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After my breakup my brother thought it'd be a good idea to bring me to his friend's house to party for a sleepover, by the time my brother had passed out I was faded and his friend decided to start trying to flirt with me, I wasn't okay with it since I knew he had a girlfriend, but I stayed quiet and avoided the subject which I regret, he kept trying to touch me and kiss me and I kept telling him I was uncomfortable and kept backing away saying no, but he cornered me. He was ... read more

To Art Quits guy, I don't know if this is some elaborate prank or you're just kinda messed up, but you've posting on here all night and it's getting tiresome

Mind more and more, melting
Health at a halt, hesitating
Soul seeking sanctuary, slipping

I told that motherf***er that he better give me that bottle of beer.
He did.

loads 9mm*
Cocks the hammer*
Pulls trigger*


One of my coping mechanisms is to name things. Right now I'm questioning my future while naming a triangle I drew Gus. He's a good little bean.

If all else fails . Im pretty good at tattoos.

Scratch scratch scratch. I hope you're itchy now.

Close the door I'm still taking a sh** damn

Where the big dick white girls at?? Lol ^.^

I want all those shoes on ads~

Do you ever have one of those days where one bad event after another builds up until you're a complete wreck? How do you deal with those days?

i feel like an absolute f***wit and i can only find solace in crying and a bass-boosted version of the pizza theme from spiderman 2

"you know what a coma is?" yes i know what it is, im 16 not 6 and i wanna be in a coma right f***ing now

I was all <3
but he was all <0

There is nothing about me that matters.

Once you post something on here, it stays here forever, so be cannot delete it the way you can delete old Facebook chats....

Why do I not own any short shorts or tiny miniskirts? I don't f***ing like them.
Now would stop giving me sh** for wanting to be modest?

"there is a sucker born every minute"

You just can't make this sh** up!
Carrier pigeon "arrested" after being caught smuggling 200 ecstasy pills; in a custom-made backpack.
The bird was captured by authorities in Kuwait, having flown over from Iraq.
Pigeon was reportedly sent by traffickers hoping to get the drugs into Kuwait.