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The anus wants what it wants

Someone f***ing hacked a account that had my bank card saved to it and made a few purchases. Now I have to go through the trouble of canceling my card and filing a claim. ........This is why I hate most people.

Heart this if you love your penis and you're a girl

Just thought I'd chance a long shot and ask a tax related question and see if someone can give me an answer; So I do freelance work and sometimes the person who gets me the work asks for a cut; say 25% commission for providing me with the work. So say I earn £1000 on a job, I'd give the person £250. Now, on my tax return, does that mean I made profits of £1000 or £750? Can I put that £250 down as expenses or wages or something? Or does it fall outside of what I can claim... read more

I'm over worked, living with a roommate I hate bc I can't afford to live alone, and I'm still broke. I work too hard and am too financially responsible to be this broke. I can't do this any more.

How guilty should I feel about this? I occasionally do some freelance work for my brother's company. It's a big, multi-million pound company and my bro is practically the boss. When it comes time to send my invoice to finance, my bro will add an extra couple of thousand pounds, and we'll split it between us. Now he's pretty much second in command of the whole company, so I've always just figured he knows what he's doing and it's ok. He say's the company have certain stingy ru... read more

My problem is that I have a problem with saving money. For as long as I can remember its always burned my pocket. I am not good with money. I get it and then I blow far too much of it.

Is it wise to invest in in silver? From what I hear you can only gain by investing in both gold and silver. While recession prices may drop, but the value always goes back up.

i have been working online. doing commissions for the past 5 months. i have been trying so hard to buy a gaming pc i want. my dad is so cheap. the only reason i havent dropped out of school which i came so close to doing because of my depression and grandfather passing away, is because i need my highschool degree. but all my dad cared about was getting extra money off of income tax. that's the only reason he wanted me in school. he promised me he'd get me a gaming pc but I'd ... read more

Don't judge me for what I do well that depends on what you do for a living ?

Man, credit card companies must be the worst for work for. How much they spam you when you owe money, should be f***ing illegal. I know I owe money, stop reminding every day with multiple phone calls. Block one number, so they call with another

Ruthless man, leave me alone, lol

Ted Kawleski borrows money, uses it on alcohol, and never pays it back! He's such a bum!

TFW you want to pee so bad it hurts kms

That we justify EVERYTHING we do with or without money....this sucks. #economyisnotagodlyword

I am so overwhelmed. I am 7000 in debt. I have no job I don't know what to do. I am getting depressed and hopeless. Too ashamed to ask for help. But at the same time I have literally no one that would or can help me. Everyone around me is dealing with sh** and come to me for help and to vent. I have everything bottled inside. The debt is killing me. I can't stop crying and I can't sleep. What do I do

You are never worthless.

Your organs go for a lot on the black market.

Where is she? Where is Chapstick?

To all the 1% f-ckers out there......

"You will soon be dead,

and then you will own just as much

of this earth as will suffice to bury you".

PLEASE READ I want to live like the people in movies. I'm aware everything is fake but imagining how much money I could make off of just robbing people just gets me going. My mother and I are living with my aunt at the Moment because of money issues and I always wear the same few shirts and jeans to school. I'm tired of feeeling like everyone is judging me not knowing I could steal whatever they have whenever I wanted. I probably wouldn't do it alone but I'm sure my cousin wo... read more

These guys just called me trying to frame me for money. Pretending to be the IRS! Call them and see how much money they will try to frame u for! It's actually funny! 844-247-5315