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So long, PNC Bank. I don't live in your utopian, Republican world where everyone has $500 just lying around 24/7 in their checking account. That sounds wonderful. Yes, I'm poor as hell. That makes me less of a human than you. But I still don't deserve to feed the face of corporate greed with my meager earnings. I certainly hope you have lost a lot of business as a result of this dick move. Greed is a sin.

well I'm incredibly jealous of you, but congrats to the person who won a crap ton of money in Pennsylvania anyway! woohoo!

I just dont get it. Husband tells me we low on funds, cant afford to grocery shop or buy useless anything this week. ( We have plenty of food to last a couple of weeks.) and a few nights ago, daughter starts asking for an allowance fir doing chores because she has no clothes and needs things. So they discuss that, its either she gets an allowance and thats it, we buy nothing for her or give her play money or she just does what shes been doing and get play money when needed. S... read more

If money grew in trees life would be so much easier. But life can't ever be easy.

I am so upset.
I wanted to buy something, and was glong to tell my mom. But then I remebered something. She said, "Wait a month. If you still want it, it's a good purchase."
So I waited. Today I went on the website to order it, and it was sold out.
This is why I don't save my money. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to be smart with money.

Seriously Disney?
My daughter wants to be Anna for Halloween.
I knew the costumes would be popular, but could you please notice the supply and demand problem?
Or are all these costumes from your winter department?(Movie reference)

Money is a terrible thing. I hate it and I need it. Why is it that this little piece of cloth is so f***ing important to have?! Sure, makes sense for the big stuff but things that should be free in life?! NO! I really want to give my mom a great Mother's Day, y'know, especially since I don't see her often because of college. Ugh, I'm going to go job hunting so I can do what these dumb a** men fail to do for her... Take her out and treat her like the crazy Queen she is. I love... read more


I resent marrying into your debt, then being the one who has to worry about how to pay all the bills.

I wish someone would just give me money. Not a ton but enough for me to do things. Things I need to do and things I like to do.

I just want to smack a ho.

So you want me out of here so bad but when I make a hint about needing money for a deposit on an apartment I am told to ask the church or some other place for it. I didn't ask you directly but you sure didn't jump to say you'd help either.
I notice how you have money to go out and eat almost everyday and buy nice clothes and go here and go there, etc.
Yet sometimes to hear you tell it, you don't have the money to pay your bills.
The amount of money you spend and the amount... read more

So when someone with money is white then they are a f***ing cracker. If a black man who has money is called a 'n***er' they are the devil, right? Why do all these people feel so entitled? Guess my color. I bet you can't.

some a**h*** put sugar in my gastank and now im down the money for it. i am really nice to everyone until they cross me. if i figure out who did this i will press charges and get their a** in jail or at least get this sh** on their record for life!!! they ruin my car...i ruin their chance at a good job.

omg! i need more money!!! ahhh i need to pay my bills yo

They say i'm rich. oh yea im so rich. So rich that i cant afford to go to college. I'm not rich! I'm middle class! And they wonder why america is so dumb. College is so expensive!! Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships!!! I havnt gotten any!! I work so hard. I have a weighted 4.0 GPA. I do my homework, NOT DRUGS! I just want to get an education. And i know theres a million other ppl in the same boat, doesnt that say something!?!? Make college cheaper!!!!

My teenager keeps asking for things she doesn't need but wants. Its almost summer time and i keep telling her to get a job. We tell her to go next door and see if they'll pay you to mow their yard. Theres also over a dozen kids on our street that she could be babysitting. I donno what it is, lazy or too shy, but she wont do anything to make herself some spending money. I cant afford her wants but i get her everything she needs. So i guess she'll just be without this summer. B... read more

Sallie Mae student loan company is a money hungry bastard. Doubled this months loan payment for being a mere two days late! WTF!!! rot in hell Sallie Mae... I have a family to take care of, your GREED hurts them all.

It really gets me and pisses me off how some people whine about being "poor" and yet they have money to go out and eat 3 or more times a week and money to buy their kid(s) pizza almost every night because he's too damn picky to eat anything else and Oh! It has to be Papa John's because he won't eat anything else and he won't eat store bought or homemade pizza.
They have money for new clothes and the latest gadgets and games.
But not money to pay their bills or t... read more

Yeah, so earlier I was looking through my wallet trying to find the other $20.00 I swore I had. Couldn't find it.
Anyway, later I realized what happened to it! I used it yesterday to pay for my medicine! And the other two went today for gas! Bummer! Just like that! Good thing I had them though! Thank God for the dog sitting job! Otherwise my checking account would be empty or I'd just have to go without! :(