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Don't EVER bring one ply toilet paper into my home AGAIN.

Went to a party at my friend's place and ended up talking to this guy (sorta know him through mutual friends but we aren't close) and we both ended up hanging out together for ages and getting pretty drunk/stoned & I thought that he was into me, but apparently not because this son of a b**** freaked out when he realized I was flirting with him. He got way to defensive ("I'm not gay! Why the f*** would you think I'm gay!? The f***'s your problem??"- what's MY problem? Damn) sa... read more

My bf was born without an a**. No, I'm not lying. He has a really rare condition. He sh**s out of his mouth. Is this something you could deal with?

Its my a**
And your perfume
That makes temptation hard to refuse
So we proceed
To have sex
Dirty sex

Hello? Hello? Hello?

There's no reply at all.

I thought I would be nice and let this Downs Syndrome kid wash my car. The stupid bastard stuck the hose pipe down in my gas tank trying to clean it out and rinse it. That was his answer. Really? Like Really?

I was the one who posted about my BF wearing high heels and keeping raisins in his pockets. Well, I left one thing out. The first time we had sex he tried to stick his balls in me along with his cock. Another time he thought he was supposed to put his balls in the condom.I keep telling him that they're not involved with penetration. Should I end it? He is really caring and unfretted.

My BF wore high heels on a date the other night. He also keeps raisins in his pockets and he always talks about Satanism. Is he normal?

A kyke I mean. You know. The ppl that Hitler demolished.

No one wants to marry a chrome dome midget Kyle.

I'm tired you smellin go take a shower jeez

It's you and me and all of the people

What if I told you that I never learned to skate?

There's no such thing as being fat and beautiful. I'm say that having a double chin kills the beauty. I'm also saying that having a fat gut ruins your body. But, sometimes it doesn't matter. Take Chapstick for example. She's fat but she would be ugly even if she was skinny. Sometimes you just don't have a choice.

Fatherless black negro monkey...

Dw. I will shut up immediately because I hate myself and yay I'm learning sign language. 🤐

RIP Chester :'(

Who was the first blind person?

I f***ing hate emotional manipulators.