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fml means fund my life anyone wanna buy me vidya gaymes
dang I wish I was good looking enough for a sugar daddy or mommy
Jk I love my boyfriend too much
I'm sh**post venting about wanting money

im $54 short for paying for my MCAT exam please help if you can

I dont have a job, I dont have a girlfriend everyone around me has someone. they ahave a way of getting money. I havent been able to sell my stuff online. Im not well known enough for people to want to commision me for artwork. Ive applied to so many places for work. I need the money now more then everr. Im going to college next year. But whats the point. im on prozac and its not working. I dont know if this is a side effect but i feel sad and horrible. i wish i had someone t... read more

I have no life and no friends.

I don't know what I should cook today. Feels like every week we keep eating the same meals over abs over again.
i'm such an ingrate, whining about even having to eat while others can't even afford a dust particle to shove down their throats.
white people problems.

"So you dangled a carrot in front of her only to yank it back??? SHAME ON YOU!!!!"

Im not sure whether I should want to take your head off or not because you're on pure stupidity. You really think that's yours and it's not b****!

I'm not sure whether I should want to take your head off or not because you're on pure stupidity. You really think that's yours and it's not b****!

Would rather f*** ivanka or Tiffany trump?

At this point I'll mAke an ad on backpage

I hate the g**d*** mail system in this stupid community. I rely on weekly sixty dollar checks and often become desperate when it's even a day late. So it used to come consistently on Tuesday right? Wednesday at worst. Naturally I got used to it mostly coming on Tuesday and so, when it suddenly became rare for a Tuesday check I was a little pissed. But whatever it's just a day, I can deal with it. So this week I'm broke on Monday, fine I still have some sh** left in my fridge.... read more

What goes through my boyfriends head when he gets me gifts? Like he's given me the strangest sh**! Stuffed animals, a straw Chinese doll, a placemat with art, potted flowers , daisies from the roadside.... I just can't comprehend where these ideas come from? Is he trying to impress me with unconventional ideas?

teasing people with money is how you die b****

if i hide all my anxieties on muttr it's like they don't exist!!!

i don't wanna do this! i feel like an a**h*** !! i should be paid for my work but it's awkward to ask!!! even though that's what you're obviously doing since you came to me interested in paying for my work!!!! i can't tell by your tone how you feel because you're so neutral and it's making me feel like a b****!!!!! maybe if i was a dude instead of a girl i wouldn't feel like asking for a basic (SMALL MIGHT I AD... read more

Liiiife. I need $2000. no $5000. no 10000! or just a house and my car fixed.

When I'm upset I do one of two things depending on how I feel about myself ... 1. Bake like a mad woman . Or 2. Shop and spend money on useless things...
In my current situation I am shopping and I can't stop but I can't afford to keep going lol
I'm a sad individual

I wish I could buy bitcoin or ethereum, but I'm broke asf...

middle class problems...
college student problems...

I want to work for the post office but I scored a 78, then a 79 on the test I think you need at least an 80 or higher but I f***ed up on the memory part & I even studied for the test online if anyone has any tips please help me out?

I ride with the general cause the son of a betch won't go home

Motherf***er runs up my card so much cash back got declined. I couldn't be happier. Maybe he'll stop asking now.