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What rhymes with abyss?

what is the tenants in this building problems-if they don't like it move out-I am not holding them back-the little trouble makers with nothing to do-why don't they get a job or volunteer-they all have their fancy automobiles-and their section 8 rent-what do they want from me-I never did anything to anybody in this place-I have lived in this nut house for 19 years-I could never find another place-

Dont be upset you get passed around by guys
If you dont like it
Do something
f***ing leave
Walk out
Fight back
Stop letting yourself be abused. You are not a f***ing victim
If you're not happy
Do something about it

and if the grammar, puncthationy, capitilization and sentence structure

Break your OCD

Its not that hard to admit that the only people that like you just want the p****

You literally show how easy you are by the way you act dress and behave
And then you try and blame everyone else when you dont get your way
Not only that but you complain about every guy you date like your f***ing perfect

You're not my queen
Your a lowlife
A peasant girl acts like more of a queen then you

Another difference between us
I dont plop my dick out for just anyone
But you open your legs faster then a saloon door

When the slaves worked till death
They sang
When they hanged and butchered their families
They sang
When they marched with the King
They sang
When they were freed
They sang
When we march against your tyranny
We will sing

Okay i guess the only person that will have my back is me and i almost just screwed myself over. People really dont try to have a level of understanding and will f*** you over any chance they get. Okay i'll just focus on me then thats selfish but apparently the world is worse than i thought it was

Had a dream that I did a huge amount of cocaine with Beyoncé. My dreams are more interesting than my life.

I honestly
Whole heartedly
Wish you would just end it

Knock knock
Who's there b****?
Its dark out
These things happen when its dark out
Stop think your safe
Im always close

Why are people on here too lazy to read long posts? Almost nobody responds to posts that are longer than two sentences.

Sleeping around
Sharing your bed instead of your mind
Sharing your body instead of your heart
Sharing your past instead of your love
Again those differences between us are clear
You are naturally a terrible person
But I forgive you

Also ShoutOut to the the dumb b**** who rather argue on Facebook then be a good parent or wife lol

I am a good artist, I like to draw. But it's conflicting in that I also don't like to draw. Doing commissions for people, and half way through I am hating it, pulling my hair out. Why do I get tired of doing something I should love doing?? Maybe I wish for instant results. I want to spend a few hours and have it be done. But it takes me weeks. Sure most times that ensures quality, but I dread it more than my actual job. Arrrghh!! It's supposed to be fun. But that said, I can ... read more

The site that i use to talk to people at school got blocked so im back on here.
I hope i get my package today.

Stephen King's formula on writing is "Read and write four to six hours a day.

If you cannot find the time for that, you can't expect to become a good writer."

He sets out each day with a quota of 2000 words and will not stop writing until it is met.

I never once played with you
Stop being a t***
Literally have been by your side through thick and thin
But when the waters get choppy for you
You're nowhere to be found
I dont need someone like you in my life

Ahhh sweet delicious chaos
The funny thing about chaos
Its fair

And when you take my income Ill smile and say
Thank you
Now I can report all of your employees for stealing medications and neglecting people with disabilities :]

Captains go down with the ship

"Only God can judge me"


And his hand has arrived.
Lock your doors