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I was all set to sell a gun to this guy and his screech factory wife said no. It's a hand cannon, and expensive but I was selling for HALF of what it's worth so I could fund my trip to be by my grandson for his surgery in less than a month. Then the b**** had to step in and stop the sale. I'm a woman and I'm so sick of b****es stopping me from making any money. Here's a tip: stay the f*** outta your husbands dealings. Women are pissing me off so much lately. None of them can ... read more

I want to blacklist a buyer I sold a new item to on eBay. Fkn b****. Oh she paid right away so I sent it the hour I got the payment. b**** got her item in 3 days. She took 10 days to pick it up. I should have known she had a 10 feedback rating. She then proceeded to open a dispute. Long story short she lied and cost me the item, fees, shipping AND I f***EN refunded her money including the shipping. She caused me more headaches. Here's a note, try not being an entitled b**** w... read more

I wanna be rich enough to purchase and collect antique and exotic cars.

You retard cannabis is in the bible it's called the desert rose moron

I'm just waiting for trump to get out of office so I can sue him as a private citizen for giving me PTSD f***ing trump

God dammit it's all Obama's fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plenty of jobs for everyone! (4% unemployment)
Great f'in economy! The housing market back on track!
Healthcare for all! 8 years no scandals to preoccupy us!


Just speaking it into existence.

I don't need a man, I don't need a lot of friends, just need a big a** house with a pool, a nice car, a giant wardrobe, and I'm good.

Money > People

I wanna get rich

Get Paid to advertise on your car with Carvertise or Wrapify or both & earn some extra income to help yourself live a little better life.

Good Luck.

I will be a millionaire before 30.

Donald Trump is who we thought he was.

After a campaign gestated in birtherism, Trump was slow to condemn the likes of white supremacist David Duke, routinely spoke in coded racial language to energize a segment of people angry about the changing face of the country and condoned violence against those who disagreed with him, Trump, over the last four days, has proven that he is that same person as president.
And that person is the opposite of a leader. And that person is dan... read more

Yeah so what I'm a big booty stripper

I got paid today and after I paid my bills, I have $27.42 to cover food, gas, toiletries, etc., until the end of t he month. It looks like I am going to be eating a lot of ramen and/or peanut butter sandwiches. Don't know how I am going to get by on gas though, hopefully I find a way.

How the f*** do all these 20 year old Youtubers have like, brand new BMWs and sh**? Do they get loads of money from their videos or do they just come from rich families or what? I swear me and my family have always been dirt poor, and it's honestly depressing to see how some people regard that stuff as so normal. My whole family can't even afford a single secondhand car, and there's some guys 1 or 2 years older than me that have a really fancy, expensive car all to themselves... read more

Quit hoeing around they always say hoes still winning that just makes them vulnerable for every n***ato f*** them but if they want something like a Louie vuitton bag or Prada gotta give head or let the niggas f*** the b**** which they allow

Why did I choose to move in with a bunch of stupid, truck driving, Donald Trump supporting Southern f***ing idiots

I need advice!! Please suggest anything below!
I'm a little over half of the age of sixteen and I need money. BUT PLEASE LISTEN. I WANT TO HELP MY MOM OUT, WHICH MY BROTHER JUST HAD STARTED WORK AND TRYING TO AID HER AS WELL. We have been robbed and cheated out of money by court cases my father have made and won. My mom's been out of work for 19 years and only two years ago she started working again. My father makes thousands a year while my mom makes way less than that and w... read more

I'm tired of fighting, for everything. I have been fighting since I was a child and I'm 26 years old now. When is what I work for going to be enough for me not to just barely hang onto the edge but actually thrive? I'm so tired and beaten down. I'm going to homeless at the end of this month and still be working full time. I can't do this anymore. It isn't worth it.