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A King fears his subjects and loves them regardless, for not all good deeds seem as such. And he passes judgment others could not. Otherwise he is not worthy of his crown

A wolf loves his pack. Hunts for it. Is loyal to it. Howls for it. Fights for it. Dies for it. Loves it. Regardless of how the pack behaves.

These are my hands

Pleasant conversations I've had with people who believe theyre right 100% of the time.

Please stop trying to shoehorn politics into everything. It really isn't necessary, and it's possible to have conversations that don't nose dive into that kind of stuff. I'd really just like to have engaging conversation with you that doesn't always become a political statement, thank you.

Prey lives off of the land while predators live off of prey..
Your a predator and a damn good one girl...

So very sad........

Damn im so tired of you and your families weird sh**
Like literally drained fulfilling wants up to this point

Really didn't feel like dealing with your sh** today, so I didn't, and I feel fantastic.

Amazing to think you have a choice, isn't it?

If you want to hear me say it ask me to my face and I will

Just say it to yourself. You only need to hear it from inside.

Let go of your past. Let go of your resentment, let go of your envy, let go of your anger, let go of your hate. Let go of your sadness. Let go of negativity. You dont have to be that way. Forgive him. Let him live. If hurting them would make you happy I would, but I know from experience it wont. I need you to wake up, please. Im so tired.

Tiding my book shelves, I've realized I like the idea of books more than reading them - I DO read them, a LOT, but these I don't exceptionally love are never touched again. After I paid for them in the store and read them once.
So I'm passing them to someone else and getting a g**d*** library card.

Just f***ing let go for once in your life

I've been thinking a lot about life and psychology lately. I always have but lately I'm starting to understand everything even more. it's going to take over my life soon though.

I could forgive you if you set aside your pride and faced me for once instead of hiding behind all those masks

God I love you but you literally roll over for anyone. Youre f***ing amazing. Just wake the f*** up and see the great woman and loving person you are

The way you love can change. Supplying people with your body will not make them appreciate you. I am here for you till I die, I promised that. I just need you to realize how you can light up a room. You are perfect be... read more

How strange that lying has only gotten you this far in relationships

You may try and work and live right
But deep down your pain shows and you take it out on yourself and others.

Someone else is happy without you or without your bitchy control

It takes a lot more energy to hate then to love slμt :]

How far will your hate get you?

I'm going to try to raise a child without religion. Maybe then they'll grow up to be a loving, caring person, instead of a closed-minded heretic. But first, I need to move out of the Bible-belt.

And it is predictable
Once you see the other side a lot of things become clearer

Im wrong but you still feel like Im right