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how did I find out you were taking money out of my account? when my card got declined buying your birthday gift, just 24 hours after I cash the first paycheck I can afford to spend on things other than food, gas, and bills in several months. get a job and quit stealing my damned money to buy your useless crap that you keep in my house.

I would like to start off the day by saying, f*** YOU STOCK MARKET!

damn the internet makes it too easy for me to spend money i shouldnt be spending, although this dress is just so yummy.

Canada has a new lottery called Lotto Max where each ticket costs $5.00 and has 7 numbers. Chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 28,636,000 million.

How much of ticket sales goes to the prize pool? Only 48%. So if you pay $5.00 for a ticket, only $2.40 ends up in the prize fund.

Forty-eight per cent of LOTTO MAX draw sales is dedicated to the Prize Fund.

This 48% also includes all the non-jackpot prizes. So the jackpot is never going to be m... read more

Every time I come close to my goals of saving money, this idiotic truck payment comes along and stomps me. And the real kicker is I'm trying to save the money in order to pay off the damn truck! Never again am I going to let my stepdad's sheister friend sell me a vehicle for three times its value, and never again am I going into debt! I'll live in a shack before I pay a single mortgage payment, because this is some serious bulls***.

Lotteries and casinos keep finding clients because of all the publicized winners making it seem like winning is a regular occurrence. We should build a website to publish the story of every single person who spent money on a lottery ticket, or at a casino, and lost.

I have tried to modify my mortgage 3 times now and everytime they refuse it.They say it's manageable.I am a single mom collecting unemployment and child support.I am looking for a job,I'll taking anything but still it won't be enough.Child support is either sometimes late or not the correct amount.I don't want to ask for handouts,I want to be able to support my son and pay my bills,on my own.Why can't they just lower my payments,just a little? Some people say tell me not to p... read more

What's up with OWNERSHIP??? So a few families own all the valuable property in the world, and then they pass it on generation to generation. Use their wealth from property to continuously grow -- buying media/publishing companies, energy companies, electronics companies.

And what does that make us, slaves? We don't have the same chances at freedom. Where you're born decides your life.

Well I don't want to be a slave -- making the wealthy motherf***ers e... read more


Casino du Lac Leamy (aka Casino du Hull) in Hull, Quebec decided to get rid of their electronic poker room. Used to be everything was electronic, so there was no waiting. Used to be so precise, you could raise a quarter ($0.25).

Now when you buy chips, the minimum denomination they give you is $5 chips. They say if you want $1 chips, you gotta ask the dealer. I give them $50 of my hard-earned money. And they give me a sh**y stack of 10 chips. 10 chips? Are you tr... read more

How can you not even realise or care that we don't even have enough money to last out the month?! We're both unemployed, so I'm frugal like crazy, and you're busy buying warhammer sh** for yourself! What the f***, dude? This is supposed to be a marriage, and you're gonna send us to the poorhouse!

I hate RIPTA !!! Sorry to its fans!
But, this is the second time I have had issues with this 'WONDERFUL' transportation service.

I bought this paper card called the 15 ride pass. Then I got on a bus that arrived at 3:11pm, which was 4 minutes earlier then it was suppose to come.

Apparently when you have the 15 ride pass a trip back is free. So the bus driver says do you want an outbound ticket "ITS FREE" i'm like "i guess".

So i get ... read more

Christmas is right around the corner... I've been trying and trying so hard to save up to get a couple things for my family (not even my friends!) And guess what... My f***ing CAR ISN'T ENJOYING THE f***ING COLD AND DECIDED TO MAKE ME SPEND $673.92 TO GET IT FIXED!

So I guess my family will at least still get to see me......... f***ing hate bad timing.

If I had a super power, id make it rain money. Dollars, not cents cuz cents would hurt unless i wanted to piss someone off then id make it rain pennies...Canadian pennies.

f*** inflation: i used to get $.50 for each tooth, my brothers now get $1.50..

I was born into poverty. My parents had university degrees, and after we moved to Canada, they ended up working minimum wage jobs. There was no support for us here. We did not have the resources or know-how of how to integrate into the community, find emotional support, or tap into resources that would help us out of poverty.

And now, I feel like I'm marginalized and oppressed. I don't know what to do anymore. I think I'm going to be poor forever. And living witho... read more

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The list of pay rates for Presidents of Private Universities came out. At a time when students are suffering to pay for their educations, it seems that the presidents, too, are taking pay cuts. The top earner is Shirley Jackson of RPI at 1.6 million. And that's a pay cut. Certainly isn't the millions and millions in bonuses on Wall Street, and these presidents may actually be worth it.

Why do I go to the casino and throw money away! I mean I have alot, but its just like burning it!!!!