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Start shopping for Bikinis and Flip Flops sweetheart.
Your feet will be on that beautiful white sand in no time.

I invented Pied Piper.

Anybody know a good vacuum for cleaning up human hair? I'm getting really sick of seeing hairballs everywhere, it's gross, like why the Hell do I shed????
Most of it's in, or is at least most noticeable in my room because I brush my hair in there and dance. (Most of the hair is where I dance so I'm assuming it shakes it out or something)
Is it really necessary to have a vacuum all the time in my room now though? ugh

I honestly dont wana hear about all your good fun sh** when im f***ed.

Worst night ever. Oh my God.

People are DYING
People are DEAD
Why do we sit here on our fat arses doing nothing?

Ugh why do i fantasize so much. I just need to live in reality.

Is it weird that i get very upset when i'm not wearing my pajamas? I sometimes cry when i have to put on dayclothes.

It really makes me laugh when i see people trying to "educate" people on curse words and saying "this insult is derogatory" "this word means inferior blah blah blah" and generally explaining why curse words are insulting.

So um... look, honey, i'm sorry to burst your cute little bubble there but usually, when someone insults another person, they indeed, use mean, derotarory, insulting words. Because when you insult someone, the purpose is to make them feel bad. Whether they'... read more

who cares about your stupid live life-not me

self centered,absent minded,stuck all the way the f*** up,drug dealer f***ing,money grabbing,kinda hoe,dumb,bitchy,unlucky in love,diabetic fat f***,two food places at the same damn time,crazy,big head,dry skinned,veggie hating,lying,faux friend,ect...point is:f*** you

Dear wanda... youre fueding with yourself.

Now, grow a soul.


I wish muttr had an Angry React button

I love taking my bra off at the end of the day when I'm about to sleep

Would a man cry in front of someone he loved and trusted? (I'm thinking significant other) Please, I want to know.

My cat just made a freaky noise and I am not okay with it

What's up with the crisis counselor ads and dating Russian women? Nothing against Russian women, but I date men.

ok so I'm in this RP and some people's characters were killed off during an event to allieviate people who couldn't be active in the group but I discovered some inactive people didn't even give consent or were never AWARE about being killed off when some who were arguably more inactive than them got to live? I'm both active and still alive but that just has me worried about what they might feel about being essentially "booted out" without being asked or even told directly. (T... read more

Well I'll be damned. Turns out that your almost as good as a cold beer on a hot summers day.