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Please!!!! I'm so scared! So today my boyfriend f***ed me w out a condom! Could I get pregnant ? It was only in for a second and he didn't c** inside me. But what about Precum?! And I can't get the pill or a test, I'm only 14! Please! Advice!

Feminism is a load of crap. Women* were never oppressed. It's was all a plan to sway away attention away from poc rights.

Just as I thought! We have a black man running this country because there are more blacks than whites? No we have a black man because the nigers wanted a blackman regardless of what he stood for.

god i'm risking so much rn again please answer

Are you here to vent or because its your only way of communication? I came here long before you were in my life and its strange you being here because i cant get everything off of my chest. I want you to use it if it helps, but i also want it to help me, too.

Ugh. My "friend" is so annoying.
I'll start with the beginning of me disliking her, so you can get a better context.
She has always been bossy. And, I'll admit, I am a pushover. (That is all going to change though)
What really started my annoyance was summer camp last year. She had gotten the highest role you could get in a group when you are not an adult. My other friend had made a song about stomping on your brother. (The song is not that bad) I sang it to my &... read more

I guess its okay that I just spent 20 minutes on a romantic and sweet text to you and you reply with "k, love u 2"

I HATE BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!! The ones that dont contribute to society anyways. They know who they are! BASTARDS!!!

My mother is an evil c***who deserves to be shoved off a cliff. Due to this intense heat wave, I bought myself a small, portable electric fan which I run while I work out. My monster of a c***mom told me she's going to throw it out, because it adds too much to the electric bill, and that I'm a failure as a daughter. When I explained to her this fan uses very little electricity, and that I only use it when I excercise, she became even more irrational and screamed "shut up". ... read more

Trump supporters should be happy with him. As I heard him remark in a speech: "I LOVE THE UNEDUCATED"

To y'all people saying there's only two genders, I'm going to sh** on everything you love. How can you be so f***ing stupid?? Hormones don't work in such a black and white way. And if we forget the biological gender, nothing defines us as women or men (except our lovely f***ing society). And if you think being transgender is a mental illness then f*** you with something filthy and sandpapery you burnt f***ing piece of celery.
Homophobia isn't even a phobia you are literally j... read more

Ask me any question about God. Two questions each. Shoot.

Dicks are sooooooo f***ing gross!!! only gay men love giving blowjobs girls just have to submit to the rape culture brainwashing and pretend it's not abusive and disgusting. We would never be ok gagging someone and squirting disgusting fluid in their mouth. Think about how you've normalized it, eww! Thank goddess I'm a gold star lesbian!

Donald Trump is by no means an ideal candidate in fact of the entire 17 person field Ted Cruz and Rick Perry were my 1st choices and the only one I liked less than Trump was Jeb Bush but Trump is awesome compared to HilLIARy she is a pathetic excuse for a person Trump may not be perfect but with him we have a chance to fix the mess and with her we will be totally screwed and may never recover.

I need to play with myself, someone say something sexy to turn me on

When unborn babies who could potentially become a doctor or cure cancer are murdered in their mothers womb without a choice. Truly heart breaking.

Eckee here. Anyone wanna talk?

I'm vegetarian and people keep trying to tell me why I shouldn't be.


really am a loner. Everyone sucks a**.

I don't know what to do i feel so broken. :( Does anyone just want to chat i just need to talk to some one i don't know for a bit. you know the friendly passing stranger to say hello.