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Like now for example
Draining to try and keep you loving

Like now for example
Draining to try and keep you loving

When you understand there is no understanding we can talk again
I can give you love but it costs me my life and energy
If its not mutual I waste away

Men like calm and confident as much as woman do
If you got the pull chill and just be you
Right guy will come along
If not just go and get the right one but be calm and confident

Let no one stop you from living your dreams
No matter how long it takes or how hard it is
Your life is not your parents or your friends or your partners
Just do what fulfills you
Live your life the best you can
Always smile even when the tears come
Keep on going

Its ok to need something admitting it is hard
Its ok to live the best you can don't let anyone tread on that
Not anyone
You have to stand when others sway
Being rooted doesn't come easy. But you will be happier for it. There is a light in that dark. You just have to find it

Its ok to be angry but letting it go is harder
Its ok to be a b**** but being kinder is harder
Its ok to be easy but being stern is harder
Its ok to cry but smiling is harder
Its ok to be sad but being happy is harder
Its ok to dislike people but loving them is harder
Its ok to think you're right but being wrong for someone else's sake is harder
Its ok to be you
Its hard but worth it, in the end you'll be happier and free

Awww sh** even Daisy followed me to the park

"You're doing Gods work son."

"I know but you didn't tell me Id have to basically hang myself."

"People will always hate and fight, they need someone like you to teach them not to."

"Why me?"

"Because your patient, your wise, you love and most of all your my son."

"Don't ever be afraid I always watch over you."

"I still don't understand but Ill keep walking. I believe in you. Thank you."


Awww why didn't you stay a little longer in the parking lot with me hahaha
Bad things happen at night

My parents just told me we might not be visiting Wisconsin over summer vacation. Like, woah, dude! You do realize that you just moved me across the country to be closer to relatives I don't like, and I had no choice but to come? You do realize that I have been the epitome of good behavior, and patience? I went along with it all with a smile on my face, and you haven't even thanked me! And yet, when I want to visit my friends (the people I care about, and I miss terrible) you ... read more

Nice to see your real face b****

Hey Morgan, wanna kiss? My girlfriend isn't here!

I wish my parents gave a sh** about the things i love.
They like to be miserable.
And i look cute when i dont smile so the same goes for me.
Bah once in a lifetime opportunity really im just getting over a suicide attempt. Who needs happiness, and why accomplish things i want to do when i can do them later in life.
I like being your pathetic punching bag. Truly i've grown to love pain.
I love you guys.

I don't see any restrictions in the TOS concerning the use of my favorite language, swearing. Swearing goes hand in hand with ranting and I have a sh** ton of ranting to do.

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder... or something like that.

Legalized weed ftw!

Haha I love my friend's mom. She was talking about pictures of him when he was younger, and I was like, "Oh yeah, you got a few of those around the house and on the fridge" and she was like "Yeah but you haven't seen the really good ones" (i.e. the most embarrassing ones that resulted in him making some sort of noise of protest)
And then also that same night we were teaming up to play some games, and she asked *me* to be on her team instead of him cause she said she was gonna... read more

I literally have to expend all my positive energy for you

Im literally wasting away because of what you're doing

When I was 8, I used to be able to read a book, and remember almost everything from that book. Now, only 39 days away from being 14, I can't remember where I put a pair of pants, or remember anything from a previous sentence in the same paragraph. What happened to me?