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For the love of money.......

In the shallow sea waters of the Gulf of California swims a porpoise that few have seen, the snub-nosed VAQUITA is the world’s smallest cetacean, a miniature porpoise with a cartoonlike features and dark smudges around its eyes. The size of its population has always been precarious, but now voracious demand in China for a fish that shares the vaquita’s only habitat has pushed the tiny porpoise to the brink of extinction.

The vaquita are simp... read more

paper trees don't provide me real oxygen.

Have you bent over for a billionaire today??? Taxpayers are so happy to spend over a million a day for trumps third wife to sit on her silicone bleached a**h*** in a penthouse in NYC.
Public service isn't supposed to be profitable, it's about work and serving We The People.

don't kill yourself
just because nobody loves you

It's a cruel world. I wish billionaires would give their money to charity and try to make it better. But they won't. I wish that poor people would rebel against them in some way. Raising taxes doesn't help. Redistributing wealth doesn't work. But there must be a way poor people can convince rich people to buy them food instead of waste their money on themselves.

DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Craftsman, Cribmaster, Proto, Mac Tools, BlackHawk, Bostitch, and SidChrome are all owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

I do not understand peoples fking mentality. Why would they say they'd pay you back if they just wanted the money???? Is it considered rude to say "hey can I have 1,000$?" Are they fking ashamed of it? They should be. Grown a** adults asking for fking handouts from ME when I make HALF of what they do in a fking month (yes I budget). Then said people when I politely ask about them paying me back say they forgot (ok....?) and that they'd pay me back next paycheck...but they hav... read more

Globalist trump runs lots of corporations and has lots of fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders 💰💸💵💰

When signing up to websites, set your birthday to a day in December. That way when they send out promotional birthday vouchers, you can use them to save money on Christmas gifts.

"Where every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners, saints"

Indiana law enforcement spent over $400,000 in federal asset forfeiture funds to pay the salaries, overtime and fringe benefits for its officers, according to a federal audit released last week.

This is the biggest reason of all why we can't allow civil asset forfeiture. When the cops are the ones doing it and they also directly profit from it, it leads to unbelievable levels of corruption.


Most of the things you buy aren't things you need, and aren't things you want. Most of the things you buy are things that you've been TOLD you need, TOLD that you want. Most people just follow the messages that culture gives them about what they "need" or "want" without even realizing just how chained they are to consumerism. You would have more money if capitalist's didn't take advantage of your vulnerability to social pressure.

Short term quarterly profits are ruing America.

Over the past two decades, corporate America has become obsessed with "shareholder value." Companies are encouraged to treat "shareholder value" as a much higher priority than the other kinds of value that great companies create: Value for customers, value for employees, and value for society.

At most companies, for example, firing employees and cutting research and development expenses will increase this year's earnings per s... read more

I don't want to end myself but honestly this year is just going to be hell. Since both of my parents are now dead we have to clean the house up enough for our brother to stay with us, as part of CPS. My mom had a hoarding problem so right now it's still in progress. The funeral bill was a good chunk of the money that was left behind from their death. Since my parents are gone, and the disability from our mom is too, I don't know how we're going to afford this house payment ov... read more

Pay Us Back! Republicans Have Spent $20.5 Million Of Your Money On Benghazi Probe that found nothing But won't expose their treason by investigating all the evidence of Russian collusion.
Mike pence lied so don't worry there's over a dozen investigations into the most crooked administration yet. Making amerika gay again.

Billionaires vs. "illegal" immigrants: who do you really think is more of a problem for the economy and American democracy? Dudes picking fruit, or corrupt ceos making laws that f*** the working class? How stupid are you?????


Quid pro quo- whatchu gonna do for me if I shut up for you?

I need a better job. I am freezing as I keep the heat as low as possible so it is 58 degrees in here and I am eating a $1 pizza as I can't afford anything else. I guess I should just be grateful I have any heat at all, and food, it's just easy to see what other people have and wish you had the same. I'm grateful for my dog too, and she always has food :)

Redo try this again this is cool!