if they saw my skin color.

I just threw up all my food on purpose. I just want to feel pretty. I just want to feel normal

Oooh looks like I'm falling into body issues again. I have eaten far less today and it brought on the buzz I used to be addicted to. This is great really, down down I goooooo.

People love to talk about karma but don't even know how it works

I know exactly where you are right now. I'm looking you from across the street.

You're overlooking my grits and I don't like it.

Girls with freckles are so ugly. Especially a fat girl with freckles. They look diseased swine.

Dumb fatherless monkey negroes. I hope their welfare and food stamps gets taken away so they can all starve to death. They truly are the trash of society. Look at their disgusting hair. Look at their gorilla noses. Anyone with half a brain hates them. f***ing unevolved animals.

Why is that scene guys are always f***ing flirting ???
I mean I've talked to quite a few online before but my last experience with that IRL was yesterday. And it's so awkward and annoying to be around someone who acts like that. He keeps acting like i'm going to end up liking him or something.

I get it, you like hugs but keep your damn hands in appropriate places, that's the first thing. Secondly yes you're cute but i don't want to date or even just do you so how about so ca... read more

I apologize for all the drama lately. I have been ruminating about what I said earlier. I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds, but I didn’t want you to feel hurt since I’ve had to distance myself. Again, I hope you can understand. Unfortunately, this process is taking longer than I expected and will probably continue for a long time. I know that you are in a challenging time of life right now, so I feel bad that we might be making it harder for you. I hope that’s not the... read more

Can I just cry right now.

I got issues, you got em 2

I'm never gonna be good enough.

I don't think I am

Does anyone remember pointless sites doot com

It's funny how everyone prides themselves in being independent and different, but when I look around everyone seems to be focused on and doing the exact same thing...

f*ck you dick head, you whiny pathetic poop!

I woke up to a bad dream this morning about my lover marrying this guy who won't move on from her (she doesn't even like him) i hate that the guy has power over me I'm threatened when I shouldn't be.

Over the day I've been pissed about this guy who gets mad at everyone who is genuinely trying to help him bc their help was inefficient. Um, we're sorry for caring about you? Maybe you should have told us that our words don't help, or what your preference is instead before blowi... read more