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Take everything from me
God will give it back to me tenfold
Fire your arrows and they will never hit their mark
For what is dead cannot die

Find my weakness, expose it, harass me and my family. Do whatever is your little heart desires

In the end your people are still doomed
We've walked this earth for millenia
Your kind is no longer welcome here

You've tried so hard with all that power you have, the speed traps, the harassment, taking my income, your mom cancelling my food... read more

Careful what you wish for :]

I found this site because i literally was done and i f***ing searched up sites where u can talk to people anonymously and here i am... wbu

You can drive fast 👍

I so badly need a creative outlet that doesn't feel like work. I need a relationship that doesn't feel like work. I want to give head and have it not feel like WORK. I remember easing into summertime with its promises of lemonheads and frozen Snickers bars at the pool. Bobbing on Styrofoam noodles like we were apples..or like workless head. I remember when everything felt like "varsity" by the smith westerns.

I just want to make out with someone rn haven't kissed anyone in 2 years I don't even think I remember how to kiss

Who diagnoses mental illnesses? I'm pretty sure I have bipolar disorder and know for a fact I suffer from depression but I just want to make sure with a professional and get some help if I am actually bipolar

Alex Morgan is hot.

I just recently got into a relationship about 3 month ago. I was super happy in the beginning but over time he has just gotten super jealous or guys that shouldn't matter. Also he was just recently mad because I have kissed other guys in the past and blames it on him being territorial which I'm not anyone "Territory". He also cries all the time and it because he has issues but all of his crying is starting to stress me out and making super unhappy like I break down almost eve... read more

I need to keep reminding myself that Aqua from Kingdom Hearts is just a fictional character

I'm a girl and I watch porn. 1/2 of society tells me that makes me a bad person while the other 1/2 says it makes me a hot one.

Music doesn't have the same effect on me as it once did. I rarely discover anything new that can be deemed "Ear candy".

Oh hey irrelevant banther?
Mmmmm yes please stroke my ego

Ah me too don't forget me!
What about that guy and chick?
f*** it lets have us an old fashioned attention circle jerk loll

Dude if you see this when you get back, grab your kids and run bahaha
She's gonna drag you down till death


I just want to feel better. Talking like this makes me want to cry, but I don't know if crying would make me feel better, or make it impossible for me to stop.

I use to be a pathological liar but now I don't even be lying like that anymore idk what was wrong with me I use to just lie for no reason about outrageous things. Crazy smh


Problem: I don't exercise enough because I hate it

Solution: I now live near a library only about a mile's distance, so I can walk and get books, read the books, and walk to return them, thus exercising more often than before

Problem: I am a small female and I get one million percent terrified I'm going to get attacked or something one day and I wish I could have someone to walk with but I don't and I kinda wanna cry every time I make this short journey but I just want some... read more

Joe Budden from Bridgeton, NJ is a racist piece of sh**. Kill yourself Joe you dingy black mother f***er.

I know you raped him. I know you did. Nobody else probably knows but me. I see you every day in the f***ing hallway and I know what you did. You stole years of happiness away from him and I will never forgive you for that. Be glad that I choose not to tell anyone out of respect of my best friend who has to go through so much because of you. I hope you learn to become a better f***ing person someday, maybe learn not to take advantage of people just because you feel just as shi... read more