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my boyfriend's ex girlfriend is toxic she's a player and knew exactly what she was doing I mean she definitely spent his money in going to Florida my brother definitely learned his lesson about her

Why throw shade at those who work hard and make an honest living

I'm upset. I honestly feel like my life is going no where. I had a job, I lost the job coz I kept falling ill - pregnancy related complications. I've been applying for jobs. Nothing promising. I have a baby on the way. How will I feed her, cloth her, care for her? Everyday I wake up I feel useless. I have a bachelor's degree but no work. Business ideas and no capital. I just want to die some days honestly. Anything is better than the thought of bringing a child into this. I a... read more

Why do the jealous b****es throw shade at successful women have good paying jobs in making an honest without resorting to illegal activity

Why do people feel that using money is an easy way to buy their way outta of what they've done it doesn't make sense when you done something wrong to somebody always take responsibility for it but for some it isn't enough tho. Using the excuse to buy materialistic things to think it's gonna make it all better like really I don't think so

I have a question for anyone who likes crafts or literally anyone who buys things!
So I'm opening an etsy store and selling a handmade crochet doll called "amigurumi." They are basically little human looking dolls with yarn hair and skin and only have two round black eyes. The clothes vary.
The doll is about 10 inches tall, just under a foot. I was going to sell them for 25$ each. Is this a fair price in your opinion?

n***a, pleaz stop calling me daddy

I'm unemployed and can't find work and have been waiting for social welfare for nearly 2 months now. I have literally no money. I just want to be a normal person and be able to take public transport and get a coffee with my friends sometimes.

f*** you. f*** YOU!! You wanna borrow MY f***ing money so your other son can go to the f***ing pool!? You say "I can't take him to the bank AND get him to the pool in time" yaddah yaddah bulls***!! I don't give a flying monkey's a** if he's late that's MY f***ING MONEY!! I'm gonna start charging YOUR a** to take it. You're gonna have to leave collateral AND pay back with interest. You wanna use my limited funds you're gonna have to play by my rules. I'm trying to save for a C... read more

Please read if you have a heart.

I don't know where else to turn at this point in my life. It seems like I always work so hard and end up with the short end of the stick. I just want to provide a better life for me and my family, and with no help it has become so difficult. I am a hard worker, I'm a machine I'll work beyond my limit if someone doesn't stop me. I coupon to get my family every they need which is the best I can do at times. My dad lost his job of 20 years and m... read more

Whenever you get paid, the first thing you should do is pay yourself. Then do the best you can with your other bills. If needed, make payment arrangements, take in a roommate, get a second job, etc., but always keep the money you pay to yourself safe. That way, later in life you won't have to worry about how you are going to survive and you won't have to work until you are on your death bed.

It's SO weird that I can see stuff with my eyes closed and it's actually a bit scary because they just show up then disappear there usually like loads of electric fans flying around but sometimes I can see like trains or weird people will just be up in my face

Need help with trying to help my family!!!!

Okay, so I am 16 and live with my mom, dad, brother and grandpa. My dad lost his job about 5 years ago and my mom has been a stay at home mom. We have been struggling financially a lot and we are many payments behind on the house and other utilities and bills. My dad does not want to get a job because it is boring and would make him unhappy. My mom hasn't had a job since my older brother was born and she takes care of my grandpa al... read more

My parents keep asking for money and every time I would refuse they would become mad. I still live in their house being only 20 years old because I can't afford to buy my own place but I'm truly trying to save up for my own but how can I when they keep taking my money? They pay me back but by the time they pay me back I've already lost a lot of money. They ask for money to loan and then they ask me to buy different sh**. I've lost maybe close to $500 just by them asking for s... read more

I HATE HOW SO MANY PEOPLE BE LIKE "lol I just spent a useless amount of money on a cute dress/expensive junk food/ stupid tshirt / trendy expensive food item and I'M HAVING A GREAT TIME VALIDATE ME". Like, I don't CARE if you bought a box of bougie donuts or went into the cinema just to buy a super large coke. Right now I literally have to shoplift food and can't pay bills and had to take my car off the road because I'm unemployed, looking for work, and have been waiting near... read more

The next time I hear another story about families getting destroyed because of money issues, I'mma go swish swish swish on another bish

Being a sugar baby is my destiny.

I'm afraid. My mom is constantly bouncing from job to no job. Money is low and being alive is expensive and I'm afraid that we aren't going to make it. I'm afraid we're going to lose our home, I'm afraid I won't be able to go to college, I'm afraid that my mom is going to commit suicide, I'm afraid because we have no family, I'm afraid because I feel alone, and trapped.

I can't find an online job! At the moment I'm workless and my Dad is the sole breadwinner in our family. I want so much to help my family but I don't get a job! I have taken my CV to jobs, emailed my CV to a lot of jobs and I didn't receive ONE miserable reply from any of them! I feel like I'm going to explode. My Dad is not so young anymore, I JUST WANT TO HELP AND I CAN'T!!! I pray and I pray and I pray... nothing. I'm sitting here ugly crying at the moment...

i just bought a cuban ring and dipped it in a fountain