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Should you charge your family

I'm a cheapskate when it comes to paying for myself. Buying for other people, no problem; I'm a freaking philanthropist. But I feel horrible spending any money on myself - it makes me feel bad when I spend it on stuff, even takeouts when I'm starving and too lazy to cook, even if I do this less than once a month and have sh**load of savings to compensate for it. It's all because of my selfish idiot sibling who used to steal money from me and my parents and spend it on dumb sh... read more

log off and fill out some employment applications!....

log off and fill out some employment applications!

No offense but no one cares about you saying no one cares about your enemies on deviantart.

If I could have anything I want right now, it would be to either make enough money to support myself even if I were to for some reason only have one and not two incomes in my household. Or, to stop attracting deadbeat men and actually end up with one who can support himself for a change. I never could depend on man for financial stability. Not ever. It's been hard having to work hard to support myself without much help ever.

Is it too much to ask for your SO to buy their own damn snacks. I eat healthy, he doesn't. I don't want to buy junk. I already buy all the food. Why should I have to spend my money on his junk food. SMH 🙄

you mean that's all it takes to be promoted to the king of evil? borrow a little money?
hahahahahaha but I get to play with your internal organs hahahahaha

Who will borrow money from you and never pay it back? Oh! that would be Ted Kawleski aka: 'satan'.

I need to get this job so I can stack my money and move tf out that's all I needa do! Like pleeaseeeee

My best friend and I are starting a monogramming business. We make vinyl decals that can go on cars, water bottles, etc.
I was getting some bins to organize all my stuff in and thought I would label them. Of course I wasted a whole bunch of vinyl which is NOT cheap. When I finally got fed up, my mom just got so mad at me. I didn't even do anything to her. Has she ever thought that I was the one who had spent every penny on this? She hasn't chipped in one bit. I used all my Ch... read more

Please pray for me that I win big on the next ticket I scratch.

Bought my car off a dealership, was $8,000 and so far down payment & monthly payments i've paid off a little over $2,500. I've also put a lot of money into it to fix it up when i first got it because it had some problems, only had to change oil 2 times, put on 10,000 miles, went from 65,000 to 75,000 and someone said my car is only worth $2,500 now?????? Uhm no I don't f***ing think, I still have another 6,000 to pay off, I want to sell it for a 2 grand down payments and take... read more

Please call him with that. It's not like I did the it.

so my parents are really poor.. and schools coming up, and here goes another year with the same old raggedy clothes. if I make a paypal, would you guys donate ?

I'm thinking about starting a go fund me page for a trip that i'm trying to go on. Is it a good idea?

Anyone willing to gmail me $200? I really need it for a trip. No BS please.

I made so much from my last job, I have all my needs and have no desire of splashing money on something I don't need, like people say money don't buy you happiness but for some do and they regret spending it all when they need it the most.

Those that think they can have GOOD friends that they have NEVER met are just deluded enough to buy what I'm selling

i want a new gaming console so bad and i haven't asked my dad if i can get something like a video game for a WHILE now but i still feel like asking will be too selfish of me. i mean? i think? we can afford it? im pretty sure since dad's been spending money for a few things like its nothing but i still. worry.
you cant exactly go up to them and ask "hey can i get a 300 dollar console plus a 60 buck game lol"
i mean, can you??? that feels like a lot to ask.
i can always wait un... read more