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is it weird to for a woman to have rape fantasies

Yo I didn't leave really. I'm still awake and I'm back up in here ready to party.

Hello I'm new here, nothing much to say! just wanted to check it out!!

My brother is the biggest piece of sh**. He used to be addicted to every drug there is (heroin, coke, alcohol, smoking, pills.. you name it) and finally got off the drugs. But now, he's just a lazy, NASTY f***. My mom works her a** off to keep the house afloat and pay all of the bills. He uses his GI Bill as his job, which is fine, but does not want to contribute in ANY way whatsoever and he's 30!!!!!

So last night was the straw that broke the camel's back for me because, to... read more

You got guys on here who are 17, 18, even 20 and they STILL haven't tasted a woman's lips? I mean I was kissing girls and doing much more in middle school.

What in the f*** is wrong with you ppl? Do you have no game?

Is it wrong to feel ashamed of having a gay son? My son.. My blood.. I think he has the desire to suck cock and for that I resent him. I loathe his antics. I hate that I got stuck with a pansy for a son. I'm at the point where I can't claim him. I can't take this..not anymore..up against the wall.

LoL! I just found out I am totally not the only one who did bizarre sh** with my barbie dolls. Seems like almost every other girl I talk to (who played with them) had crazy, crazy! story lines that make soap operas and scifi b-movies look tame. it's extremely funny to think what it all means psychologically, if anything... anyone on here have any funny stories? I liked loading up the whole plastic family in the pink RV (in their sunday best) and sending them down a flight of ... read more

Help me please Answer this.

My mom is forcing me to go through an unwanted pregnancy just because the father is her brother. I made a post here a while back. I've been taking over 20 ibuprofen pills a day. My friend that was supplying me with my pills just got his orders from the army to ship out for training. I don't care what you say I'm not having this baby. I'm over 30 weeks in my pregnancy. I have anxiety and depression and this monster is only making it worse. I cry ev... read more

I have older cousins that are beautiful, stunning, sexy, and just drop dead gorgeous. They have really nice bodies. I'm not fat or anything like that. They just have big boobs and it's like indescribable. They look like they could be models seriously. I wonder when that's going to happen to me? :l When is this ugly duckling going to become a swan? If I work out to get a sexy body and dress feminine I would be able to look like them, but I'm a lazy tomboy. hmm, maybe a few yea... read more

* Gay sex accounts for 94% of all observed sexual activity in giraffes.

* Female bonobos rub their genitals together.
Some scientists believe the particular shape and location of the bonobos genitals have evolved specifically for lesbian rather than straight sex.

* Flamingos have monogamous partners, and these can include: two males; two females; or a male and a female.
At Edinburgh zoo, a pair of male flamingos adopted a fluffy grey newborn chick after it was knocked out o... read more

I realize that african americans are rich with culture

So like I'm thurteen. There's this guy in class, like he's amazing, adorable, super funny. but like my parents say I'm not aloud to date yet. It's like so unfare! They think I'm too imacher still. Like every time I ask them when I can date, there like when we think ur ready. I am ready! Onistly, Like I think I could actually marry this boy. He's like amazing. I'm like so mad at my parents though! THERE the imacher ones! RIGHT? I need some support here.

Lol i love torturing/teasing my boyfriend. I deliberately wait before he goes to work to turn him on and make him sexually frustrated all day😂

Where is he when children get shot in schools? Where is he where a foster child is raped repeatedly? Where is he where innocents are taken out of their homes and murdered in front their sons? Some survive only to have their children come back and kill them.. Where is he when your dad was diagnosed with cancer? When he had a stroke and died? Was he there then? Was he there when you had a miscarriage or were beat to nearly an inch of your life?

Where was he?
See my God.. He... read more

My life would be so much better if I hadn't met my ex roommate. He was such an abusive f***. Technically he's my ex-boyfriend, but we actually started living together before we started dating, and then when I broke up with him, I couldn't really move out because of my financial situation and going to college. Plus we were still "really good friends", at least that's what I convinced myself we were.

Maybe it was because I had such a low self esteem, but I pretty much let his ... read more

Question for the guys: If you met a girl who seems sweet and is everything that you want in a woman/future wife and she tells you that she has had sex with 30 guys in the past but recently hasn't had sex in a year and a half. The girl is 23 and lost her virginity at 17.

If you shut the f*** up for five minutes I'll give you some head okay do we have a deal

I am addicted. I need sex, why does he not pleasure me? :'( Im so lonely!

I want to mouth band the hell out of a co-worker. I am not going to be a pig and do it work. I don't want things to ne weird at work. It will never happen. Just makes me throb when I see him. Grrrrr

What's up with all the c***S on this website lately? Aren't there any decent people left in this filthy f***ing world?