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Man the fakes news sites know who their suckers ehhmmm readers are....
52% of republicans believe trump won the popular vote LOL

Hello I'm new here, nothing much to say! just wanted to check it out!!

If federal politicians were truly listening to the will of the electorate, they would move forward to enact these federal changes, which are strongly in line with voters’ sentiments. According to national polling data released today, 71 percent of voters — including majorities of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans — say that they “oppose the government enforcing federal laws against marijuana in states that have already legalized medical or recreational marijuan... read more

In need of a friend ? Right now And hugs and kisses and a massage and just tell me over and over things will get better it goes! V.A.-I screwed your hubby about 3 weeks after you married him. Don't hate because your relationship with him started as an affair too. That's why he's so attentive and stuff....he doesnt want you to find out or you'll take him to the cleaners. T.N.- I love ya but you are so damn selfish!! Its unbelievably disgusting. M.E.- are not all that so quit acting so damn self centered. D.B.- ya, good luck on that new endeavor... no one yo enable you t... read more

Just read that 90% of Americans f*** before 21 g**d*** it I want a virgin i am a woman 22 never f***ed anyone and also apparently people marry when they are around 30 g**d*** I don't want to wait 8 more f***in years f*** America f*** Protestants f*** birth control f*** you all!

Despair is worse than depression. It is one thing to be constantly sad, but another thing to have no hope. I hate hate hate my f***ing life. Everything that is supposed to be good somehow inevitably goes to sh**. Nothing in life is perfect, but you should at least have a solid win now and then. I think I've made friends, but they ghost me. I get a cool job but the company gets into money trouble so I'm out. I could win the lottery, but it'd end up being the one time that the ... read more

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I'll start.
Lets talk about snakes.

i must vent about exhusbands moving to mexico not pay child support, leaving mothers to keep kids on the right track, go to college try to maintain stability with the family; then say how wonderful their life is in mexico. telling the court system stick it = call his kids occasionally, bribe a son to go into the service so he can wash his hands of any type of payment involving child support. all he can be is arrested when and if he gets back into the US. where are all the... read more

I've always wanted to go fishing. But my mom won't let me.

a black guy moved into my quiet apartment place in the poverty area... hes already being loud and annoying. inb4 people call me racist... wait til a ghetto black person moves next to you. btw i grew up in the hood and im not a dipshit like this guy, im a computer science major.

It takes very little effort to screw Cherry. All you have to do is give her a few drinks. Wait about 30 minutes for that buzz to settle in and then start taking her clothes off. That's literally how easy it is. Believe me. I know.

Anyone have a good fanfiction where Sherriff Callie the cat gets pregnant?
No matter what I serch for, I can't find any.

The sh**y thing that could happen to Anybody is to discover that the person you trusted in and considered as your best friend for about 9 years has revealed themselves for the big piece of sh** they are.. and you don't know how to feel, anger, sadness, but also relief, because now I know I can't trust anybody else. Life is what it is, a big piece of f****ng sh**.



How can I make two-and-a-half months pass quickly?

So... the "Corporate World" political game... how do you learn how to play? How do I sit here and act professional when someone is trying to sabotage me... I am too nice... too people pleasing and lay down like a rug to be walked on... How come it is so hard for me to stand up for myself??? I feel like if I stand up for myself it will cause drama that I will not know how to deal with and then my emotion will come through and then I will look like a crazy, emotional ... read more

Silento is soooo gay..

My cock needs some luvin. So I've been thinking about showing my cock to this female coworker. Like just have it out when she comes into my office. Thoughts?

I hate how people trivialize sex and make jokes about it. There is nothing funny about sex; it is an intimate, special moment you share with somebody. It is a total physical gift of self. There is nothing funny about it.