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Today it's a buyer's market (Satan)

I can remember when the human soul was thought to be worth something
Alexander the Great, Hitler, Mussolini, J.P. Morgan, Rockefellers, Kennedy's.
THEY would only sell their souls for something lasting, Wealth, Fame, ruling millions
of people with an Iron fist.
Now it's I'd sell my soul to f*** that blonde, or I'd sell my soul for a car, my personal favorites
Are I'd sell my soul for one more bite or I'd sell my soul just to get to the fro... read more

Ok so listen up.. I'm the 'fling yourself guy' ?? i've had my fun tonight but the thing is i'm actually a 18 year old girl lool thanks for being such a good sport and entertaining my bulls*** ?? goodnight everyone hopefully you got a good laugh from it and sorry to those that i pissed off... Just fling yourself into the ocean

As a kid I was told when I got older I'd be beating the girls off with a stick. Instead I'm just beating off my stick

Im a black man and i can honestly say im sick of you white people as a whole. Youre governments and corporations are all racist a**h*** who think they can control everyone and everything they can get their greedy fat a**es on. Some of you truly believe you are superior to blacks and other minorties in every way, f*** some of you want to exterminate us as a whole, similar to what Hitler did to the Jews in WWII and dont pretend we dont know thats what some of you are thinkin c... read more

I am not laughing with you but at YOU! U so LOL

FEED ME I'M HUNGRY (Demon Spawn)

All the hatred you post,
goes to feed an angry ghost,
Hatred, malice, and fear,
These are the things whose taste
is so dear!

So come dearies, and feed me my fill!
So I can come to life, and enjoy the thrill!
Give in I say to hatred and malice,
So I can feed Well, in my crystal palace!

I shaved my vagina and am mortally terrified of how much it resembles a chicken

I feel like crap. So I have a best friend that I honestly kinda like, yet she has a boyfriend. I'm okay with her having a boyfriend, and she knows I like her, (Not how much) but when she talks about him and her it just makes me sad. I feel she should do what she wants to to be happy, but I myself don't know if she really is gonna be happy with him in the long run. He cheated on her already, so she cheated on him. Now after about a year they are back together. This was before ... read more


when ever a pirate in some movie says argh i reply back with argh

its automatic reply i cant control it i wonder if i am destined to be a pirate like captain jack sparrow

i guess i should stop watching the movies too much

before i lose control start replying to everything with just argh lol

f*** inflation: i used to get $.50 for each tooth, my brothers now get $1.50..

Am I the only conservative woman out here on this sphere?

Cause all the 22 year old woman(or teens and young adults) i see here are immensely inappropriate and take pride in it. It is f***ed up that sensationalism has brain washed majority of people into believing showing a mass of your skin is sexy or beautiful. Acting this way does not make you more of a woman or an adult. It makes you look like you are attention seeking. Sticking your a** and breast out with a mischiev... read more

How many replies, hearts, and laughs can I get?

I have a dig bick,
You that read wrong,
That awkward when you read that wrong too...
And said "moment" after awkward..

You triggered?

I think sesame seeds are dumb. I'm staring at my sandwich like really it doesn't taste any different. Wtf is the point?

So, I was riding in the car with my good guy friend, and suddenly "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid came on from his ipod.

Kinda missing the fling yourself girl

I'm so fking done with life right now FOR FK SAKE.. I just hate it. I want to be a chicken nugget so fking badly

So my girlfriend of 3 years called me up and said "Hey baby, come on over there is no body home..."

When I got there and knocked on the door there was no one there...