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Whenever I start to think I'm good at something, or whenever I start to like myself, my mind immediately steps in and says "stop pretending to be special; you're worthless and you it," and then, just like that, I'm back to hating myself.

I need 54 cents more to get free shipping off amazon ..

wisdom tooth has grown in but its rubbing against my cheek which causes a GREAT deal of pain...I cant afford to get it taken out >.<

Does anyone really read the user license agreement? I used to try and read it...but gave up after the first two paragraphs.

Ever have days where you feel ULTRA sassy?
Like MM MM GURL NAW YOU DIDNT just breathe! Stop being a person!
I may be hitting my time of the month. Eh...well damn.

I was at the bowling store, and there was a product called "ball wipes"
If that wasn't enough to make me laugh, my dad, without thinking, said that they were for if you got poop on your ball. (He meant bowling ball.)
I could barely breathe.
I want to know what the most dirty phrase someone has accidentally said to you.

I was at a 4th of July event with my friend. (He's 12.) and he invited his other 12 year old friend as well.
The other friend, within 5 minutes, said he thought I was cute and that he for some reason only has crushes on girls with the same name as me.
That was awkward...

Somebody knocked on my door at 2:25 AM last night. I moved into my apartment recently and next to no one knows I live here. Who the hell could it have been at a ridiculous hour like that? I know it was probably just somebody drunk and confused due to the Fourth of July celebrating last night, but this stuff still makes me anxious.

I'm babysitting a kitten and a small dog. Jaysus these two devils are driving me nuts!

I think that I messed up as bad as I could have possibly. I'm 18 and just previously graduated. When I moved out of my parents house, I told them some things that I regret and went on my own. Its been about two months since that happened and I haven't been able to get a job and I'm running out of money. This is getting me so frustrated and I have no idea what to do. The only reason I'm typing this is because my sister wanted to be nice and let me stay over for a few nights.

So because I don't want to hold a damn sparkler, that makes me a spoiled brat? No, I really am just afraid of sparklers and sh**. I'm just somebody who prefers to make art, think about things, and keep to myself. Sorry that you see me as a spoiled child, but I'm not. And you need to stop saying stupid f***ing sh** like that just because I don't want to do something.

Ugh. I didn't know that on the sims 3, they take all your kids if one is mistreated! I used cheats to starve all but my heir, because I got tired of them(evil, I know) and they took my heir! She was about to age up, too. Now I have to get my sim pregnant, and raise them through the baby and toddler stages...AGAIN. Oh why oh why did I get the fertility treatment? Oh, and this place needs a gaming section. (or did I just miss that?)

Happy independence day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Support our troops because they support our independence!
Live free or die!

I went to find the very first Muttr.
It was on September 30, 2009 at 2:49:51 P.M.
And it was about a video game.
It's on page 1497. (As of now. Yes, it took a while to find it.)

I was going to rant about the use of computers vs paper in schools and how go green is a pathetic pacifier because all the buildings, houses, and franchises being built, demolish the best scenery, serene landscaping, and my beautiful bunnies I'd meet everytime I go driving but nvm, thats how its supposed to be, isn't it? 100s to thousands to millions to billions to trillions in each nation. Procreate, because eventually it will grow too numerous for the world to function. I p... read more

Man just stop trolling this site. Seriously. This space is supposed to be for people to vent and get things off their chests and when you come here and see somebody spewing rude nonsense, it's disheartening and makes people not wanna come here. People come looking for a safe place and this is mucking it all up. I dunno what your end goal is but I'm sure you have SOMEthing better to do with your time. You're not even offending anyone since your profanity gets asterisk'd out. W... read more

Get a f***ing clue people. Your so g**d*** stupid
hey go f*** yourself

So I decided to do the "30 Day Squat Challenge" The first say , I did 55 painful squats . The next day . Woke up. Thighs were hurting , Especially when I bend my legs. They still hurt. This was 3 days ago btw........ Stupid squats. I should've stretched first. I dont have any Epsom Salt either. Ugh... f*** my life

Is the term "thrice" a slang word?

So , even if you have a TINY amount of black on your DNA , your to be considered black ? I'm Half white, half black. I like to be called Biracial. Because I'm not fully black or white. So is it wrong for me to keep my thoughts to my self about Barack Obama being president ? Like , everyone puts a label on him as the FIRST black president..... But in my head I'm just like "Well he's mixed, but whatever pleases the rest of the nation" I'm just saying. I'm not racist a... read more