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I don't even feel like myself anymore. I haven't in a long time.

my fans call me daddy and it makes my gf hella mad wtf do i even do?

I don't feel comfortable in my own skin.
My face is terrible, I'm gaining weight, my hair is a mess, and my mom is doing a WONDERFUL job in reminding me about how I look.
As if I wasnt self conscious already??
I'm scared of what people think, I'm scared of the future, at this point, I'm afraid of everything.
Its just the sudden realization of knowing one day you'll have to just grow up, and let everyone you know die around you, knowing one day you'll die, and that death... read more

I'm drunk and sorta suicidal... or at least I'm coming up with plans to hurt/kill myself. I guess my meds aren't working anymore. f***, I need help.

I'll embarrass yo a** n***aquick f***in wit me cause I'm this to expose yo punk a** b****

Paranoia has me wrapped around it's long bony fingertips. I can feel trapped at any moment and then later, calm and happy, like everything's going to be alright. But it's just toying with me, waiting for me to let my guard down. A false sense of security so I can be shook and broken when the suffering starts coming towards me at full speed. I KNOW YOUR f***ING GAME YOU THINK YOU GOT ME BUT YOURE WRONG. I'll show you, I'll show, all of you.

King of pigs get it

god i just wish i wasnt born, this world isnt right for me at all and i cant seemingly deal with anything correctly in it, im tired and anxious and stressed all the time and it really doesnt show signs of stopping, and people always say it gets better but this is how life always is. dunno what to do anymore

It's funny to see what happens to 40 something year old gangsters. They usually don't make it that long.

I hate myself so much. I can't believe I'm going to stoop so low as to be some random masked person on the internet because I'm too much of a coward to face my fears. Why am I like this?

I've been living with my boyfriend and his brother for about two years. The little brother started dating a girl right around that time, she's a super party girl, spoiled, her parents pay for everything, I literally mean everything. She comes into our house and stays every night, doesn't work, so she's at the house all day. SHE DOESNT PAY ANYTHING TO BE HERE. She cooks food, and then won't clean up her mess, she has said many time she "can't" do dishes. So who ends up doing h... read more

I just wanted you to love me but you don't and you never will. I want to die because I needed your love. I thought you were really special.

I would lowkey f*** my neighbor. He literally just saw me naked rn, well with underwear but no bra. He's my back neighbor and my window curtains are see through and he was coming out with his car so I'm pretty sure he saw me. But the thing is he's married to a transgender women and they have a kid. He has a dad body he's prob around early 40's nottt that bad looking . I have always been attracted to older men so why not lol. I have seen him sit down in the back looking throug... read more

Why didn't you make any effort? Is it because I'm ugly?

I'd rather die than not talk to you tonight.

I really miss you. I feel like I want to die without you

I wish muttr had an angry button.

Lemme complain about your stupid blog here. Maybe i'll be seen as weak but idc, i'm sick of feeling like i'm a horrible human for being comfortable with the gender I was born with.

From About page:
"i was really mad at cis people as a whole so i created this blog basically just to vent about hat cis people are and are not!"

"about hat cis people and are not" good job proofreading your blog. And cis people as a whole aren't evil, yes there may be evil cis people, but you kno... read more

I don't know what to do I'm angry and i don't know why and i just start crying and i can't stop I'm not one that normally asks for help but i don't know what to do anymore.

I just want to f*** HORACE