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Who on here believes that Mermaids actually exist?

Has anyone ever died from chapped lips?

Somethings I think I should just do what the Hannah Baker character did. I bet people would pretend to have been my friend. Maybe once I die, I'll make a friend.

I'm not actually going to do it... but... It would be nice...

It sucks... I hate this time of year. My graduation in 2014 sucked a**. So hard. I hated every second of it. I only walked across that stage and had the parties because my family LITERALLY forced me. It was the last thing they ever MADE me do.

I remember at the Baceloriet (or however the f*** you spell it) they gave us each a Sacajawea dollar as a symbol for something I can't remember. I shouted "I WILL TRADE SOMEONE A PAPER DOLLAR FOR THIS PIECE OF sh**." my mother was hurt... read more

I just smoked some really weird bud.

I'm sorry that I didn't show you how much I loved you when it mattered.

Close the door I'm taking a dump

Victim mentality is dangerous.

f***iiinnngg loser that is me.

Whoopsy daisy, couldn't help it. I relapsed.

yknow, me discovering this site has made me a little less frustrated with myself, now that i can shout into the abyss that is this venting site and just be done with my dumbass feelings

I don't create reality for others, I'm not arrogant enough to think that
As long as I'm not hurting anyone, I get to do whatever I want in life, period. Anyone who disagrees with that statement is more hateful than I can even comprehend.
I don't have to like or accept anyone or change anything about myself. I don't care whether anyone likes me. That's not the most important thing in life, you don't compromise truth or who you are for acceptance and friends, that's mental.

I really hate ferrets and my roommate has one as a pet. sometimes to cope, I try to Google things about other people who hate them and want to vent about them too. it really irritates me when ferret lovers intrude on the post that clearly isn't for them and talk about how lovely and well trained their ferrets happen to be even though the entire forum will be about how we don't like them and I know there are tons of communities online that they don't need to intrude on to talk... read more

Lmao so lately I've just been very depressed and stressed. I don't really know how to talk about it, I feel like I'm too young to feel the things I do. I should be out with friends (lmao what friends?¿?) and being carefree, and happy and not wanting to be ran over by a ram truck off a cliff.

I don't really have a social life/friends because I'm homeschooled, and it shouldn't bother me as much as it does, but I hate it? So f***ing much, and there aren't any safe schools wher... read more

I lost weight and have started getting some muscle on me. I was so pleased when I realized that.
Until I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the fact that I have copious amounts of acne on my back and shoulders, you can kind of maybe see my ribs, my one stupid side of my ribcage is more obvious, and I still have flab and a bit of pudge.
So much for feeling attractive and confident with my body…

jesus christ my younger sister and her friends are such babies. Apparently one of her friends lost a watch at our house at a party my sister NEVER HAD and now she wants it back after I found it in my room 9 months later. Instead of her friend talking to me herself, she sent my sister and my sister didn't give me any information and started sobbing hysterically. Then, my dad came in and yelled at me to give the watch back even though i don't think it was hers in the first plac... read more

To anyone saying they want a dick have fun with the random 7 inch boners infront of your parents, relatives, friends, and loved ones. Hope your pockets are deep


God I'm tired...but my body won't let me nap so I'm screwed

I think In going to sell my car for gas money

Songs like this make me want to start studying after I take the exam.