I hate how friends leave you for guys (I'm a a female). Two of my closest friends totally left me for guys that they were too blind to see the real fact of how douchey and rude they were. Also, part of it was because I didn't have boyfriend myself, so they thought it wasn't "cool" to hang out with a girl who doesn't have a boyfriend. Like is it a rule to only be friends with people in a relationship? It just annoys me thinking thats how society is these days. On another note one of my ex-best friends literally thinks she is going to MARRY this dude she's been dating (keep in mind I'm in 10th grade). Honestly it's pretty gross seeing them all up with each others of hallways at school thinking they are the only people in the world. Some of the people at my school think they are sooo cute for being together for such a long time, but I think they should end it. And yea know there are stories where couples are literally the ones for each other and end up you know like getting married in a couple of years, but that's not this couple. In those couples who are happy together and have a good relationship is good. But in this one, the guy literally likes the girl only for her big boobs and a** and "pretty face." That's basically all and I had to get that off my chest wooo I hate that girl wit a passion.